Keto on the Go!

(Alec) #42

I recognise all those brands, but I am absolutely sure the contents of the boxes are identical to the food-like substances in the US and most other first world countries.


I probably don’t know even the brands here, only the biggest ones from my childhood as I just don’t look at them since decades and I don’t even own a tv to see ads :smiley: (I watch tv at my SO’s Mom who is practically my Mom too but I switch channels immediately when ads start.)

I think our hypermarkets are similar but the ratio still isn’t that bad, half of the hypermarket is for non-edibles, to begin with (not like I understand how anyone can eat breakfast cereal or donuts :smiley: but it’s just me), there are multiple isles with drinks… And a quarter of the hypermarket I frequent is meat (mostly raw fresh meat) and normal dairy (so not the sugary flavored stuff)… I liked when they made the change, I had switched from vegetarian keto to carnivore-ish not very long before…

The tiny village supermarkets can’t have much ultraprocessed food as they must contain the normal 1-2 ingredient things and there is just no place for those (and they still have very many non-edibles and not just the obvious ones like toilet paper and toothpaste and shampoo and kitchen stuff).
Of course they have chocolate and cookies as those are very popular items but I don’t even remember breakfast cereals… Those are big! But I will look next time.
I don’t even know how they fit everything into a tiny supermarket… I can’t even say there is no variety as they have like 4 different sour cream and a few stupid “replacements” (when they swap the milk fat to plant fat and IDK how but it becomes horrid)… And this is just one type of dairy. Well they tend to have no proper cheese…

So we probably have different ratios here especially in the small supermarkets :slight_smile: I find the variety okay except cheeses and occasionally meats (we never have ruminants here but that’s not a problem. not finding my usual pork cuts when the day of the week is the right one for them to be there is a problem).

I go to shopping tomorrow, I will check things. It’s very possible they have breakfast cereals and my mind just filtered them out but maybe they don’t have it or just in tiny amounts, those are big and hard not to see! I must go into all aisles as there are so few. The middle one is for spices and flavorings/sweets/coffees/teas. And some books. The outer ones are for basic food and non-edibles.

I often hear we as a 2nd world country get the same already not great stuff in much lower quality including flavor. It’s odd to me as I have found the few ones I liked super tasty… Oh well. I don’t buy such things anyway and no one should half-live on them. Or quarter or whatever they do. I ate lots of sweets as a kid but it was still nothing compared to my normal food… I am a hedonist so I went for the tastiest stuff and what made me content, after all. Highly processed food may have tempting flavors but it’s still not as tasty as some proper fatty animal protein and anyway, hungry me needed the latter. THEN I ate my sweets, when I was already satiated. It probably wouldn’t have ended well if I started with those but I couldn’t start with snacky stuff especially if they are sweet. I ended my meals with them. Now I can’t, I must end with fatty animal protein. If my snack is fatty animal protein (or fats), that works too.

(Geoffrey) #44

These days we find ourselves walking into the store and just walking a big circle around the outer aisles of the store where the meats and dairy are located. Rarely set foot in the jungle of non-food.


I heard this from many people here… We have plenty of not ultraprocessed stuff (and sometimes raw ingredient) not around the edges. The smaller the supermarket, the more I need to use most aisles.
Of course, in big hipermarkets I can skip whole aisles as they have only one kind of item like mineral water or chocolate.
Good I don’t walk everywhere as while it was such a relief and joy to see all the things I don’t need in the beginning, it feels quite bad to look at most of the “food” in supermarkets nowadays. And I am pretty tolerant with the more decent carbs (even if they aren’t good for me personally) just not overprocessed things.

(Jane) #46

Same here - if my hubby and I split up he just looks for me at the edges of the store.

Sometimes I venture into the non-food jungle for Rao’s spaghetti sauce, pork rinds or mustard. Maybe canned mushrooms I can use if I don’t have any fresh on hand. But my shopping list consists mostly of produce, dairy, cheese and meat.

(Jane) #47

Or canned tuna in olive oil. I know it is considered “processed” but it is 2 ingredients and works in a pinch when I need to fix something quick and easy.

(Jane) #48

Sorry - got off topic.

My go-to foods on the go - beef jerky (I make my own so no sugar or weird ingredients), nuts/seeds, cheese sticks, pepperoni, pork rinds - all can go a long time w/o refrigeration.