Keto Roulette

(Frank) #1

So I touched on this little idea of mine several times in the past and tomorrow is day 1 of an n=1 related to randomness in keto. I found a nifty app called Lucky Roulette. It allows you to build your own wheels and saves up to 5. I have built 4 and here is what they are with the options.

  1. Meal pattern
    Omad with bpc in am
    Omad with black coffee in am
    2mad with bpc in am
    2mad with black coffee in am
    3mad with black coffee in am
    24 hr fast with bpc in am
    24 hr fast with black coffee in am
    48 hr fast with black coffee, tea, broth
    I would only do 1-48 hr fast during the month and 3mad once a week.

  2. Activity pattern
    Core workout
    Walk during lunch
    Resistance workout
    No exercise
    Core workout x2
    Core + resistance workout
    Walk + resistance workout
    Core workout x2 + resistance workout
    No exercise
    Core + resistance + walk
    I could always do more if I was feeling up to it but this as the minimum

  3. Dessert pattern
    Dessert (berries or chia pudding with hwc and dark chocolate)
    No dessert
    Beer x1
    No dessert
    Dessert + beer x1
    No dessert
    Beer x2
    No dessert

  4. Stress relief pattern
    Research hobbies on YouTube
    Again I can always do more than minimum if I’d like.

I am allowing myself 2 mulligans during the month when an occasion presents itself and it’d be more trouble than its worth to stay on plan. I weigh myself daily so I will be posting a daily weight plus the wheel results.

(I Am The Egg Man ku-ku-kachoo) #2

I’ll be following.
I’ve been trying to get my head around keto/fasting, the variables, the efficacy of changing things up, etc.

(Frank) #3

Today is day 1. I’ll be honest. Starting this was more difficult than I thought it’d be. Maybe it’s just the thought of losing some control over my daily choices or the accountability to myself. Who knows. It’s done. Here’s what my day will look like.

  1. omad with bpc in the am
  2. Core workout + resistance
  3. No dessert
  4. Yoga/stretching in pm
    10/15/18 weight 189.6 lbs

(Frank) #4

Yesterday went well. Other than no dessert after dinner pretty standard. Here’s what today looks like. Fighting a cold so a low key day is welcome.

  1. Omad with black coffee
  2. No exercise today
  3. Dessert plus dark chocolate
  4. Read book
    10/16/18 weight 189.2 lbs

("Don't call it calories, call it food") #5

This is such a cool idea, following


Really cool idea! Very creative. I think there’s physcologically a benefit to feeling like it’s “out of your control”; you just have to do what the dice says you have to do. You know what I mean?

For example, I’ve been trying to pick up jogging and I used the C25K app (=Couch to 5k: eases you into running a 5K by alternating jogging/walking, slowing increasing the amount of time you’re jogging and decreasing time walking). If the timer says I have to run 3 minutes I’m much less likely to feel like I should walk and catch my breath, than I might be if I were just running/walking based on how I “felt”.

(Frank) #7

I’ve been fairly disciplined during my entire journey but this certainly ups the game. It feels very much like the beginning as well as during my stalls in which I would start tracking again. I higher level of consciousness and accountability.


Thanks for doing this, so far it seems to be a fun way to plan your day. Following and I did look up that app, think I will download it and try to set up something similar to what you have done.

Will be interesting to see what results you get while doing this.

(Adriana) #9

I’m following this experiment, it’s really interesting, I think it could be kind of freeing but most of all I think this is really brave, most of us on this WOE like to feel some measure of control on what we eat and that helps us overcome some of the previous eating issues we have, so my props to you for doing this.

(Frank) #10

It sure was nice having a chia pudding dessert after a big dinner yesterday. In addition, I took a sauna in the late afternoon. Good day overall. Here’s what a spun for today which is 10/17/18

  1. 24 hr fast with bpc in am
  2. Core workout x2
  3. Beer x1
  4. Read book
    10/17/18 weight 187.0 lbs

I last ate at 6 pm yesterday so 6 pm today will be my first meal (solid). If anyone is concerned about calories don’t be. My dinners are 2000 cal plus. I pack it in when I’m omad. I started reading Dan Browns Origin. Got a good start on that before crashing out early. If anyone is curious which core workout I do it’s Ashley Conrad’s 10 min core workout.

(Frank) #11

Yesterday went as planned other than opting out of the pm beer. I had it all ready. A wonderful old Rasputin Russian imperial stout. The problem was that I ate such a massive dinner that the mere thought of drinking that beer kinda made me sick. So here’s what 10/18/18 is going to look like.

  1. 2mad with black coffee in am
  2. Core workout x2
  3. No dessert (should’ve had that beer :confused:)
  4. Research new hobby
    10/18/18 weight 187.6 lb

Still fighting this cold off so I may throw a sauna in there as well tonight.

(Frank) #12

Thursday October 18 was a typical rinse and repeat day. Opted to read Dan Browns Origins instead of researching a new hobby. Can’t put it down. Core workout x2 was a biatch, but heh, I get to do it again today. Yeah! Looking forward to my omad tonight which is an all you can eat seafood buffet. I’m gonna get me some crabs tonight! So here’s my day today.

  1. Omad with black coffee in am
  2. Core workout x2 :worried:
  3. Beer x2
  4. Read book
    10/19/18 weight 189.2
    I am a daily weighed so these fluctuations don’t bother me at all. I know that I typically gain weight for 2-3 days and then drop for 2-3 days.

(KCKO, KCFO) #13

I think the important thing is to schedule something to occupy yourself with, and I love Dan Brown’s books, so I get how you would want to skip a day of researching a new hobby for reading more.

What trending weight app is that? I have used one before but it is on the pc and connects to my Fitbit/MFP results. I stopped using it when I got to goal but looking at this I realized it would be a good tool for keeping my weight trending in the lower part of my range. All I do now is jot it down on a notepad by the scale, this would be good to have on my phone, incase I encounter any temptations during my day. :slight_smile:

(Frank) #14

It’s the Fitbit app for iPad. I use a weight gurus scale and app as well. I’m a data is a good thing kind of guy. Dan brown sure knows how to keep you reading for sure.

(Frank) #15

Well, I took some artistic liberties yesterday with my routine. Fall yard work was necessary so instead of another core x2 workout I put 18000+ steps on my fit bit. Went to the seafood buffet and loaded up on prime rib and snow crab. Instead of 2 beers I had a piece of carrot cake. REAL carrot cake. Totally worth it. Great day overall. I have plans tonight to go to the UMD bulldogs hockey game. My brother in law works for rbc and they have a suite so that means free booze and food. This will test my resolve for sure. Here’s what I spun today.

  1. Omad with bpc in the Am
  2. No exercise today
  3. Dessert + dark chocolate
  4. Research new hobby
    10/20/18 weight 188.8 lbs
    I may :wink:be subbing that dessert with a few beers tonight. It’s a cold crappy snowy day today. 64 yesterday. 36 today. Ugh. Gotta love northern Minnesota.

(KCKO, KCFO) #16

Hope your resolve won out.

(Frank) #17

Going to this event tonight. We will see. I’ve promised myself to be transparent with my activity. Thanks for following this btw.

(Frank) #18

Had a pretty full day yesterday. Managed to add in a sauna, some stretching, and some resistance band workout. Stuck to my omad, but this is where things kinda fell apart. At the hockey game last night all they had for food was pizza, cookies, and beer. I had all three. Unfortunately, it wasn’t one of those “worth it” experiences. Live and learn I guess. KCKO. Today will be a solid keto day. Everything is happening under my roof and I’m cooking. Here’s today’s plan.

  1. 3mad with black coffee in am
  2. No exercise today (I may slip in a core workout :shushing_face:
  3. Beer x2 (we’ll see about this after last night) I had 4 last night
  4. Stretching/yoga (I may take a sauna as well)
    10/21/18 weight 188.8 (I was expecting this to go down but last night fixed that)
    This will be the first day that I’ve eaten 3 meals in a good long time. Should be interesting.

(Frank) #19

So yesterday was kind of a mess really. The whole 3 meal thing is really tough. I know it shouldn’t be but I’ve been omad for so long it is. It’s not even that I’m not that hungry (which I’m not), but it’s the convenience of not eating full meals that I have become so accustomed to. My 3mad turned into 2 snacking type meals and 1 large meal. I tried. No exercise yesterday. Didn’t fit in the sauna that I wanted. Oh well. Had a great meal of pot roast and green beans with a lacroix. If I had stopped there that’d been great. However, it was my youngest daughters birthday and my oldest who was home from college made an amazing carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and toasted coconut sprinkles that did me in. This cake was about as far from keto as you could get. Around midnight I awoke with nausea, sweats, and a very strange feeling of panic. Is this some sort of hypoglycemia? I wonder. Anyway. Not the end of the world but definitely an eye opener. Back at it this week hopefully with a little more discipline. Here’s what today looks like.

  1. 3mad with black coffee (not a fan but it is what it is)
  2. Core workout
  3. No dessert (I needed this spin for sure)
  4. Stretching/yoga
    10/22/18 weight 189.6 (damn cake!)

(Candy Lind) #20

You can take this all or leave it, I just felt compelled to say something.

Looks like you used up your two mulligans for this month and one for next month in just 2 days (carrot cake (could carbs in the seafood have caused a crave?), hockey game, then more carrot cake)? :thinking:

I realize you’re in maintenance and can allow more leeway, but it seems to me you have some craving issues (speaking from experience here!). Maybe you could do some self-evaluation on that route, and think about down-shifting your dessert wheel, or eliminating it altogether and choosing one day per week when you can do one beer or a dessert (no mulligans). If you can control that for a month, see if you can still do it with two days. Learn the threshold at which you can no longer say “no,” then don’t exceed it. It’ll be a slippery slope to hell if/when you do.