Keto women over 50

(Jane) #603

I saw it has underwire. Haven’t worn an underwire bra in decades. You say it is comfortable?

(Jane) #604

The titty fairy visited me during my pregnancies and I went from an A cup to D cup. Still a D but I keep moving the hooks over. Mine has like 5 sets. Started out on the widest set - now on the next-to-last set and probably will try the last (snallest) one next. Cinched up the straps several inches. Haven’t bought new bras (yet) bit may have to invest in the future.

(GINA ) #605

I always wear underwire, but this one is more comfortable than the others.

(Liz) #606

Hi Jan- that’s great. How long have you been doing keto?


New question…
On the 6th day of keto I got a period! Keto or coincidence? I had one in July I know, and maybe another last year sometime. 55 and still have not been 12 months without menstruating. Will keto delay this further?


Maybe. Maybe not. I know some women report their period returning regularly after they were nearly through menopause. But periods tend to come and go pretty erratically during their last couple of years, as you’re saying, and that’s totally unrelated to keto. I’d get two in a row, then nothing for 8 months, then another, then… I never believed they were really done until it had been 18 months.

(Anjum) #609

Super comfortable. It is my daily bra.

(Anjum) #610

This is by far the best advice on how to cope with a stubborn spouse. I learned this the hard way. :balloon:

(Brenda Crain) #611



Happily enjoying Keto now, especially since I’ve returned to the workplace. So much easier to bring my lunch, grab a coffee, and be happy. Not at home, not thinking about sad things, not thinking about food…so its been good. And the mild exercise is kinda nice too. Tires me out some, so I sleep better most nights. To keep myself on track, and undo some of the bloat from Aunt Flo, I did a 40 hour fast. That helped me drop 4 pounds of water, and feel better before she arrives.
My numbers today are pretty good…1231 calories; 114.74g fat; 40.8 g protein; 11.5g carbs. On a 18:6 IF schedule, give or take 30 minutes.
I am anxious to see how or if the little fast I did will affect the severity of Aunt Flo. I know I have menorrhagia…but how to treat it is yet to be decided. I really thought the ablation was the way to go, but with C-section scarring, that option has been ruled out here (locally). I’m trying to find another specialist (with good ratings) that might consider doing it though.
I hopeful that with a weekly 36-48 hour fast, things might improve hormonally or some other way.
I’m just going to IF and Keto on, and see what happens. Toodles for now!

(Sue Kitchell) #613

Thirdlove Bras are amazing! I bought one and now I have about 7. I don’t think that I will purchase from anywhere else. I am a 34D and they are so supportive and made of high quality material. Try it. They have a program to try their bras for free then purchase.

(Sue Kitchell) #614

I Love Thirdlove. Try it. I bought one, loved it and now I have 6. Very high quality. I don’t think that I will purchase anything else. I was looking at the Wacoal bras and I may try it even though I am in love with Thirdove bras. I do need to purchase a sports bra or 2. I just bought from Champion and their high impact bras are just ok. I wish that I did not tear off the tags so I could have sent them back. I may give Wacoal sports bras a try. They are also sold at a website Bare Necessities

(Sue Kitchell) #615

Yum! That sounds good!

(Brenda Crain) #616

That is awesome news about your weight loss. I’ve been two months and 15 lbs down and up and down a few now trying to figure out the best way. I’m 58 and need to lose anther 25. Very encouraging to hear of your success.

(Jane) #617

I’ve got some research in my future for bras!!!

Thanks, gals!

(Jane) #618

I am a chemical engineer who works with mostly men and I wear the plastic petals in my bras to flatten my “headlights”.

A necessity in my line of work. No distractions. A bra that supports this is essential. I dislike underwire.


So despite my good intentions in February, I just couldn’t get back on keto. So I gained another 8 pounds and FINALLY got my act together about a week ago and started getting serious about this again.

And what a miserable week it’s been! Stuck in the horrible middle world of not enough carbs for energy and still not burning fat well. Today I feel ever so slightly better and have lost about three pounds of total water weight. I’m okay with water weight loss for now; I just want to start feeling better!

And a warning to anyone who thinks that going off keto temporarily makes sense and that getting back on will be a piece of cake, take my word for it that it will not be! I did so well last year and not being hungry was wonderful. I have hopefully learned my lesson.

Once more, I will keep calm and keto on. I hope!

(Jody) #620

I’m glad you found your way back, hopefully it won’t take too long before you are feeling better.

(Charlene) #621

Hi! I’m 51 and brand new to Keto and this forum! Looking forward to sharing information with other women in this group.

Updated this post with some more information about myself!

I am menopausal (since 2013), have PCOS and Insulin Resistance. My blood sugar is normal, thankfully. Trying to get the Insulin Resistance under control. I’ve been doing Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for the past 2 years and it’s basically saved my life. My hormone specialist does blood work every quarter and it’s the Insulin Resistance that is a going concern. It’s been very tough for me to lose weight… what a slow process.

I’m starting Keto this week! Put my earbuds in this morning and have been listening to the 2KetoDudes podcasts, where I heard about this forum. I’ve already been doing OMAD fasting 4 days a week (Not Keto OMAD). I’ve adjusted to OMAD and I really like it. Hopefully eating Keto will make a difference!

Oh the other thing that has really helped with insulin resistance is LOTS OF WALKING. I was doing 10K to 12K steps a day 4 days per week, but that has reduced since I stopped working from home and I’m commuting via subway to my office. Since my fasting insulin numbers went up, I’ve been getting my butt out and walking for an hour at lunch. Making sure I get those steps in!

(Jody) #622

Welcome! There are some pretty amazing women here with a ton of knowledge and kindness.