Keto wills and will-nots


Thanks for the kind words!

I also will eat sf jello and sf whipped cream and stevia sweetened things like lily’s chocolate and my collagen powder.

I won’t eat duck eggs

(John) #22

More like do’s and dont’s - meaning my current choices. These are not necessarily daily occurrences. Not including the obvious (like meats in the “Do” and “sugar” in the Don’t), just the more optional things:

Yogurt (Fage Total plain 5% )
Berries (blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, even blueberries sometimes)
Low-carb tortillas (cut into eighths, two 1/8 sections as a serving)
100% dark chocolate
Red wine
Green tea

Bulletproof coffee / coffee with whipped cream
Pork rinds
Artifically sweetened things

(Todd Allen) #23

My personal do/don’ts

sous vide
low temp baked

microwave cooked

(Daisy) #24

I raised ducks for a season. Until the foxes got them :pensive:
fresh duck eggs were super yummy!

(Cynthia Anderson) #25

I will use low carb treats to help me stay on track

(Jill F.) #26

Always have to use a tracking app to hold me accountable
Plan my meals each morning
Live on steak, chicken, green veggies
Try not to drive others crazy with how awesome keto is
Eat almost a pound of bacon each weekend
Eat processed foods again
Eat “low carb” keto breads, muffins, etc, it fit me is like here try this fake heroin, lol
Not ever again hold myself accountable
Eat my emotions

(Kimberly) #27

Same. And cream cheese. :wink:

(Kimberly) #28

Eat greens every day
Count net carbs some days and gross others
Eat only to satiation
Drink lots of water
Get creative in the kitchen on the daily.
Pork rinds
Dairy. Lots.
Track everything in MFP. For now anyway.
Runny yolks
Unrendered hunks of fat on meat
Use a microwave
Stevia…ugh. That flavor. I can’t.
Cheat days/meals
Give up.

(Sue Kitchell) #29

I agree with always using a tracking app to hold me accountable. I got lazy the last 3 - 4 months and have been slowly but surely getting back on track. Trying and having using different apps but I am leaning towards premium version of Cronometer over My Fitness Pal. Love your input! I am trying not to drive people crazy with talking about Keto as well.
Thank you.



  • keep it under 20g, weigh my veggies
  • have my coffee (black) in the morning


  • compromise in restaurants and make sure I ask what they’re serving me
  • believe anyone selling “keto” and “lcfh” without double-checking ingredients (damn you maltitol)

(Alec) #31


  • Eat keto desserts using erythritol
  • Use microwaves
  • Eat home made roast pork as often as possible, including the pork rinds, and eat the pork fat in preference to the meat
  • Fast every week
  • Eat veg at most meals
  • Eat blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries when I want some (especially my own home grown berries)
  • Eat the occasional home grown apples, oranges, figs, melons, tomatoes, guavas, plums, peaches, watermelons: by definition only “in season”
  • Drink water with electrolyte tablets
  • Have cream in my coffee every day
  • Have a cappuccino once a week
  • Run
  • Ask my regular cafes what type of oils they use for cooking
  • Teach my regular cafes about keto and what it means
  • Use my deep fat fryer when I can
  • Explain why I eat fat to anybody that asks, and recommend Fung, Teicholz, and Taubes
  • Challenge doctors who don’t understand how cholesterol really works


  • Stop eating berries when I want some
  • Eat processed foods
  • Eat anything labelled low carb, keto or paleo (by definition processed foods)
  • Drink alcohol



  • Liver and other innards
  • Cream cheese
  • Whiskey
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Spam
  • McDonald’s (ordered without buns)


  • Fruits (e.g. berries)
  • Artificial sweeteners (pretty much avoid)
  • Chocolate
  • Drinks other than coffee, green tea, sparkling water, water, and whiskey
  • Low carb versions of things (bread, ice cream)
  • Tomatoes and onions
  • Nuts other than macadamia nuts
  • Desserts
  • Deli meats with the slightest hint of sugar (e.g. dextrose) even if it’s barely there (so usually only prosciutto and some pancetta is good)


Liver, when I can sneak it into things
Real sugar (in tiny amounts, as long as I’m within my carb limit)
Wheat flour (again in tiny amounts)
Bake all kinds of low carb yummies
Black coffee
Crystal Light
Red meat
“Processed” meat, aka bacon and sausages
Whey protein in homemade shakes

Stevia (ugh, that flavor ruins everything)
Pork rinds (they taste like salted cardboard and have the texture of Cheetos)
Deli meat (because I hate the flavor with all the fillers)
McDonald’s and similar fast food
Packaged low carb baked goods–tortillas, bagels, etc.
Bulletproof coffee
Brussels sprouts

(Empress of the Unexpected) #34

Will: a ton of hamburger lately, but like steak better. Will do lettuce wrapped fast food burgers

Bitter greens from my garden.


Occasionally nuts.

Red wine.

Won’t: I don’t bake, so no almond flour baked goods. Never had, never will have BPC.


Once. Never again.


@juice I will allow and accept your title edit even though I am in the US and am a trained linguist. You’re welcome :innocent:

(traci simpson) #38

I love liver and I wish I could find some affordable macadamia nuts!

(traci simpson) #39

So do you eat this plain or put it in stuff? I can only imagine how bitter it must be. I can only barely eat 80% with almond butter.

(Susan) #40

This is an interesting thread and came up for me as a “recommended” so I am going to post and resurrect it!

For me, my current list of Keto foods that I love and eat regularly are the following:

Proteins: Salmon, tuna, oysters, white fish, chicken, turkey, ham, some luncheon meats that are Keto friendly (no sugar/carbs, etc), sometimes eggs, cheese, beef,

and cream cheese.

Vegetables: cauliflower, cabbage, bok choy, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini’s, broccoli, celery, romaine lettuce, sometimes some spinach or brussel sprouts (maybe a few others but these are my main’s).

Fats: salted butter, EVOO, The Keg Caesar Dressing, Chosen Foods Avocado Mayonnaise, Sour Cream,
MCT Oil, Coconut Oil, HWC, Cream Cheese in here as well as if I am low on fats, I will eat a bit to up them =).

These are my basic foods.

The Keto foods that many people on the forum eat but that I have been avoiding (some from personal choice and some from making sure they don’t cause any relapses or binges):
Note: some of these things I might include later in life at Maintenance when I figure them out into my daily macros; then again, since that is probably not going to be for about 2 years or more, I might never add them!

I haven’t messed up and cheated on Keto since May 13 -only because I don’t have any of these around, I feel that if I did I might not be able to resist them, so I make sure that they are not available to me. I have no trouble resisting Carbage things; that all my family members are eating around me all the time. I feel that if I had Keto approved treats that I might have some, so I make sure that they are not in the house!

For those of you that have the control to control the quantities, that is great for you. Personally I simply do not want the temptation so I would rather not have them in the house =).

  1. Artificial Sweeteners
  2. Keto foods that are sold in stores
  3. Pork Rinds or any low carb Keto snacks
  4. Keto Deserts.
  5. Protein products.
  6. Keto pills of any kind.
  7. Any form of nuts or peanuts, etc.
  8. Any foods that can be Keto in small quantities.
  9. Dark Chocolate! I would never be able to only eat 2 pieces of it so I would rather not have it in the house.
  10. Keto ice cream -maybe for my birthday I will make some but maybe not!

I don’t eat eggs and or bacon a lot; although I know they are great for Keto, I do eat them sometimes but not often as I don’t really enjoy either.