Keto Roulette

(Frank) #41

Followed yesterday’s plan about 90%. Wasn’t feeling the band workout since I did it the night before and I continued reading Dan brown origins instead of stretching. So maybe 75%. Diet was spot on and I had a very hard time not having chia pudding. Since when has chia pudding become such a treat for me? So today is Halloween and my wife and I usually go to the neighbors and have dinner and drinks. I’m planning on having a tbone before going over there to keep from a diet fail which would definitely not be worth it. Here’s my spins for the day.

  1. Omad with bpc in the am (just hwc today)
  2. Core workout
  3. Dessert + chocolate + 1 beer (I don’t think I could’ve spun this on a better day)
  4. Read book
    10/31/18 weight 188.0 lbs (+.4 lbs) haven’t had a good bm for 3-4 days. It may be the day. Sorry for the tmi.

(Frank) #42

Forgot to mention that my hdl has gone from 54 to 79 since February. LDL and cholesterol have gone up (141 & 238) but that doesn’t concern me. Triglycerides are at 94 down from 100.
Cholesterol/hdl = 3.0 down from 3.5
Triglycerides/hdl = 1.2 down from 1.8
Waist/height = .47
Very happy with the numbers 10 months in.

(KCKO, KCFO) #43

Those show some good results from your efforts, congrats.

Chia pudding is my favorite treat food, topped off with whipped cream. I make it with the left over coconut milk I use in Dump Ranch Dressing. I also make it chocolate by adding 100% cacao powder. I have stopped making fat bombs and just use this as my primary treat.

Enjoy the get together with the neighbors, you have a good plan eating before going over there.


(Frank) #44

Halloween went as planned. Had a nice T-bone steak and spinach salad before heading over to the neighbors. Thoroughly enjoyed my chia pudding with blueberry sauce. Had a Modist brewery’s American ipa along with a few Mich golden lights. Did sneak in a few mini chocolates (butterfinger, crunch, and Reese’s pbcup). I was allowing myself these indulgences after 3-4 .strong days. Didn’t sleep too hot. Kept waking up from dreams which is not like me at all. Was fully expecting to have tacked on a few ounces anyway but was surprised that I was actually down .2 lbs this am. I’m wondering if it was the very limited timeframe of indulgence (2hrs maybe) which caused such a small effect? Anyway back to it today. Game on.

  1. 24 hr fast with bpc in the am (just hwc this am no butter or mct)
  2. Core workout x2 :tired_face:
  3. Beer x1 (this is my Friday so I’m looking forward to that)
  4. Read (getting close to the climax of origins)
    11/1/18 weight 187.8 lbs (-.2 lbs)

(Frank) #45

Well, I think my :tired_face:next to my workout spin yesterday said it all. I’d say yesterday was like a 50% hit. Had a stressful day with plumbers and was just amazingly hungry in the afternoon. I broke the 24 hr fast at 21 hrs and ate pretty steadily for 3 hrs or so. All keto food so that’s good. Passed on the workout (just couldn’t do it mentally). I did skip the beer (if I had 1 I would’ve had 4 given the situation) and had some chia pudding instead. Continued reading my book. 60 pages left and it’d better take off soon. Ugh. The silver lining in all of this is a 1.8 lb drop from yesterday. I’m not sure why. Today’s a new day. Here it is.

  1. 2mad with bpc this am
  2. Walk during lunch
  3. No dessert
  4. Stretching/yoga
    11/2/18 weight 186.0 lbs :frowning: (-1.8 lbs)

(Frank) #46

Yesterday went awesome! Had a brisk 2 mile walk around lunch, took a sauna in the afternoon (with hot yoga), and managed to stay disciplined all day with the diet. I’ll be honest today’s gonna be tougher. Heading down to see my daughter in college and there will be a lot of temptations around. I spun a pretty tight pattern today so I’ll see how far I can take it. Here’s my day.

  1. Omad with black coffee in am
  2. Core x2 (passing on this today. Sore neck this am and I need to drive)
  3. Beer x2
  4. Read book (maybe a 2dudes podcast in the car)
    11/3/18 weight 185.8 lbs (-.2 lbs)
    This is the closest to my 185 goal weight than I’ve ever been without an EF. There is a definite downward weight trend for the 3 out of 4 weeks that I’ve been doing this n=1.

(Frank) #47

Back in the saddle again this dreary Monday am in the northland. We had a wonderful time with our eldest down in Saint Paul and Minneapolis. Saturday night had dinner and the highest rated Indian restaurant gaundi mahal and Sunday had dim sum and the highest rated dim sum in the twin cities Yangtze. Along with a few beers and sweets thrown in for the weekend the results were anticipated. Spun a great set of reset goals for today and I’d expect to be back down to my normal weight here in a few days.

  1. 24 hr fast with black coffee in am
  2. Core + band workout
  3. No dessert ( had plenty this weekend)
  4. Sauna in pm
    11/5/18 weight 190.2 lbs (+4.4 lbs from 11/3 :worried:)
    I’m on my last week of this 4 week experiment and I’m planning on finishing strong. I don’t have any plans over the next week which would seriously derail my efforts so that is positive. I should be able to shed that weight over the next 1-2 days and be back to the 186-187 range by Thursday. KCKO.

(Frank) #48

Yesterday was a great reset day from the indulgent weekend. Followed the plan and added in a 3.3 mile brisk walk at lunch and started a new Jeffrey deaver book. Love Lincoln rhyme novels. Today is a lot like yesterday. Game on.

  1. 24 hr fast with bpc in am (I’m having coffee with hwc and mct this am)
  2. No exercise today (will probably walk at lunch again)
  3. Dessert + chocolate + beer x1 (will probably skip the beer. I could go for some berries tonight)
  4. Read book
    11/6/18 weight 188.4 lbs (-.8 lbs)
    Weight is coming back down to normal quickly :blush:

(Frank) #49

Another stellar day of solid keto planning and execution yesterday. Nothing much to speak of. Did exactly was I spun and planned. Listened to 2 keto dudes podcasts during a 3.4 mile brisk walk during lunch. Did skip the beer last night. Weight continues to come down from this past weekend as expected. Here’s my day today.

  1. 24 hr fast with black coffee in am
  2. Core workout
  3. No dessert
  4. Sauna
    11/7/18 weight 188.0 lbs (-1.4 lbs) my weight yesterday was actually 189.4 not 188.4 lbs. so from Monday am to this am my weight has gone from 190.2 down to 188.0 (-2.2 lbs)

(Frank) #50

Yesterday was a solid day other than skipping the core workout. I woke up with a neck strain the other day which I’m babying for now. Took a 3.3 mile walk during lunch instead. As expected I’m down to 187.0 lbs today. Pretty much back to pre weekend cheating. I’m down to my last 4 days of this n=1 experiment and I’m already thinking about other things I could try out. I’m thinking maybe some 2 days eating 1 day fast experiments? Carnivore for a week or 2? Gotta keep things interesting. Here’s my day.

  1. 2mad with black coffee in am
  2. Walk with band workout (just stretching no band tonight gotta baby this neck)
  3. No dessert (I’m not as bummed about this as I was at the beginning of this n=1)
  4. Sauna
    11/8/18 weight 187.0 lbs (-1.0 lbs) continues to tick down. KCKO!

(Frank) #51

Well, coming up on the last 3 days of this n=1. Yesterday went fairly well. Didn’t get the walk or band workout in but was strict on everything else. Had a nice big piece of salmon along with a 3-4 cup spinach salad with a whole avocado, pecans, and 1/2 tomatoe. For lunch I had cheese curds, liver wurst, olives, and pecans. Still managed to get even closer to goal weight without fasting. Here’s what my day looks like going into the weekend. Wish me luck.

  1. 2mad with black coffee in am
  2. Walk + band workout
  3. Dessert + chocolate + 1 beer (corona light)
  4. Stretching/yoga (also have buddies coming over for sauna night which is always fun)
    11/9/18 weight 185.4 lbs (-1.6 lbs :open_mouth:) closest I’ve ever been to goal weight (185) without EFing.

(Frank) #52

Had kind of a strange day yesterday. Worked until 11 and then walked for around 3.8 miles as planned. Around an hour. Headed home and was absolutely craving meat. I grilled up 3/6-8 oz pork loin steaks. Was planning on eating just 2 but kept mowing it down and finished all 3. Didn’t do anything else all afternoon except sit around like a full lion. Around 530 I had a bowl of raspberries with hwc, cinnamon, pecans, and blueberry sauce. That’s my typical dessert. In addition had 2 squares of 86% chocolate. Buddies came over and we had sauna night. With that cheese, jerky, and beef sticks. I also had not 1 but 2 corona lights. :shushing_face:. I went to bed feeling socially fulfilled but slightly guilty for my perceived overindulgence. I was fully willing to accept a gain on the scales this am but much to my surprise I had dropped another .6 lbs!! 1 day shy of my 4 week experiment coming to a close and I have gotten “under” my 185 goal weight without an EF! I am really excited about this and plan on ending this tomorrow strong. Here’s what I spun today.

  1. Omad with black coffee in am (I was hoping to spin a bpc on this cold Saturday am but oh well. Maybe tomorrow)
  2. Walk during lunch (I may substitute a core workout today instead)
  3. Beer x1 (going to a umd bulldog hockey game tonight so this fits)
  4. Sauna (perfect) it’s like 16 degrees this am. This will feel good
    11/10/18 weight 184.8 lbs!!! :star:

(KCKO, KCFO) #53

Frank, you have really rocked this protocol. Mixing it up sure seemed to work for you, congrats.

Looking forward to reading your wrap up summary tomorrow.

(Frank) #54

Thank you for that!

(Frank) #55

Here I am on the last day of this 4 week journey. First going over my day yesterday. I was very productive around the yard. Getting ready for winter is always a weekend or 2 of cleaning and prepping for the long cold dark times as I call them. I clocked in almost 15,000 steps on my Fitbit. Had a couple of leg/thigh chicken quarters for a late lunch and a beer before the hockey game. Got my sauna in after the yardwork which always feels good. We have fellow keto friends coming over for egg loaf and bacon this am! Happy about that as well. Overall I’m pleased as punch with my maintenance during the month. Journaling my spins, meals, and activities every day definitely made me feel much more accountable for my decisions. My weight trend is going down and I now sit .6 lbs below my goal weight. I truly feel like I have reset my thermostat and can continue to lose more body fat if I so choose. The only times that I’ve been able to dip below my 185 goal was after a 48-60 hr fast. This time I did it eating every day. A few insights that I have gained about my eating habits are as follows. A. I cannot have dessert every day if I want to maintain my weight goal (even berries with hwc). B. Cheat days with heavier carbs should be held to a day at a time. Multiple days seem to amplify the weight gain. C. How much I exercise has absolutely zero affect on my weight loss or gain. D. Bulletproof coffee needs to be treated as a treat and not an everyday event. E. The more protein and less veggies I eat the better I feel. I still Love a big spinach salad but I’ve definitely cut back on side veggie dishes and focused on larger cuts of meat. F. I’ve learned to get comfortable with bm’s every 3-4 days. They’ll come when they come. There are probably many more insights that I haven’t mentioned but these seem to be the high points. Here’s my last spin. I will finish today strong and then start contemplating what n=1 I can do next.

  1. 2 mad with bpc in the am
  2. Walk + core +band workout
  3. No dessert
  4. Read book
    11/11/18 weight 184.4 lbs (-.4 lbs) 2 days in a row below goal weight!!!
    Here’s a snapshot of my last 30 days weight trend. KCKO!


Frank, this has been fascinating to watch and vicariously live your n=1 roulette this month. I hope that @richard and @carl see this thread! Thanks for taking us on the ride and summarizing your insights so well. Peace!

(Frank) #57

Thanks Katy! It has been a great experience for me and gotten me even more in tune with my body and how it responds to various inputs.

(KCKO, KCFO) #58

I like the summary of what you learned a lot. Thanks for letting us tag a long on your journey.

(Frank) #59

You are very welcome.

(Frank) #60

A little update. My weight loss has continued since ending on Sunday and I’m the lowest I’ve ever been this am at 182.6 lbs. I figure that even if I do come back up a bit (possibly), that this protocol has lowered my set point by 2-3 lbs.