Keto White Chocolate Fudge/Bar

(Charmaine) #1


Keto white chocolate fudge (or can be a chocolate bar)!!! And it holds up at room temperature! This is cinnamon/mint, but the cinnamon isn’t that strong. I wasn’t shooting for taste as much as getting the texture and firmness down. Made a small batch to be the fat I needed while out in the streets today. Had a friend who isn’t keto taste to give me his opinion, he liked it.

• 2:1 ratio of coco butter and coconut oil
• coconut milk powder (like 1/2 tsp
• coconut butter (1/2 tsp)
• coconut cream (1/2 tsp or so)
• liquid stevia to taste
• cinnamon
• peppermint extract

Instructions -cuz this is really important!

Melt coco butter on low heat, turn off heat before it’s completely melted and let it finish melting on its own. Add coconut oil and let it melt. Add other ingredients and whisk.

Pour into a bowl and let it cool; whisk occasionally. Can use an immersion blender at a certain point and continue to let cool.


The oils will separate from the other ingredients. This is why allowing it to cool is important. As it cools whisk (go do other stuff and come back to it) or put it in the fridge to speed up the process - but don’t forget it! If you forget it, you have a not so exciting separated chunk of stuff. The mixture will become opaque and when you whisk it and everything stays mixed together, that’s when you pour into a mold or container of your choice and put in the fridge.

There’s an art to this and order of operation and patience are all very important. I’m still going to play around with this, but right now, I’m very pleased and excited. This mixture melts in your mouth, well my mouth. It’s not hard or thick really, it’s sorta light.

(jilliebean1973) #2

Sounds delicious! If you don’t add the flavoring does it taste like regular white chocolate? Or Wilton’s clear vanilla - OMG that would be devine-

(Charmaine) #3

I don’t know how it will taste without the flavoring, I only made this batch. But assuming this is what makes white chocolate, I think it’s safe to say yes.