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(Kang Suryana) #1

Hi Guys New Here Need New Keto Recipes


That could very easy be an encyclopedia’s worth. Without knowing how you eat or what you like that’d be hard to just throw stuff at you. Other than the obvious of just low carb stuff, best bet is search YouTube for keto recipes, between pics and the titles of what they are would be way more beneficial to you finding things you like. In the past I’ve bought some cookbooks and those typically have recipes that I either don’t want to make, or incredibly labor intensive stuff trying to mimic gourmet stuff. Just searching and watching keto day of eating vids gave me much better ideas than anything else. You can also look at Atkins recipes and many Paleo ones are fine as well depending on how they do it.

I do higher protein lower fat, many do super high fat and skimp on protein (don’t do that) but it really comes down to your goals and ultimately how you wanna approach this. The lower carbs is really the only thing that stays constant.

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We also have an entire Recipes forum here, that might be helpful.

(Robin) #4

Welcome. Anything can be keto friendly. It just depends on where you want to spend your daily allotment of carbs.
Most of us follow the under 20 g of carbs.
There is a great recipe section. Good luck!

(Eve) #5

I have been making keto bread and pancakes using almond flour , butter and eggs primarily, no sweeteners. I am very careful to only eat a small amount per day so to keep below the 20g carbs. Presumably even though they are not meat / animal protein, it is still OK to eat stuff like this?
Just need some reassurance :confused:!

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The key to a ketogenic diet is to keep insulin low by avoiding carbohydrate. If you are keeping your insulin low enough to be in ketosis, you are doing fine. As Prof. Bikman sums it up, “Control carbohydrate, prioritise protein, and fill in with fat.” Everything else is just tweaks.


Great site. Now remember one thing it is UP to you totally to make all that is in this file ‘to suit your macros’ and more as you need. Hope it helps show you some way forward. Tons of ‘recipe Keto’ sites if ya google them like this.

(Eve) #8

Thanks very much Paul and Fangs. I will check out the site and do feel more reassured! It was just after reading all the chat about the types of sugar/carbs that l started to wonder whether the almond flour carbs were acceptable on the keto diet.
BTW, just as you all say, l am now missing the beg far less :clap:

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…veg …


I think some do use almond flour if one enjoys it and can keep it in their carb allotment. but again, I would think it would be personal use decision on it. good luck!