Keto potstickers or dim sum or whatever


I am definitely making these soon! Headbangers cabbage-wrapped potstickers.

(Sophie) #2


(Jeremy Storie) #3

I watched this just the other day and saved it :grin: I miss Chinese dumplings :frowning:

(Georgia) #4

He has some amazing recipes! The dumplings look delicious.

(Tim W) #5

I’m straight but I’d marry this guy :smiley:

(Sophie) #6

This makes me wonder if there may be a way to make glucomannan in sheet form!!!

(Ketopia Court Jester) #7

If that guy lived in my neighborhood, he’s have three restraining orders against me, already. He’s a genius.

(Linda Culbreth) #8

I think I need to add some things to my grocery list.


Made them tonight and they’re really good!


I made them last week but I did not have the pandam? spice or the szichuan spice so they lacked. Also, I made them too big so they ended up being bland and chewy! They were more like potsticker stuffed cabbages


I didn’t have the pandam either and used Chinese white pepper instead of szichuan. I do think making them small is key!


Also, I made them with pork. I’m sure that added a lot of flavor!