Keto pets ~ anyone have one?

(Cathy) #1

My little dog went keto about 3.5 years ago and almost all of her chronic problems have completely resolved. I feel like I am the only one in my real life that understands this (including her vet) and thought I could find some like minded folks here.

(eat more) #2

she’s adorable! :heart_eyes:

my dogs are more paleo than keto…grain free, drink broth/stock daily, and the occasional treat of coconut oil (which i may make a more regular thing)
they do love some veggies…cooked broccoli, raw cauliflower, asparagus ends…one loves cucumber and won’t touch zucchini, the other loves zucchini but won’t touch cucumber :joy:

(Allie) #3

My Rottie is on a primarily raw food grain free diet and loves it. He has ongoing health problems (bad shoulder & thyroid) so I’m really strict with his diet to give him the best life.

(David) #4

First of all, your dog is gorgeous. Erm… That’s all really.

(Cathy) #5

I started with a home cooked paleo style diet for her a couple of years before going raw. It did not improve her issues much. She still had bouts of diarrhea, constant ear infections, skin ‘inflammations’ and anal gland infections. Lots of antibiotics have been used. The longer she is on raw (pastured raised chicken/bone with some organ meat) and cucumber as treats (she loves them too), she has no chronic issues with any of them. It is kind of miraculous.

Sadly she has horrific teeth and now a heart murmur. I guess I can’t do anything to make her live forever. She is 11 so hopefully, we still have some good years left.

(David) #6

This is my beautiful bag of fur, parked on the back of the couch like a cat (exactly where he knows he shouldn’t be).

We feed him a dry food which is 80% meat and 20% vegetables and fruit with no grains or other inert fillers. It is about the best we can afford.

(eat more) #7

my little bug (my profile pic) had 8 teeth extracted in november…she is only 6…and my boy had 1 extracted, he’s 5. it’s apparently a small dog thing
luckily they have 42 teeth but she looks like a little granny with no incisors (the front teeth between the canines) and won’t let you look at her gummy smile…it has cut down on her toy dismantling LOL
since then we have a “brush your teeth” sesh every night before bed…just like little kids LOL

(Cathy) #8

LOL! She is a sweetheart!

(Cathy) #9

He is a beaut! My Maddie spends the majority of her time on the back of my couch too.

(eat more) #10

when not on the back of the couch…i plank

just chillin’ like a villain…i do this often because of course i am a people…

(Cathy) #11


(Michelle) #12

so stinkin’ cute!!!

(Michelle) #13

So cute!!! how do you do keto with your dog?

Have you heard of this place? they adopt dogs with illness and turn them keto to save them.

(Lauren) #14

I have no idea if the picture worked, but all the pets in thus house are on a 80% raw diet. The other 20% is dry grain-free kibble left out for if they get peckish. The cats will eat anything, but Ripley (German Shepherd) is super picky.

(Michelle) #15

gorgeous!! :heart:

I do wish my dog would let me have a cat. But he’s too much of a hunter.

(Cathy) #16

Yes, Michelle, I have heard of keto pet sanctuary and in fact, it is currently my favorite donation place. They are awesome on so many levels.

(Michelle) #17

totally agree. I don’t have any discretionary spend at the moment, but when I get some, they are top of my list to donate to.

(David) #18

I was thinking of trying my little fat furball on a Keto diet as she put on over a kilo and a quarter since I got her. Which she now weighs about 4.7 Kg.

She doesn’t seem very keen of real food like chicken or liver or anything I put in her bowl except her dry food, or the Royal Canin pouches.

(Jodi) #19

All my pets have been switched to grain free finally. One of the cats and the dog willingly eat raw so working on the transition there, one of the cats eats a bit of dry in addition to wet.
My 24 pounder cat has happily switched to grainfree wet and we are working on mealtimes and weight reduction. He is quite large build wise, our goal is about 5lbs, gotta take it slow with cats tho!


For a long time I was feeding my cats Blue Buffalo Wilderness. It says it’s a grain free and high protein evolutionary diet. What I didn’t know was that it’s very high in carbs. I’m using Young Again cat food now that’s 6% carbs.