Keto wills and will-nots


Are there things you include in your day-to-day keto that you suspect others on keto won’t and, conversely, are there things you think others are eating regularly that you won’t (for whatever reason!)?

I feel like this path to healing is extremely personal – that is to say we are all adults here and able to decide what is right and wrong for our own bodies and fully accept that what works for us may not work for others and vice versa. NO SHAMING. However, I am curious about other people’s wills that I won’t, because maybe they have a good reason – I am open to reason and persuasion!

Here are mine:
WILL: I eat a lot of pork. Salami, pepperoni, sausages, etc. Cured meats help me stay on track and are delicious to me.
WON’T: Low-carb ice creams. I see Halo Top in a lot of “keto haul” photos and I’m always surprised.

(Scott) #2

I won’t eat anything that says “low carb”. I know the foods I eat are low carb and they don’t have labels. All of my carbs come from veggies and wine. I also don’t eat thing that mimic other foods that are high carb. After doing keto for a while I learned that foods and studies definition of “low carb” can be miles apart from a keto WOE definition.

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #3

Will eat a lot of green olives and pork rinds. Will eat steak at least once a week. Will cook in bulk fresh ground chuck roast, stewed pork butt, and an occasional turkey. Will eat macadamia nuts when I can afford them.

Will eat sources of omega 3 including salmon, smoked salmon, smoked mackerel and sardines several times a week. BTW - I love these foods unlike many of my family and friends.

(I'm that bad type, make your mama sad type) #4

AKA never for me lol


Carnivore so

Will: Coffee, tea, whole fat milk, spices, and dark chocolate are my always exceptions. If I feel low on sodium I’ll allow sometimes myself a pickle or maybe some pickled jalapeños on my burger patty. And if I’m eating out for wings, I’m not a huge stickler about the sauces they’re cooked with, within reason.

Won’t: Nuts, fruits, and veggies. I’m not saying that never again will pecans or blackberries touch these lips, but for at least a while they won’t.


@anon2571578 I’m the same as you. I can’t say I’m 100% carnivore because I do have my homemade chocolate, spices, and plant based sweeteners (monk fruit, stevia)… but no more nuts or veggies. So I usually label myself as “close to zero carb” … :slight_smile:

(Ketopia Court Jester) #7


Water, unprocessed beef and seafood, 40% HWC, cod liver oil, eggs, supplements (mag, C, D3), sea salt, coffee, extracts (stevia, vanilla, mint). May contain alcohol.

Made in facility that was nuts.

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #8

Definite yesses:

  • You can pry my coffee mug from my cold, dead hands. And it WON"T have butter, coconut oil, or MCT oil in it, either!

  • Liver is yummy.

  • Keto cheesecake is almost too yummy.

  • Unsweetened chocolate

Definite noes:

  • Beets (too much sugar anyway, so that’s a win-win!)

  • Kale (no matter how much bacon grease you slather on it)

  • Exogenous ketones


I find that I hate eating kale I buy in the store but kale I grow in the garden I love. Not just because it’s my garden, but because I can pick it smaller and it’s way more tender and sweet that way, More like spinach

(Ketopia Court Jester) #10

Creamy like a cloud. Do yourself a favor. Trader Joe’s.


I don’t know if I’m too new for wills and wonts but I will try.

add a smidge if coconut oil to my tea. I actually like the flavor not doing it for any other reason than that.

Eat kerrygold butter like it’s made out of air

Zoodle every meal

Never tire of eggs

Eat meats :laughing: although I’ve been seriously considering fish after 20 years off meat, poultry, and fish. I have no desire for the former 2, but the last couple weeks ive been consumed with the desire to eat a tuna steak.

Eat lots of fake sweeteners. Special occasion treats only (been feeding off one Keto Cheesecake for 2 weeks now, kind of need to finish it to have that freezer space back)

Eat fat bombs. It might be the term. It’s up there with terms like “muscle milk” and “body butter”, can’t get past the name :nauseated_face:

(Boots on? Balls to the wall? Good start.) #12

I had intended to just eat fish after 30 years of vegetarianism but discovered I don’t love fish so went full omnivore. If you do like fish though you’re probably quite safe :slightly_smiling_face:

(Daisy) #13

Due to intolerances and personal preference, there are way more “keto” foods that I won’t eat than I will.
Like you, I will eat pork/processed/cured meats.
I will also eat lunch meat and peanuts and fruit when I want it.
I will eat rotisserie chicken a couple times a month and Chick-fil-A a few times a year.
It amazes me that I can eat unsweetened chocolate now. But have discovered that it triggers me just like every other sweet thing, so will mostly avoid

I will not:
drink coffee or hwc,
eat most dairy in fact,
most veggies,
anything with even a little sugar (like halo top ice cream or 85% chocolate)…
the list really goes on and on and is ever changing as I discover what my body can handle and what it can’t. Which is more can’t than can. Super annoying.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #14

I will also eat a lot of pork! I also use Splenda and have diet Mt. Dew at work. I won’t eat keto breads, pizzas or use nut flours or many nuts. I plan to try those things out when I am on maintenance and want to stick with meat, dairy, veg and 100% cocoa (gotta have something) during my weight loss phase.

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #15

I will never stop eating dairy. Even if I stall.
It’s one of my last indulgences.
Cream & Cheese are my Keto Foundations :joy:

(Carl Keller) #16

~Have 80% chocolate on occasion.
~Trust my hunger.
~Be kind to myself and others.

~Go back to processed foods.
~Eat liver or brains unless I become a zombie.
~Cook bacon naked.


I will allow small amounts of Splenda in my coffee and a little Mio and half-strength Crystal Light in some of my water. Especially lemonade flavor.

Will eat two squares 90% chocolate with tsp of no-sugar peanut butter once or twice a month.

Will eat some fried chicken once a month (just before Extended fasting).

Will NOT eat nuts except for a rare palmful of macads or pecans.

Will not eat fruit (saving that up for watermelon this summer).

(aka Nick) #18


  • Test my resting metabolic rate daily
  • Do lots of unnecessary extended fasting
  • Eat silly amounts on feasting days


  • Be disrespectful to butchers or clove footed quadrupeds
  • Bake something that looks like bread that isn’t
  • Ever test my ketones

(aka Nick) #19


This is really such a lovely and downright fascinating topic. I just wanted to take a second to thank you for starting the conversation and framing it so thoughtfully. There’s probably as many ways to do keto as there are members of this forum; I’m looking forward following along as this thread fills out. Thanks! :blush:

(Natasha) #20

Great thread!


  • Allow myself to eat a couple squares of 85/90% chocolate each day (if I want it!)

  • Make delicious, full plates of food that satisfy me properly

  • Track everything on MFP - all the years of disordered thinking/eating have seriously messed me up! Without tracking, I could easily sabotage myself by thinking I had ‘blown it’ after a delicious, full plate of food that satisfies me properly!


  • Stop eating this way, even after reaching maintenance

  • Give myself a green light for eating nuts - these need to be occasional treats only!

  • Eat keto dessert more than occasionally. When I have made something, it has really highlighted to me that mentally I still have ‘issues’ around dessert food.

  • Weigh myself more than once a month… I really have to choose not to obsessively focus on weight loss otherwise I run the risk of sabotaging myself when the scale doesn’t do what I want!

  • Snack unnecessarily