Ketofest photo thread

(Ann) #41

So Happy for all of you who attended Ketofest. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and pictures for us who could not attend. Looks like a lot of fun.

(Griffin Mekelburg) #42

So when is this (selfishly) coming to the West Coast?!? ROFL
I kid, for the moment lol, looks like a BLAST. What an amazing idea and it looks like it is going so well!! Great job everyone involved! Enjoy and Keto On!

(I am a Dog (Dog's eat until they burst!)) #43

Dave Feldman, @DaveKeto , Is showing his statistics, simply amazing!

(I am a Dog (Dog's eat until they burst!)) #44

Nick Mailer talking about our body’s internal communication system.

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #45

Pint 'o bacon at the Hot Rod Cafe on the Sound!

(I am a Dog (Dog's eat until they burst!)) #46

Met a lot of great people this weekend and learned many new things - re-energized!

Looking forward to #ketofest2018

(I am a Dog (Dog's eat until they burst!)) #47

Got to spend a lot of time and good discussions with Cory, Linda, and John all from New Jersey, but I’m not sure what their forum names are. If you see this, get in touch with me.

(Sophie) #48

Looks like a ton of fun! Y’all need to bring this down South!!!

(Ann ) #49

Becky!!! I found you! It’s Ann, I was with Chef Elrod who made the Keto granola

(Siobhan) #50

Ill upload my pics as soon as I get home tomorrow. Uploading from mobile takes too long.

I used to be so withdrawn and self conscious before keto and now that my brain is running on ketones and buzzing along - Ive turned into no social butterfly - when around my people (you guys) Im able to have so much fun.

I have pictures with Dave Feldman, Ivor Cummins (He’s such a sweetheart and a cool guy I ended up chatting with him for several hours over the weekend - if you see him at a keto festival or anything go ahead and talk to him! Hes so nice!), Eric Westman and Jackeline Eberstein, Dr Gerber, all my admin friends, Richard and Carl, and maybe more Im forgetting. Ill upload them soon, promise!!!


Speaking of that delicious granola… I NEED the recipe! Will it be posted somewhere?

(Ann ) #52

Ask and you shall receive! Please credit Chef Elrod at ( and look there for other yummy goodies) Here’s the link to the granola:

(Chris Bair) #53

Bunch of photos I took, several are 360 photos you can scroll around on
19 new photos added to shared album

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #54

@KetoRestartAnn, what a pleasure for @Tcuster1 and I to meet you and Chef Elrod! I’ve been posting the granola recipe in my keto groups, it’s that delicious! Theresa let me know she has your contact info and we’ll stay in touch. Both of you were one of our Ketofest highlights​:blush::sunglasses:

(Richard Morris) #55

Wow @Chris_Bair those are great - thanks for sharing.

(Candace) #56

Love that t-shirt! LOL

(Jon Slaughter) #57

(Sophie) #58

That swine looked mighty fine! :pig_nose:

(Jon Slaughter) #59

It was quite fine indeed. They served it with hot sauce on the side. It would have gone great with some coleslaw.

(Siobhan) #60

I mostly took pictures of me with people instead of pics of the event but whatever! I’ll go with it

Eric Westman, his infamous bacon shirt, and me.

Eric Westman explaining to me…

Me explaining to him in return

Ivor Cummins + Dr Gerber - score! I actually ended up talking to Ivor quite a bit throughout the weekend, he’s a very cool dude and pretty nice to talk to.

Dave Feldman, captain cholesterol! Talked to him a lot too, and learned quite a lot and had a great time!

Eric Westman AND Jackeline Eberstein!

The Dudes, @matt and I at the staff afterparty

Me and the dudes, had to get at least one!

Larry Lustig and me after I helped out at the tasting classes, I was clearly tired out but he was a delight! I gave him an ice cream recipe to try as well! Ha!

There are some more pictures floating around, but as you can tell in these I was absolutely delighted by how cool everyone was! Getting to see my friends like @daveketo @richard @carl @matt and others was an absolutely amazing experience, not to mention all the food and science!

Side note: Ivor complimented my name for being spelled properly (Irish name). I might have blushed just a tad