Keto women over 50


I treated myself to a fancy chicken liver pâté yesterday, served on LC seed crackers. It made for a nice change!

I have made pâté myself in the past (ugh, what a mess), but was okay throwing a bit of money at getting some of the good stuff made by someone else with good, clean ingredients.

(Edith) #910

The dairy problem was a slow progression over the years. It started with milk. If I drank milk, I would get an itchy scalp, but other items were okay: yogurt, butter, icecream, or foods that contained dairy. Then one summer, I really started eating a lot of Greek yogurt. I had scaly bumps on my head and down my back. At first I though I must have been allergic to the new shampoo I was using, but it turned out it was from the yogurt. So, I had to give that up. I was still eating foods that contained diary such as pancakes or items that had whey powder, but I seemed okay.

Over time, I think when I hit around 50, I started having problems with my joints, especially my back. So one day I decided to just stop ALL dairy just to see what would happen. There was big improvement, especially with my back.

When I first stopped all diary, my body became hyper sensitive to it. If I had the tiniest amount I would feel almost crippled with my back. And, staying off all dairy is quite difficult. There is dairy in things you would not expect, such as some types of salami. One time I ate some chips (this we pre-keto) that were pepper and something flavored. I didn’t bother reading the label. The next day my back was terrible. I couldn’t understand why. It turned out there was whey powder in the seasoning on the chips.

So, I guess my point is that the diary problem started off with itching like you, but it did progress to causing joint inflammation. So, something to consider in your experimentations.

Finally, I just happened to listen to this Diet Doctor podcast on protein over the weekend. It was quite interesting. You might want to give it a listen since you were asking for thoughts on protein.

(Marianne) #911

I enjoyed your post and found it very interesting, just for your life experience and also because I can relate on several levels. I’m always more than happy to share suggestions and hope this isn’t too tedious.

I don’t like black coffee either, however, I found that I was having four coffees a day (two regular and two decaf), mainly because of the artificial sweetener and HWC I’d put in them. Now, I use less sweetener and I’ve cut the HWC by at least half if not more. HWC is very calorie dense and I found I can get by with about a teaspoon in a cup and it’s perfectly acceptable.

I don’t know if you will “feel” when you are in ketosis. I do believe, however, that if you keep the carbs well sub 20, you won’t have to think about whether or not you’re in it.

Ugh; I just love cheese and don’t buy it anymore because I overdo it. Wonderful mouth feel and a true comfort food, but it is another thing that is very calorie dense. It’s currently freezing cold here and winter is long. Don’t know if this appeals to you because of where you live, but I’ve taken to sipping hot broth every day. Very comforting and somehow calms me. I just use boxed broth (probably a no-no for a lot of people on here), and spice it up with hot chili powder, garlic/onion/curry powder, a boullion cube. Very delicious and low calorie. I may seem overly concerned about calories, however, I do not count them. Like most of us, I just know what food are high in them. Having only ten more stubborn pounds to lose, I want to keep the daily calories reasonable and sometimes maybe to a slight deficit to burn the fat on my body vs. what is in my food.

Lastly, I’ve found that if I eat enough at my midday meal and at dinner, I don’t even think about food or am tempted to eat out of boredom. Are you eating enough? Just a thought. Alcohol, however, now that I can overuse out of boredom or to give me those warm fuzzies.

Best to you!

(Elizabeth Weaver) #912

Wow. Inspiring in everyway!