Keto protein bar recipes?

(Sonia) #1


Sometimes in order to get some extra proteins, I eat a quest bar. I know they are not the best for you so I wanted to make my own. Can’t really find any good recipes.

Trying to make them 20 grams of protein and under 200 cals.

This is what I have at home
Vanilla protein powder
Cottage cheese
Keto Choc chips

Any suggestions?

(Bob M) #2

I have no advice, but I would like to create something my kids could eat that’s “high” protein. I’ll be watching this space.

(Harriet) #3

Try the websites I Breathe, I’m Hungry and All Day I Dream About Food. They both have recipes that I’ve discovered are generally trustworthy and easily searchable databases.

(Bob M) #4

Impressive websites.

(Allie) #5

Over the years I have made protein bars many times using various recipes but don’t bother anymore, as they are always so much hassle to make and I find it much easier just to eat actual food.

(Bob M) #6

For me, it would be for my kids. For whatever reason, probably due to health class, they think they need a snack. Right now, they eat garbage for snacks. I’d rather have them eat a bar that tastes good enough and prevents them from eating crap.