Keto Success food list (might be helpful)

(Bacon enough and time) #1

People might find this list helpful. Check it out, and definitely pay attention to the note at the bottom.

No list is perfect., so please post any errors or omissions that you notice. And especially bad (or good) effects that you experienced, in case others might experience them too.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #2

I’ve had a quick scan and it looks good … OK there’s a few you can’t eat buckets of but that’s fair enough.

(KM) #3

What I thought of when I looked at this list is that it could be used to turn typical keto beginning on its head. In other words, rather than questioning every item in your pantry, or thinking about the things that are now off your list, go through this list and check off the things you like. There are so many foods that are ok! This gives you a wonderful starting point of simple whole foods.

You may still have to check what quantity you can eat, but at least you have a starting point.

(Eve) #4

There’s alot more than l allow myself to eat, so it was nice to read the list and l may branch out as a consequence. Thanks for posting the link

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #5

Yes. I thought I knew most of it … though I’d discounted pumpkin as high carb. It’s actually not that bad 7g per 100g

(Eve) #6

I guess with alot of the foods, it’s all a matter of degree - some pumpkin is fine, but not too much and perhaps eaten at the expense of other carbs in order to stay within the max carb limit.