Ketovore anyone?


I thought about that, and discovered that I do the same. I think it’s called ‘targeted carb eating’. Dr. Ted Naiman talks about it often. Eating higher carb foods after the carnivorous eating is done for the day, or as the last bit of food when eating through a mixed plate. Morning carbohydrate foods set up the eater for seeking out more carbohydrates during the day. The overnight fast after eating some low carb vegetables or fruit allows liver glycogen repletion and ketosis on waking in the morning. The physical activity of the day and zero carb for most of the day (or the one early meal) depletes the liver glycogen and enhances the waking ketosis. It’s a nice diurnal cycle rhythm to groove in to.

(Scott) #22

strict carnivore this week (first week) except for wine. Now that its the weekend I have added beer. we’ll see how it goes.


I’m carnivore-ish, I eat OMAD, about 300g of beef, 4-5 eggs, alternate sardines and liver and about 100g of mixed greens, sometimes 100g of sauerkraut. I feel much better with less veggies, I’m histamine intolerant, so veggies are my enemy. I like arugula, mache, and lettuce, so I kept my daily salad.
I removed dairy, as well, it’s just basic ingredients for me. If I deviate from my regular diet, my body makes me suffer…

(Edith) #24

When I ate keto, my morning blood sugar was always up around 100 mg/dL, give or take. My ketones were lowish, around 0.2-0.4.

When I switched to carnivore my morning blood sugar dropped to the mid nineties and ketones stayed about the same as keto.

For the past week or so I have tried to make my diet more PKD. Now, I get nice low morning glucose 70-80 mg/dL and ketones over 1.0 mmol/L. I had to go much higher fat and less protein to get readings like that. I’m trying to be more extreme because of inflammation in my back.

Yes, my cheats on carnivore move me into the keto realm.

It’s funny that you mention that. I was just telling my daughter today, that while I had no trouble telling people I ate keto, I do have trouble telling people I eat carnivore, so I just say I eat keto.

(Troy) #25

Too many hybrid names or acronyms these days
People ask me, my head spins!:rofl:

I’m thinking about getting some business cards made up.
Keep it simple

                        No vegetables 
               Dairy and Nuts as a treat
                         Lots of Eggs
       Less than 20 grams of carbs per day 
                   Bacon is a superfood


Hybridisation language and acronymy outpaces real world evolution. It is Internet enhanced.

Unless the pigs were fed the waste products from the corn based alcohol distilling industry, then it is potentially a toxin.

(Debra J griffith) #27

To someone who does JUST meat, I’ve seen anything else talked about like it isn’t pure! I don’t really mind what they call it; what works and is sustainable for us is all that matters!

(Scott) #28

Scale dropped again this morning and still feeling great one week in. Going to see my daughter and my wife said “whatever you do don’t mention carnivore” followed by “I don’t think its healthy eating only meat”. Still early in the book “Carnivore code” and so far the author going through the problems with plant foods.All well and good but I want some meat!

Carnivore is something that I haven’t been all that far from when eating keto however I knew the final step of eliminating plants would meet some objections. For that reason I delayed starting but now that I have I am in it to win it.


As I lowered my carbs, my diet became less socially acceptable, eating not at home while sticking to my diet at least vaguely was near impossible…
Even stricter carnivore solved most of it. Now I eat meat, it’s proper food, no one bats an eye if I eat meat and almost nothing else (or I have tolerant, meat loving relatives. I relax my ways when I am around them anyway but I have my limits). Having my slightly special vegetarian keto (egg only from trusted sources, no lactose if possible, no cheese in dishes, no green leaves and so on) as my default woe was way, way worse but I am fine with not sticking to my actual woe all the time. But I have WAY less temptation now.

(Edith) #30

I find that interesting. With how much vegetarianism is being pushed around the would, I would have thought the opposite to be true.


Most people eat meat around here. One of my relative never understood my vegetarianism, another didn’t understand I don’t eat meat, seriously, people are like this very often. I was lucky with my closest family members, fortunately. Some restaurants had some grilled veggies as a vegetable option when I visited them in my vegetarian years. It’s worse than nothing to me, I need calories, sorry, I am this weird. But it’s not only about the vegetarian part.
Vegetarians usually eat tons of carbs and substantial vegetarian dishes are usually carby anyway. So my combo was the hard one. Now I know it was hardcore for me even at home where I cooked my food, I could do something at a close relative where I could fry some eggs… If I brought my proper ones… But it was clearly impossible everywhere else. A vegetable soup or a salad may be nice (I dislike most green leaves and salads in general so the latter is tricky, whatever) but they just make me hungrier, I need my fatty protein, lots of it at once especially if carbs are involved.

(Marianne) #32

I could do that (except for the beef liver, raw or cooked). :rofl:

Many days, we come very close to carnivore. Delicious food.

(Scott) #33

In a food court type setting. It was between scooping out a shell or raking the top off a pizza…until I found pork belly, score.

(Daisy) #34

I’ve been strict carnivore for 2 months, now I’m shifting towards keto af (higher fat but all animal foods). I prefer the way I feel when I’m in higher ketosis and on strict carnivore, I barely registered. I wouldn’t have survived this week without it (worked almost 30 hours of overtime)

I will occasionally have dairy, but it doesn’t work well for me. I will also have the very rare whatever, if it suits me. For example, I had 5 Chick-fil-A nuggets yesterday at a luncheon. It actually did not affect me negatively at all, which I was surprised with.
I’m not a strict beef, salt, and water person, I will eat anything that comes from the animal kingdom and I do eat nose to tail. I eat beef, pork, seafood, very minimal poultry. I also use local raw honey medicinally. This time of year it is very frequently, sometimes multiple times a day. But I have no issues with it and I stay in ketosis.

(Jane Srygley) #35

Yep! I believe what the animals have eaten really matters. I have found a wonderful farm about 45 minutes from me that sells pastured beef, pork, chicken and lamb. All the animals are treated humanely and they even minimize the stress when they’re being slaughtered. I feel MUCH better about eating meat like that rather than all the factory farmed animals that are treated cruelly and fed poor quality/GMO feed. I still say that it is better to eat factory farmed animals rather than a plant-based diet for health reasons… but if we can find the good stuff, I think we’re much better off–and we support sustainable agriculture, which is also important to me.

(Jane Srygley) #36

I was vegetarian for years. 11 years ago I weighed 280 lbs and lost 20 lbs without doing anything other than adding back fish and poultry into my diet. Then I added beef back in. Now I’m about 95% or more carnivore so go figure. My intent when I started keto last April was to go vegetarian and eventually vegan keto. I started learning about carnivore and now I’ve read and learned so much about the need for animal protein in the diet as well as saturated fat… yeah not ever going back!


I was vegetarian for several years and almost vegetarian (meat a few times a year) for decades. I never ate much meat until recently, not even as a kid.
But I always ate a huge amount of animal protein and animal fat (and tons of plants too. I probably quite seriously overate for decades). I lost all the fat I lost this far on a low-carb almost vegetarian diet. My SO is thriving on all his carby diets, vegetarian or not, he loses fat easily, gets more muscular and feels great. It works for him. He eats animal protein and fat too, just way less than me. He became a fat kid on a diet very heavy in meat (of course, it has nothing to do with the meat but it shows eating lots of meat doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t eat a ton of carbs and fat too).
Different diets, different people… I don’t say being a vegetarian is bad, I felt healthy and enjoyed it myself, I had zillion good reasons to choose that direction and never regretted it. But the time came when I was able to swap plants with meat and it’s way better now. It’s so great that whenever I drastically change my diet, I lose nothing (or almost nothing) and get multiple benefits. I eat better food and feel better too. But I am sure some vegetarian diet is the ideal diet (or one ideal from multiple ones) for certain people. Even I could live a healthy life on it but it’s more satisfying, convenient and simple to add a little meat. For me, extreme low-carb is the best so it’s logical vegetarianism can’t be my best bet. I would need magnesium pills too… But it’s me, there are very different people.


I am poor but my morals (and tastebuds) are stubborn so I must buy my meat from trusted farms. I can’t buy dirt cheap poultry this way but the price difference isn’t as great for other meat (or it doesn’t even exist!), at least here. I get very good eggs from houses too.
If I get good fresh pork as well, I will be happy. But I am quite pleased anyway.
I am not as good with dairy, unfortunately but I eat very little of it. I change that when I can but some items are impossible to get from a farm anyway. And I am a selfish one so I diminish the amounts until it’s comfortable enough to me. I do (almost) my best not using dairy.
It’s the same with waste, plastic and the like. There is no thing as perfectness, we should aim for better but if a very tiny improvement means I need to sacrifice too much, I don’t do that.
But good meat from a nearby farm I trust? Of course, I do that. It helps me avoid overeating - it’s not only unhealthy, it’s an unnecessary burden for the planet with too many people on it. If I eat carby plants, I just need more food - not even including the plants, it seems. So I am quite pleased with my decisions lately.


Don’t feel pressured to give up plant matter but you said one thing in your post that is full truth. You will never know what zero carbers feel or the benefits they achieve eating absolutely no plants for a long period of time. Ketovore is not carnivore and won’t ever be that. So when you read those stellar success stories, and boy I am one of them, I have to say the only way to achieve YOUR personal results and what benefits you gain is only by eating this plan, and even the 30 day is not enough, the full 90 days all in zero carb is the best way to gage for yourself.

You are still wishy washy on control on your eating. Oh yes I know that well. Not until all sugar was out of my body and eating only zero carb did that clear up so well for me. If I ate over like 10 total carbs for the day in other food I started to crave. I hit into about 15 total carbs and I would get out of control fast. So my only recourse is ditch all carbs, which is all plant matter and thrive. But I had to combine that with some new mindset thinking cause heck craving some crap is gonna happen, it is how well your body is healed and nourished on how easily you can say No, nope, not going there.

Zero carb takes time on plan. No one ever gives it enough time to truly work before they back out of it. But those who go all in and hold the line, they are amazed at this plan and how it resets their lives. Everything heals and balances, everything resets back to a very natural state for our bodies. We find our easy, simple new eating pattern that suits us. We get renewed energy to move thru life in a forward motion to attack and be part of our surroundings vs. being a more couchy tater slug and backing away from new things, we lose obsession over food point blank and so much more. All the old diet baggage myth crap is dumped and forgotten. ZC people thrive :slight_smile:

I don’t even think ketovore is a real thing :slight_smile: And I will tell you why. Keto is a macro’d plan. If I remember right it is like 60/40/20 or 60/20/20, heck I don’t know macros to this plan LOL and what would ketovore be? 70/80–20-10–10-10? I mean I don’t know…ketovore being just more meat and fat and less veg in your day? That is just manipulating keto plan. Ketovore ain’t a real plan ya know…like a plan that is ‘out there’ with guidelines to hit and people are jumping on it, ketovore is just a manipulation of keto as you see fit to work it and be more meat based.

Be Keto, eat your veg as you like and see how you do. Eat your keto plan how you see fit and manipulate it to work for you and not against you. You might find that sweet spot where you fit well and get results and change yourself more :slight_smile: always a good thing.

If you want all in zero carb, then go carnivore and drop it all and don’t look back for a while, think full on 90 day all in trial period :slight_smile:

You are on that fence. Which way to go now? Why is what I am doing not working as well as it should? What can I grab onto to make this more easy and sustainable long term and get results? Oh yea I had a gazillion of those issues and times in my ‘diet life’. For me personally, I went all in zero carb and have never been happier or more content and getting fab results. It suited me so well. I thrive literally. All cravings gone and controlled. My outlook on food obsession is gone. My mindset and beliefs in how food should help us and get our nourished is so changed from others now. There are so many of us here. So many zero carbers out there :slight_smile:

best of luck on finding your path, I know it isn’t easy for most of us to do just that, but you will. You will find that sweet spot as long as you keep at it and pick a lane, ya know, pick a lane and don’t swerve out of it and hold that course.


Exactly. Also a second tier to that…it is zero carb based on the fact that the carbs one does eat are wrapped only in nourishing meat/seafood. All protein wrapped small carbs. No plant matter, so where those small amt of carbs do come from matter big time.

and in general I love how people try to ‘get us’ zero carbers……hey you aren’t zero carb if you eat shrimp…omg like they won some type of massive intelligence over us zeros in some way LOL You are a zero carb eater cause it is only protein wrapped carbs you eat, never a plant matter carb so nah nah I win HAHA How that carb comes into your body matters for sure. Animal kingdom carbs don’t count, simple as that. No trailing low level plant toxins included and what little trace we get from seafood or liver etc is so small and used immediately by the body.