Ketoky Fried Chicken Cole Slaw

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This cole slaw is the closest I could get to the flavor profile of the original KFC recipe just by winging it. My dinner party guests all agreed that it tasted just like the original!

After much experimentation with recipes on “the Internets” claiming to be true KFC recipes, I decided to through the drive-thru at KFC and get a side of coleslaw. I tasted sweet and tang, that’s it. Here’s the facsimile I came up with.[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Ketoky Fried Chicken Cole Slaw - - chopped cabbage or cole slaw mix (cabbage and carrots, for example), mayonaise, heavy cream, xylitol (or other sweetener), vinnegar (white or champagne), mustard powder, Chop cabbage in food processor, 12 pulses or so, until size of pieces approximates the original chop size.; Melt xylitol and heavy cream in microwave (30 seconds to 1 minute) until xylitol is dissolved.; Combine all ingredients and chill for at least 4 hours.; - [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


Have just made this. Perfect.

(Sheri Knauer) #3

I made this the other day and my husband said it was the best coleslaw he ever ate. Im not a fan of coleslaw but I liked this one as well! Just made my 2nd batch this morning for dinner either tonight or tomorrow night

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I haven’t been to KFC in I don’t know how many years. My mother, a total sugar addict likes their coleslaw. I made some of Carl’s for her and she says it’s better than KFC. Great job, Carl. Plus, now I can eat some.