Keto recipes

(Angela m bishop) #1

I’m new to keto and was wondering where is the best place to get recipes. I’m pretty much eating the same thing and I know I will get tired of it. I just don’t trust all the recipes online that say keto.

(Ethan) #2

All over the place! has a lot of easy ones. There are tons of books out there, too. Plenty of recipes on the 2 keto dudes podcasts, especially the early ones!

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Thank you.


Google is your friend. Otherwise, I subscribe to these YouTube channels for all kinds of recipe ideas:

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(Cancer Fighting Ketovore :)) #6

The recipe section on this forum!
And the “What did you keto today?” Section

(Diane) #7

Here’s a link to a post I created about finding good (successful) recipes that don’t make you waste expensive ingredients. Hope it helps!

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I usually just use duckduckgo and put in “Keto [thing I want] recipe”. The recipe pages for some of the groups already mentioned above frequently show up, but sometimes a few others mixed in.

(Diane) #10

When I was just beginning this ketogenic way of life, searching the web for recipes ended in a lot of expensive failures for me. It was really discouraging until I got enough experience with low carb cooking (okay, especially low carb baking) that I began to spot problematic recipes and skip them.

Also, different recipe developers tend to use different ingredients which are not easy to substitute out for what you might have on hand because they all behave so differently in recipes. If you try recipes from lots of different sources, you might go broke buying specialty ingredients. I’d personally recommend finding a reputable source or two and start there.


If I don’t have it, I typically just move on to the next recipe or figure out if I can substitute something or leave it out. This is easy to do when you have a search engine at your disposal.

A lot of recipes use coconut flour, for instance, and I hate everything coconut, so I deal with this a good bit. It’s not a big deal to me.

I suppose I’m also simply used to this from even before keto, since that’s how I’ve always handled all recipes, which I frequently would have to adjust or move on (often because I hate onions with a passion).

Only if I see the same thing come up a lot in many recipes I want to try from people whose other recipes I like anyway do I tend to go out of my way to buy a new ingredient, which hasn’t resulted in a lot of extra buying over the last 4 years.

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Thank you

(Diane) #13

Thanks for your explanation. I’m glad you’ve had better success than me!

At the beginning, I did NOT find it easy to leave out or substitute low carb ingredients in baking. Even now, I find low carb baking to be a science that doesn’t lend itself to substitutions very well. So, I’ll stick to my advice, especially for baking. To each his own. :grinning:


Baking is a bit harder, but OP just said recipes.

(Carl Keller) #15

The ideas are endless in this thread. Fair warning though, this thread can induce spontaneous hunger:

(Alex) #16

so many recipes omnomnom. here are a couple sites i bookmarked a while back, though i must admit… i haven’t actually made any recipes from either yet! :sob: never too late though, amirite?

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Thank you