Keto test results way too high (89ppm, Ketoscan mini)


I am not saying that eating SAD is the way to go. If insulin is not an issue, then systemic Inflammation is not caused by insulin. So you can try to reduce veggies as a possible source of Inflammation and introduce fruits to get out of keto and to burn less fat since this is an issue in OPs case. This will also increase hunger and make it easier to gain weight.


I’d never connect to anything without a VPN, and always use secure email or forwarders and never had a problem here. Probably something else.

Breath tests aren’t really accurate at all, unless you’re a uncontrolled Type 1 diabetic, you literally can’t get your ketones too high. Your blood sugar is good

You can’t. That’s how acetone is measured, there’s no correlation to any other ketone markers. Different types of ketones, different scales.

That said, don’t waste your money on blood tests either, they don’t matter. Just eat right and don’t worry about it.

Your body type is irrelevant, whether keto is right for you or not depends on what you’re trying to achieve, and what kind of activities you’re doing. I do a hybrid of TKD and CKD because I’m into bodybuilding and standard keto hurts me too much in the gym. Having more carbs around my workout is a night and day difference, the rest of the time I eat normal keto meals. Customize what you do to you, just like any other WOE.


Great source. Thank you.

Yeah it is hard to gain weight and muscles. “Measuring” … well it is my feeling whats up with my bowel and… “so on”… then my mental state (clarity, or energy. Whereas “energy” can be tricky, eat sugar after a long time without and you have energy) - and especially with my back and “stiff muscles” (I have a autoimmune disease where the back is very stiff, also the muscles and tendons around the back. When I eat really bad stuff, even pain levels raise a lot. The more relaxed my back the better the food was).

Very interesting what was going on the last two days regarding my ketone levels. If the breath meter is OK. I have bought some urine strips to double check.
Two days ago I wanted to kick me out of ketosis, just as a test, what will be changing, test wise and body and mind wise. I ate +/- 180gr carbs… it didn’t kick me out of ketosis, the day after the ketone levels from “ketoscan” went back around 1/3 of the values the day before. So yesterday I ate again carbs, around 100-120gr carbs… today I was still in ketosis. In the morning 10ppm

In the afternoon already 20ppm again. Because this day I didn’t eat more than 10gr carbs until the afternoon.

I have to use the strips to test side by side, perhaps the breath meter is broke. Or my body reacts a “bit” special.

How I felt with carbs? A lot was changing - especially finally I had energy that was missing a lot the last weeks. But the state of mind also changed.

I can just guess atm, that about 100gr carbs could be a good middleway if I would be in ketosis still. I guess this sounds unbelievable to be in ketosis with so many carbs. Perhaps it is a temporary phenomena.

The day before I took the carbs first time again, I had 99ppm at the tests… the max of the “ketoscan”…

Something is really off…


Sounds good. To me it is also very hard to do workout the way I felt the last weeks.


Yeah I realized while eating carbs again (how delicous fruits are after such a long time) that the hunger went up.

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There’s lots of info on this forum and elsewhere about the significant limitations of urine strip ketone tests. In short, the result represents what your body is pissing away and wasting, not what is actually being used by your organs/muscles/brain.

As was suggested above, as hard as it may be, try to stop focusing on the ketone tests - they don’t really tell you what you need to know…

Eat a healthy, low carb diet and stick to it for several months and then judge whether you are feeling better, holding on to an appropriate weight for your body type, and feeling satiated (satisfied) after eating.

You’re on the right track. Now you need to fine tune things with yourself as a n=1 experiment.

Adding carbs/fruit is likely the worst idea at this particular time based on what you’ve shared thus far. (But don’t let the near term urine test strips confuse matters) :vulcan_salute:


And my back (my “pain” and “stiffness” measuring) was worse! More energy on the one hand, but worse body reaction. This of course, could be due to the wrong food - or the carbs in general.

This is something I have to figure out.

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Apparently, you don’t know much about diabetes nor ketogenic diet, so you are frightened by the manual of your ketone device.
For diabetics, when a diabetics’ condition gets very bad (which means their insulin doesn’t work at all), in this situation, the body can’t get any energy from the blood sugar, then their body has to burn the fats to get energy. But usually, the diabetics were told by doctors not to eat fats because doctors believe fats are bad to everyone especially bad to a diabetics. Then the diabetics has no fat to burn, his/her body has to burn its stored fat, so it’s dangerous because the diabetics don’t eat fat to burn…

So when a doctor sees a diabetics’ ketone level is very high, the doctor would say “Jesus, you are very dangerous, your insulin doesn’t work at all”. That’s why your device’s manual gives you warning when ketone level is high, the device is usually used by diabetics to know if their insulin works…

But for us (us means the ketoers), we are happy to see that we have ketones, that means our body is using the fat as energy source.


This is the one that I have. It measures, AFAIK, ppm of acetone, a good proxy for ketones.

The only realistic measurements are when ou have just got up (I measure before even drinking anything) and after several hours from the last meal.

If you measure continuously you’ll find that coffeee, alcohol, and other stuff will constantly lead to bonkers measurements.

Much as it is fine to play with the little device, I find it only useful when it is really useful: in the morning, as I will often be fasting al lday after that, and when I get back home after a day of fasting (for the thrill of it and as a motivational measure)…

If you keep having those values early in the morning, I’d say the device is not working properly.