Keto Steak & Kidney Stew

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #1

300g Steak Diced & 300g Beef Kidney Diced, browned and sealed in batches. Set aside.
Fry one onion and 6 garlic cloves until soft.
Combine with 200ml of stock plus green chillies and shredded cabbage (or greens)
Cook low and slow (slow cooker) for 6hrs + but not too dried out.

Very simple, very rich and velvety loveliness.


I never made stew from organ and normal meat before but maybe I should! Sounds good. So this is how I make much food from only 300g ruminant meat :smiley: (I have 300g deer in my freezer and I was a tad lost as it’s so tiny! I thought about Goulash on a carby day but wished for a lower-carb dish.)
We never put cabbage into a stew but my SO surely would like it and it’s one of the few vegs easy to get all year round without getting shocked at the price (we just don’t want to pay a lot for mere vegs, we could buy meat or eggs with that money! they just aren’t worth that much)!

So I probably will made this with some modifications, thank you!
(I don’t even know if I can get kidney. The beef farm surely sell it though but they very rarely butcher animals and everything gets sold out quickly. Most items in hours, the organs last longer even in this country where eating organs is very common.)