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Hello, I am new to this forum. I have read quite a bit and find it very informative. I have been on low carb for four days. It is showing I am in ketosis. However, it is only .05. I am keeping my carb numbers under 20 carbs per day. Should my ketone level be higher by now? I am losing weight. I have lost four pounds. Is this normal? Thank You.

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Don’t worry about it. Ketone levels fluctuate, so it’s not worth freaking out about. Dr. Stephen Phinney and Prof. Jeff Volek, who created the definition of nutritional ketosis, both say that 0.5 is somewhat arbitrary. You are definitely in ketosis, and losing weight is an additional sign that you are in ketosis, so you are doing fine.

Losing four pounds in four days is pretty fast, and is to be expected at the beginning. Some of it is definitely water weight, since stored glucose prompts the body to retain water. As you go along, and your body re-regulates itself, you will be losing any excess fat that you have stored away. Just keep your carbs low, get a good amount of protein, and eat enough fat to satisfy your hunger, and you will be fine.

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Welcome and you are doing great! Carry on.
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My logic is always this: if I am not feeding my body carbohydrates, once I use up the glycogen stored in my body I must be using something else to keep going. The brain can fuel itself on glucose, or ketones, so it has to be ketones at that point. Some bodies may produce more ketones than they need, which leads to a high reading in the urine as extra spills out, others are more efficient, but everybody’s making them and using them.

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