Keto pets ~ anyone have one?

(Suzanne Barton) #102

He’s beautiful! I always considered myself a cat person until I got Riley. Now I am putty in his paws. Lol

Do you just feed your Riley meat? I need to switch my Riley’s food. He has constant allergies.

(Linda) #103

Really good, the vet has never had to clean them. He put it down to the bones he chews every day.

We were out one day and someone that we didn’t know well and that worked at a vet’s surgery said that had he been handed in as a lost dog, they would have put his age at around 5 (when he was 10) as his teeth were so good.

(Linda) #104

Yep, just meat. Chicken wings, lamb shanks, pork ribs, sometimes offal, kangaroo meat, whatever is marked down and on special at the supermarket.

(Suzanne Barton) #105

Thanks for tip on I took my Riley to vet today. Discussed food issues and doc recommended a brand of food developed by a veterinarian that is supposed to be good for dogs with allergies. The first ingredient was corn starch!!! :roll_eyes:
I went home and ordered from mypetcarnivore for my dog and my 2 cats.

(Suzanne Barton) #106

I ordered from mypetcarnivore today for first time. Was worried Riley would not get all nutrients he needs with just meat then realized wild dogs don’t have access to salad bars. Lol

(Linda) #107

I’ve never given Riley anything resembling the human version of healthy food and he’s done just great!

(David) #108

I will see if I can watch Pet Fooled here in the UK. Thanks for the recommendation.

(Michelle) #109

Make sure raw diet is 80% meat, 10% organ, 10% bone. (For dogs). This gives them all the nutrients they need. I throw in broccoli too sometimes.

There is a great YouTube video on raw feeding. I’ll see if I can link to it.

(Suzanne Barton) #110

Thanks! I’d be interested in seeing it. Or I guess I could quit being lazy and just look it up myself. :slight_smile:


I want my cat to be keto, but he refuses wet food. :angry:

(David) #112

I watched Pet Fooled this morning. It was pretty damming of the pet food industry and after all we are learning about human nutrition or is pretty easy to accept as close to the truth.

I didn’t like the regular insertion of images of maggot ridden cattle or roadkill with a voice over suggesting that all pet food is this. I thought it was exactly the sort of appeal to emotion that I see in (for instance) pro-vegan films,and I don’t like it there either.

I did like the closing argument that said buy the best food you can afford, and if that is kibble, so be it.

I don’t think I will change from Origen, but I will try and find out a bit more about how it is made (if that information exists). That might change my mind!

(Michelle) #113

This is one. There are a TON of them about raw feeding

(Suzanne Barton) #114

Thanks for this! Very much appreciated!

(Michelle) #115

Totally agree on the scare-mongering tactics. I don’t like that either, but I fully believe the big companies get their meat any way they can. From diseased animals, or ones that have tons of bacteria.

This woman (featured in the film) does a list every single year on the pet foods that she researches to be the best. I paid the $10 and saw that Orijen wasn’t one of them, and that’s when I switched him off kibble.

(Cathy) #116

If I ever own another dog, it will be raised on raw. My little one was about 7 when I fully converted her and the damage had been done by then. But at least they don’t seem worse and her gums are looking pretty good.

(Cathy) #117

In my vet’s office they have a looped commercial for vet approved kibble and they go on and on about “essential carbohydrates”. Really irritating!

(Cathy) #118

Hi there! :grinning:Cats are difficult to transition and some just never will do it. My daughter tried to transition her then cat and she refused although she eventually learned to like canned which I believe is still better than kibble.

(Michelle) #119

me too, never feeding another pet kibble.

(Suzanne Barton) #120

Just like how they have been telling people for years we MUST have carbs. Lies, all lies!


Hi Cathy :blush: Yeah, he’s a rescue, so I have no idea what he ate his first 2 1/2 years. I did get him to eat some broth pouches and even some pates (I have thrown away more types of food than I can count) and he was excited and ate the pouches for a couple of months and then one day he quit eating wet food again. Once again, I tried new types of food and he rejects them.

I give him grain free dry food, but it’s still too many carbs for a cat. Even the vet said cats should be on the Catkins Diet. I’m at a loss as what to do next.