Keto Roulette

(Frank) #21

I really appreciate the feedback. This weekend was definitely a naughty one even for a lazy keto guy. I paid for it last night and it will not be forgotten. A quarter of that piece would’ve been just fine and I probably wouldn’t have had the reaction that I did. A mulligan, by my definition in this case, is more of a full day off plan and not a specific item during the day. I should’ve been more specific than I was. This experiment was more to see how various patterns of eating and activity affected me both mentally and physically. The one aspect that really is standing out right now is that I’m really not on board with eating when I’m not hungry. I’m taking one for the team here. Ha. This gives me confidence that my hunger/satiety hormones are regulated and normal. Now when a piece of homemade cake is in front of me it’s a different story. Especially when it’s made by my lovely daughter. How can a papa say no to his little girl. :confused:

(Frank) #22

Yesterday was 75% on track. Did my 3mad, which I didn’t really enjoy. I did however feel energized throughout the day which was nice never feeling even slightly hungry. Did my core workout along with some stretching before bed. The 75% comes in at happy hour. We met a friend who is a traveling nurse. He’s leaving for another long while today so I had a couple of corona lights. Good choice for keeping carbs in check but it was not in my plan for yesterday. Weight is up a little more this am for the third day in a row. Not a surprise given the choices I’ve been making. Time to tighten it up. Here’s today.

  1. 24 hr fast with bpc this am (I’ll have first meal round 6)
  2. Walk during lunch
  3. Beer x1 (I will not be doing this today)
  4. Sauna
    This seems like a good recipe for a reset.
    10/23/18 weight 190.6 lbs :thinking:

(Frank) #23

Well tightening it up yesterday felt good and I had a mini swoosh (3.4 lbs down) from yesterday am. Had a great salmon, asparagus, and spinach salad last night for dinner and didn’t have the beer I could’ve had. I’d say that was a 125% day. Trying to make up from this weekend. Today will be almost a repeat of yesterday. Maybe I can drop that thermostat a bit before this upcoming weekend, which will be a solid mulligan. Here’s today’s plan.

  1. 24 hr fast with bpc coffee (I went light on the bpc with just hwc)
  2. Core workout x2
  3. Dessert (berries) + dark chocolate + beer x1 (I’ll be taking the berries plus one square of 85%)
  4. Stretching/yoga
    10/24/18 weight 187.2 lbs


This is a fascinating experiment! It kind of mimics life in maintenance, with a bit of controlled drama/excitement! Thanks for posting the daily updates!

(Frank) #25

I appreciate the feedback. Thank you.

(Frank) #26

Yesterday was textbook example of discipline. Did everything I planned out and had a massive chicken dinner and skipped the beer at dessert. So this will be my third day of pain (not really) after 4 days of pleasure. I really do feel much better on an omad woe with the occasional lunch or breakfast thrown in on weekends. I just don’t like having to deal with meal prep during the work week. I can spend that time going for a walk or reading if it’s crummy outside. I was actually hoping to spin a 48 hr fast this week but that hasn’t happened yet. This is the plan for the day.

  1. Omad with black coffee this am (Seattle’s best from sams club is not so great imo)
  2. Core workout (did a double last night right before dinner. She’s brutal)
  3. No dessert :tired_face: (I do love my berries and hwc)
  4. Research hobby (low carb brewing maybe)
    10/25/18 weight 186.8 (down another .4 lbs from yesterday)

(Frank) #27

Well, the 48 hr fast has been spun finally. Game on. Yesterday went great again. Everything on point and I felt good. Researched low carb brewing for next spring, took a 3.3 mile walk during lunch, and had a 2000+ calorie dinner with a spinach salad (bacon, avocado, and olive oil), 2-1lb beef patties, pickles, and ranch cheese curds. I really wanted to have something sweet (even berries) after dinner but I held strong. I’ve come to the realization that’s it’s not about what I “want” all the time. It’s about what I want sometimes and what I “need” to do on the other days. Weight is down again for the third day is a row at 186.2 lbs. Now, about this 48 hr fast. In the spirit of transparency, this will be more like a 42-44 hr fast. I’m meeting some buddies up at the cabin and there I will feast and probably have a few or more beers. So tomorrow is going to be fasting until 12 or 2 o’clock and then wide open until Sunday am. I will resume keto Roulette at that time. Mulligan number one used up. So, here’s my next 42-44 hrs. I last ate at 6pm yesterday so I’m 13 1/2 hrs in already.

  1. 48 hr fast with black coffee, tea, broth, and a zipfizz or 2
  2. No exercise (thank goodness)
  3. No dessert obviously
  4. Research hobby (not food related this time.)
    10/26/18 weight 186.2 lbs (-.6 lbs)
    Wife and daughter have agreed to eat out so there’s no food around.

(Frank) #28

37 hrs into this 48 hr fast. What can I say. Fasts are not fun for me. Every hour is a struggle. I will be feasting with the boys tonight so I’m using that as a motivator. I did manage to dip down below my goal weight of 185 for the first time since my last EF in August. Weight was down 1.8 lbs from yesterday to 184.4 lbs.

(Frank) #29

Yesterday was indeed a feast day with some old friends. Chips, beer, pizza, caramel corn, and other such naughtiness was on the menu. Had a lot of laughs and made plans for future get togethers. This one day resulted in a gain of 5.2 lbs from yesterday am to this am. Back in the saddle today and moving forward. So, here is my spins for today with some modifications.

  1. 2mad with bpc in the am (skipping the bpc, just coffee with hwc)
  2. Resistance band workout (adding in core to get rid of glycogen stores)
  3. Dessert + chocolate + 1 beer (skipping this altogether)
  4. Stretching/yoga (adding in a sauna this afternoon)
    10/28/18 weight 189.6 lbs (+5.2 lbs)
    Let’s see how long to get rid of this fluid. Game on.

(I Am The Egg Man ku-ku-kachoo) #30

You’re a strong man.
I have a hard time not beating myself up after gains, so I won’t allow myself a feast day that tacks on 5#. I just can’t do it.

(Frank) #31

Usually I would only tack on 1-2 lbs on a day like that. The weight that I had the day before was at the end of a 42 hr fast so very low. I’ve had enough of these keto vacations that my confidence to get back on track is pretty high. My guess is that I’ll be back around 187-188 within a day or two.

(I Am The Egg Man ku-ku-kachoo) #32

This is what I need. Practical, first-hand experience showing that I will recover. Sadly most of my life experience has convinced me that once I “take a break”, be it for a meal or a weekend, I may be gone for a long time. The last break I took from eating well cost me my early 50s. :disappointed:

(Frank) #33

You will get there. You will maintain. You will be more flexible. You will be happy. You will be healthy. You will succeed. You will fail. You will recover. Rinse and repeat.

(Jenny) #34

my psyche wants very strict structure, my body (in order to lose) wants me to shake it up. alot. my body is a pro at acclimating to what i am doing. its frustrating to my brain but im also trying to find the good things about it. would be boring otherwise lol.

(Jenny) #35

and yes I also fear flexibility because I feel very much like a can’t stop at one person. I’m hoping mixing up fasting, keto feasting, and lifting will have me on track for life!

(Frank) #36

We are very much alike in this respect. By doing this self experiment I am able to satisfy my strict mental side, by adhering to a spun pattern, but also satisfying my body’s requirement for randomness.

(Frank) #37

It felt good to get back to solid keto yesterday. Had a big tbone for dinner with a spinach salad. Skipped the dessert and beer. Heading down to the twin cities next weekend to visit my eldest daughter in college. The only thing she wants to do is dim sum on Sunday am. I should be good on Saturday but that dim sum is just too yum yum. I’ll keep things nice and tight this week (maybe a beer with neighbors on Halloween). Did manage to drop 1.6 lbs of that fluid overnight. I’m back in the my normal territory again. So here’s the spin today.

  1. 3mad with black coffee in am (having coffee with hwc instead-just can’t do solids in the am)
  2. No exercise planned (may throw in a core after work)
  3. No dessert today (why does it seem that the day after I skip dessert I roll “no dessert today”)
  4. Sauna
    10/29/18 weight 188.0 lbs (-1.6 lbs)
    Today marks the halfway point in this one month maintenance experiment. Seems to be going well I think. Plenty of cheat days to keep me sane along with buckle down periods to offset. KCKO

(KCKO, KCFO) #38

A good dim sum place will have some good keto options. The place near me has chicken feet, short ribs, and a chicken soup that contains greens instead of noodles. They have plenty of buns and noodles too,but I always amaze them with my chicken feet selection. I grew up eating those, my great aunt was a nose to tail kinda gal :slight_smile: so her chicken soup always included the feet and beaks.

(Frank) #39

Another solid disciplined day yesterday to wrap up the 1/2 way point. I did forego the sauna last night but read my book instead. I had taken 2 the last few days and just wasnt feeling it. Actually had a small bento box yesterday for lunch and ate about 1/4 cup of the steamed rice. Lunch was rare enough but rice too :worried:. This no dessert trend that I’ve been spinning is killing me. I made some chia pudding and blueberry sauce on Sunday that I’ve been dying to have. Could I? Yes. Would I tell you? Yes. Have I? No. I’ll spin dessert soon enough. So here’s my day today.

  1. Omad with bpc in the am (actually made bpc this time)
  2. Core + band workout (did this last night as well)
  3. No dessert tonight :tired_face:
  4. Stretching/yoga
    10/30/18 weight 187.6 lbs (-.4 lbs)
    Pretty much back to my avg weight after the huge cheat day on Saturday. KCKO

(Frank) #40

Non scale victory today.
Blood pressure 112/74