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(E.O.) #1

Does anyone know of any Keto recipe databases online which actually have Keto recipes (many say Keto but when you look at them they are not Keto) where a person can search for the ingredients they do not want to have in the recipe? I cannot seem to find Keto recipes without almond flour (to which I’m allergic) for a number of items I’d like to find Keto recipes. Any tips or ideas?

(Ron) #2

Maybe you have been here but I get some of mine from here,

(E.O.) #3

Cool. I actually subscribe to this blog. However, I couldn’t find the place to exclude ingredients. Do you know where that feature is located? I only see how to get search results but not how to exclude particular ingredients.

(Ashley) #4 , , you can sub out almond most times for coconut, but you will get a coconut taste depending on how much is required. Also is a ratio you can google should say how much to differentiate.

(LeeAnn Brooks) #5

Diet Doctor.

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Posting this for any one else who may need it and find this via search…

"We do have a filtering feature on the website under Recipes: (see top of the page)

Click on “allergies” and select your preferences. We do plan to add this functionality to the app too (it’s in our to-do list).

I hope this helps!

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(Ivy) #8

Is it worth it to pay for Diet Doctor?