Ketovore anyone?

(Jane Srygley) #1

Wondering if anyone has had success with a part-time carnivore or mostly carnivore approach. If so, how did you/do you make that work?

I’ve been feeling like I really “should” go 100% carnivore but I really don’t want to give up what’s left of the plant-based foods I eat. It’s a small percentage of my food but it’s a very tasty component of my diet and I really don’t want to give it up.

There are a couple of youtube videos talking about this but not a ton like there are with either keto OR carnivore. Thoughts…?

(Marianne) #2

Just curious, why do you feel that way?

My husband and I eat pretty cleanly and usually only have a veggie at dinner. Didn’t used to like veggies and don’t have that many in our line-up, but we do enjoy them with butter and/or bacon grease, or cole slaw. Different taste/different texture than just meat.

(Debra J griffith) #3

I went “dirty” carnivore a few months ago (meat, cheese and eggs) because I’m still about 20-30 lbs heavy. I have always hated veggies unless smothered in cheese so it was a no-nrainer in that respect. Plus all those delish “keto” desserts kept perpetuating my addictive habits!
So I recently decided to ixnay the cheeses and most eggs and go strictly meat, poultry and fisj. Results to be seen!

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #4

I don’t think avoiding vegetables is much of a problem. I’m not carnivore, but the only vegetables that I eat regularly are bok choy and olives. I like both and enjoy them. I frequently don’t eat either for a few days and don’t miss them.

On the other hand, I also eat lots of coconut, palm oils and whipping cream every day and cacao butter several times each week. These are all major components of my diet and avoiding them would present problems. I eat lard and I suppose tallow would be a viable alternative. But lard and tallow don’t seem like a good mix for coffee. Which I also drink - by the liter - every day and have no intention of stop drinking.

Dropping dairy would also blow a major hole in my diet.

(Jane Srygley) #5

I guess I feel like I need permission to do things the way I want to… like I’m in denial if I don’t. I feel pressured when I listen to the carnivore success stories to give up all plant foods… like I won’t know the benefits of carnivore until I do… I definitely don’t have my eating under control and I’ve been at this keto thing for almost a year, so that’s part of it. My weight is down a little but not a lot. I go back and forth with to fast or not to fast also but I dunno… I’m still trying to get my eating into a routine. I tend to doubt myself a lot too… it’s a thing with me :roll_eyes:

(Gregory - You can teach an old dog new tricks.) #6

I’m lazy. I got tired of shopping for and preparing vegetables, and I feel like it is too easy to overdose on sugar with most fruits.

I’m still kind of dirty… I eat cheese, and a few nuts, but stick with the lowest carb varieties. When I bother to check I’m consistently under 10 carbs a day.

I really enjoy my meats and eggs, and just don’t crave much of anything else.
Also, the lower carb I go, the better I feel.

(Marianne) #7

Got it; makes sense to me.

I guess we could try carnivore, but I figure if we can keep the carbs below 10/day, I’m okay with that. I just have to be mindful that there are non-obvious carbs in a lot of things - some cheeses, etc.

My husband, who has never had a weight problem, is cheating lately, although he enjoys keto for the most part. He is indulging in his chocolate fix, I notice canned fruit cocktail (all sugar), in the recycle bin, did see a Coke bottle in there, etc. His madness; I’m not going to harp on him.

(Edith) #8

I am definitely a ketovore. For the most part, I eat carnivore, but I do have some berries on occasion, and in order to make beef liver palatable, I eat it with carmelized onions and bacon. I do find that eating almost exclusively carnivore really cuts down on the cravings for anything else.

(Marianne) #9

Very cool - and very intriguing. How many meals do you have a day?

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #10

I forgot the punchline in my above post. :roll_eyes: Must have been a senior moment.

I think I could go zero carb without going carnivore. Much of what I currently eat is zero carb or close enough to round down. For example, I’ve had two meals today and my carb total is 3.78 grams so far. 3 grams from dairy and .78 gram from a couple of eggs. I’m not going to avoid dairy, but there are dairy options with zero carbs that I already eat every day.

That would be ketovore, yes?

(Edith) #11

Interestingly for me, it is mostly 2MAD on carnivore, but about every third or fourth day I will have three meals. When I ate keto, I found 2MAD difficult.

(Mary Ann) #12

I was keto animal foods and in the past 1.5 months I cut out dairy (still eat butter). So I’m basically carnivore now. I eat steaks, ground beef, eggs, fish, bacon and I add in organs (for nutrition). Like some others said, cutting the vegetables was easy. It was just natural for me. They’re not my favorite things and I would only have them if someone else cooked them or I was in a restaurant.

For me, this is just a subset of keto or low carb. I don’t really care about labels. I know that I may not be in ketosis if I’m carnivore. But ketosis is not my goal.

I just kept refining my diet as you do when you learn new things.

When I first started keto 2 yrs ago I ate vegetable oils and nuts. Didn’t know better. Now I don’t eat those.

And that’s just what happened on my way to carnivore. I learned about oxalates so I started to limit veggies. Then I started to investigate heavy cream (pasteurized) and inflammation and cut out that. I started to question the keto protein powder I used to have every day-- why am I getting this protein from a non-food source? And this led me to cut out that and replace it with- meat! I found myself at, basically carnivore.

I’ve noticed a few things in the last month that keeps me going in this direction (less inflammation, teeth feel stronger (big deal for me personally), and an even bigger impact on my anxiety. That’s how I do-- I tweak and see what happens. I’m not bored with the food. I’ve never eaten better (!).

Some unexpected things happened-- I naturally cut out my artificial sweeteners. For me that was Coke Zero and Nutrasweet. Yep, nobody in keto world likes those but hey they didn’t seem to bother me at all… And then I lost the taste for them. And I’m happy about that :).

I drink coffee (black), tea ,and water. I have an occasional pickle on a burger. I’m also open to adding raw cheese back in at some point but right now, I’m still testing not having dairy. But I don’t think I’ll add in my heavy cream again (I was having a lot of this every day in my keto protein shake :wink:

I’m tracking my food to make sure I’m eating enough and track how my protein/fat macros are panning out. My protein % went up eating like this. And I’ve been investigating if this is ok. Or if I need to bring my fat back up. My jury is still out on this.

To note-- going from Keto animal foods to cutting dairy and upping meat has caused me diarrhea in the first month. I was surprised by this as I didn’t think I made that big of a change. So I’ve modulated my fat intake. Like I said, I haven’t quite figured out the protein/fat ratio yet. But otherwise I like how I’m eating so I’m continuing for now.

I don’t force IF. I usually have 3 meals. Sometimes I have 2.

(Marianne) #13

Can you tell me what a couple of days would look like?

(Edith) #14


Today was actually a three meal day.
Breakfast: bacon and eggs
Lunch: pot roast
Dinner: chicken wings with a baconaisse mixed with Frank’s wing sauce, and an ounce of raw (yeah, raw) beef liver.

Yesterday was a two meal day.
Breakfast: beef brisket and a fried egg
Dinner: pot roast with some extra beef fat cooked up, liverwurst, and pork rinds. (I like to spread the liverwurst on the pork rinds.)

(Elizabeth ) #15

There’s a big difference between adding a little pepper and onion to your ground beef or a few slices of a avocado once in awhile and eating vegetables every day. There’s nothing wrong with being keto, everybody has their own keto even if that’s one cup of vegetables daily. I find the people that do well on carnivore and stay there is because they have a very good health reason to do so. But if you’re able to tolerate plants then by God please eat them. If I could I would :slight_smile:

(Elizabeth ) #16

Actually zero carb carnivore doesn’t mean no carbs. Everything has even a trace. it has been defined by the people that started using that term as meaning zero plant matter :slight_smile:

(Elizabeth ) #17

That’s not actually dirty carnivore dairy and cheese are carnivore :grin: here Read this :slight_smile:


Hi Edith. I enjoyed trying to go carnivore but still found I had more food addictions (dairy) to overcome. And I’ve become addicted to the keto high. I have fallen in the ketocarnivore zone. It’s quite nice here. It is more socially manageable. I also found I like eating keto for the nutritional ketosis. Even though it is said that carnivore is so low carb that it has to be ketogenic, it’s not really ketogenic enough for me. Often, while tracking, the blood ketones on carnivore were just a trace. more importantly the psychological side felt much better when ketogenic. Maybe Paleo Ketogenic diet will be my next foray, as its focus is more on therapeutic ketosis,

Goal posts are mobile with eating and nutrition. This oscillation between carnivore eating and wholefood keto is moving me toward the running away goals. I like that my ‘cheats’ are what the mainstream regard as healthy wholefoods or unhealthy high fat foods. It feels like industrial, highly processed carbohydrates and fats have been consigned to ancient history as I stumble through the Neopaleolithic.


I feel/fear it became some braindump but I just can’t do it better, sorry. And I am afraid it’s too personal and not very useful but maybe interesting for someone. I always like to read about other people’s experiences.

Yay, a topic for me :smiley: I hang in carnivore topics but I probably never will do it longer term as I don’t feel I need it.

I did short carnivore trials. They were great! But I don’t want to do it long term at this point. Or ever, probably, I actually wanted to try it for 1-2 weeks and cure myself out of my peanut addiction and seeing 20g net carbs more, maybe?
It seems this thing is way more permanent for me but I definitely not do “true” carnivore on my best days (it happened on my proper trials only) and I am fine with it. But I didn’t reach my final destination yet, I am still trying out things, more or less fat, sometimes I run out of meat (maybe not completely but it’s bad enough) and I have a not too hard but very slow time to handle the fact I need extreme low-carb. I was a huge vegetable lover some months ago and I did vegetarian keto. But I ate too much and wanted to eat things I didn’t need (I rarely resist temptations so I ate them)… Well, I didn’t KNOW I don’t need them that time. I wanted to have a nutritious enough vegetarian keto diet. Almost completely lactose-free, too. It felt easy but nope, it wasn’t. Carnivore is easy. And simple. Even when dirty. Even with little meat.

I suspect I need extreme low-carb, almost no vegetables (I use some onions and whatnots for my meat but in very tiny amounts, it’s basically spice. but half a pickle or 2 thin slices of leek happens too, just not every day, I don’t need them but I like the taste, crunch, juiciness… so why not? it doesn’t harm me) and at least a little meat (I totally tried without when I run out of meat, I am a stubborn one and I didn’t want carby plants, nope. it didn’t end so well but it was interesting). Not carnivore, not even the relaxed version (it’s me, I do everything relaxed. or super strict for 2 days). But if I do extreme low-carb, I must add meat (no complains there) and I get very close to it. Unless I get “creative” and use my ridiculous amounts too. But I usually try to behave. Unless I have too little meat but if I keep my carbs very low, it still seems to work.

Since I swapped plants with meat (the rest stayed the same except I don’t eat sweets when I have enough meat, I actually have a huge common ground with my vegetarian keto. my most important item is still my beloved eggs), I don’t need my magnesium pills to avoid cramps.

Avoiding plants made my cooking for two more interesting. The two diets aren’t polar opposites but there are such meals. I need to be more creative but it’s not easy to make food for both of us.

I don’t know the number of meals yet, it varies and my diet does that too. I definitely eat way smaller meals on extreme low-carb in average. The average number of meals had to go up but I still eat way less now, even with 3 meals (it happens sometimes). My first meal is at 3pm or sometimes later just like before. Unlike before, I get a hard stop while eating, it’s very useful. I actually didn’t care about IF when I started, I ate proper amounts even if it wasn’t IF, it was a relief and freedom… Not like I ever forced IF, it’s natural to me and I break it sometimes without batting an eye but it has consequences: overeating. My weight stays the same either way but overeating isn’t healthy.
Now I want back my cute little eating window, it was comfortable and felt right. I am sure it will be fine when things calm down, it’s not far from that even now. But I like things clean.

I had no health problems even on high-carb so I just want to be able to eat less and have Perfect Satiation (and No Stupid Desires). That effect is amazing and it happens even if I dirty my carnivore pretty much. It’s just about net carbs for me, it seems this far.
Maybe because I couldn’t do it all the time (getting proper meat isn’t easy for me and I didn’t do it before. but it’s fine, I couldn’t eat much meat anyway yet), I never had problems (very slight nausea in the very first days but it was almost nothing and I got used to the fat without vegetables). Only benefits.

It’s possible 20g net carbs is low enough for me, I never was at that level for more than a very odd day ever. Maybe even more carbs are fine just without vegetables and nuts? I changed too many things, I don’t know.
Total carbs never mattered to me. I don’t want to eat fibers and erythritol very often, why would I need them, actually, I am just sure I can afford them if I want.

Did I mention I just want proper food if my carbs are very low? Usually. Even if I fancy something else, it’s because we have it in the house and I know it’s nice or something. It’s not a problem if I don’t eat it. Usually. I surely will have my moments longer term. I don’t want to give up my chocolate even if I don’t actually particularly desire it - but it’s still nice to have it. It’s some mental thing and I want this mental thing. It’s the same with alcohol, for example. It doesn’t mean I must have them in every week or month or more than 8g (it’s always fun for me to drink alcohol, the ridiculousness of my amounts never gets old :D).

So, my basic woe now, without tiny extra stuff: eggs (a lot), cheese (without limits and it means very little as I just don’t want them or just a little bit. I prefer the ones with 0.0 carb), very little dairy with lactose (I try to get off from heavy cream but sour cream is too useful sometimes. I had no lactose for years but I had my plants then and it’s easy to skip something not super important in the first 3-5 years but now I want to figure out my more permanent woe), some (not too much, not too little) meat (preferably very fatty pork but I want variety), very little rendered fat (almost only lard but if I have fatty enough meat, I use close to none).

I am okay with 1:1 fat:protein and with almost 2:1 as well but it wouldn’t be comfortable to do all the time. It’s okay as I don’t overdo protein anyway. I need carbs for that. (High protein feels just fine, by the way, at least short term but I eat less protein and less fat if I lower my carbs.)


I eat carnivore during the day and for dinner I add veggies. I don’t do anything sweet, and many times I skip breakfast and/or lunch, if I’m hungry I eat, if not I don’t. I find that adding fat is much more satisfying to me than adding meat. I have never known the feeling of being truly sated and not wanting to eat before. No cravings, just preferences in taste. I’m happy! And losing weight.