Keto on the Go!


And insanely high fat for milk. Not like it is necessarily a problem, of course :wink:
When I accidentally made my egg white+cream milk, it had a proper milk fattiness. If I want a milk replacement, I probably don’t want a 15-20% fat milk (15% for the whipping milk we have here, I don’t remember how much higher is heavy cream, we don’t have that here). Especially that I care way more about the extra fat than the extra lactose… It may work for someone else.

Now I am curious what it is like and how much cream I would happily drink… Or how much whipped cream to eat… I always made a way bigger dent in cream in that form. Yum.


Quest and Atkins bars are fine, Beef Jerky is always good, if you’re near truck stops they have cups of hard boiled eggs, sausage & cheese cups etc. The Gatorades/Powerades are fine, just get the 0 sugar ones.

Like Dirty and Clean bulking, it’s getting in your macros from good clean sources, vs not caring where they come from at all, ie: fat bombs, cookies, cakes, pancakes and waffles. Not always bad, but people have a bad habit of convincing themselves that cookies and cakes somehow aren’t cookies and cakes any more just because “they’re keto”.


Keto cake is cake but why would it be dirty? I thought the dirty thing is for processed things…? I may be wrong as I couldn’t care less, I love my processed items though the amount diminished a lot when I learned how to eat and enjoy much meat every day.

Maybe different people look at dirty as the whole-whatever where if you call an omelet a pancake, it magically becomes forbidden…?
If the ingredients are fine, I see no problem with my food!

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Me too.

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Depends who you ask. I’m part of a “clean keto” Facebook group where Any wheat of any kind is considered dirty, personally I don’t demonize it as long as it’s within my carb limit. But I do personally include seed oils as dirty. For me it’s definitely dependent on the amount of processing.


Oh that’s okay, it’s pretty normal for me to exclude very high-carb items on keto (except maybe fruits)… Even if keto allows anything… Very high-carb items rarely worth it for most of us I think (tiny amounts of condiments may be an exception). Some people eat tortillas though…

I don’t think about what is processed or highly processed (I still have no idea) when it comes to my food decisions. I care about the ingredients and that’s it. And their amounts in some cases.

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ultra processed food.

Now imagine 30 aisles that all look like this. That’s a US grocery store, with some vegetables, meats and dairy snuck in around the far edges.


Yeah, hypermarkets looks so odd nowadays… (Supermarkets are usual too tiny to have many aisles to begin with.) So many aisles I never would want to go… I usually just go to the dairy and meat part, maybe grab some flavorings and spices I still use… My SO can go to get his grains and vegs and maybe fruits while I am looking at meats, we often split like that. We both get mostly one ingredient items. And some pretty okay processed stuff with a longer ingredient list (like pork, pork fat, salt and paprika), sometimes it’s a bit worse but I start to get super choosy… I dropped pâté already and I loved it and I still can’t make a good one… Not like I tried much, my liver cooked in cream isn’t so hard to eat either. But I liked pâté much more.

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A ‘vast wasteland’…

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I went to a big grocery store in Spain and the inviting entrance was a Huge produce section and fish market, you actually had to wander to get to the plastic fantastic. Plenty of that, too, but they highlighted the real food. Nice change!

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Yeah, that’s what my supermarket looks like too. Even in the days when buying carb foods felt totally natural to me, I always felt overwhelmed by the sheer mass of products and images and colours and advertising and the lack of quality and the confusion about what choice to make and the frustration about good food being expensive, cheap food being really sh*tty, but also unhealthy, empty calories (like many cereals, or soft-drinks) being utterly over-priced too. Total sensory overload…

The visit to the supermarket was always the dreaded low-point of every week. I’ve always hated it and would be extremely relieved to make it out of the shop and back to the car in the parking lot.

Keto shopping feels “easier” to me… even if I’m still going to the same supermarkets, cos I can just “blank out” whole aisle or parts of aisles or product groups… Just ignore ignore ignore and focus on the few Keto appropriate products… grab them, pay and get the heck out… It’s certainly faster and less complicated than it used to be… :+1:


Sometimes I daydream living at the sea, having some nice variety of seafood…

@sugar-addict: About the same for me. Just because I liked sweets and pasta with cheese and bread with butter and honey etc., I wasn’t into this soft drink, cereal, gummies and almost 100% sugar candies thing. I still had some health consciousness and not the worst taste, I just had way too little knowledge about things and my body couldn’t clearly tell me what it wants and what isn’t until it was introduced to low-carb… But then it smartened up quickly and I immediately know I can’t go back to high-carb (just for a one-day visit or something).
Half of the allegedly more or less edible part of a supermarket doesn’t even look like food to me, I mean, food for anyone, I don’t mean is really choosy and health-consciously… And WHY people need whole isles of the most pointless candy? I understand chocolate and sweet biscuits but ALL that gummies and hard candies and whatnots… I know, business and people loving sweets, I know why they exist even in a big variety but still. It would bother me if I actually looked at them too much (I can’t avoid some, they are even there when we are waiting to pay, such a great opportunity to the kids to grab some more sweets…).

I don’t hate shopping, per se, it just tires me out very much. We do some big shopping once a month and that’s tough. The city supermarkets are so full with people, that doesn’t help. But all that information, decision making… I still eat plenty of items even on carnivore. It’s still way simpler than it was and I enjoy that. And as I slowly stop buying certain kind of processed meats and I eat the rest less frequently, shopping gets even more easier.

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So, is drinking milk that is 1% not keto compliant?

That’s my new thing I tell people… “I can only accept your invitation to the dinner party if you are serving Keto Compliant munchies!”


I have read about silly things that one must eat only fatty things on keto too many times but it obviously doesn’t matter. You can eat low-fat things, sure. Many do because they love them. Or can’t afford all the fat. As long as you get the necessary fat too and little enough carbs, it’s fine. And it’s highly individual what is necessary, keto is keto even with a moderate or low fat intake (though the latter is quite special but short term or with lots of extra body fat some people may be able to pull it off. anyway, what is low-fat? for me, it’s below 80g a day).
IDK what is “keto compliant” but anything may fit into keto for someone, it’s up to us and our circumstances, tastes, abilities. Like I wouldn’t be able to stomach low-fat dairy if I wanted but why would I want that, ew. But others may enjoy it, why not? Meanwhile I happily eat extra egg whites not caring about some people’s odd ideas about “keto items” :smiley: I need to eat as lean as possible for me (and changing what is possible too) or else I will stay fat forever. But I eat egg whites partially because I love them. I love yolks even more but sometimes I want more whites and less yolks.

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“Keto compliant” means not consuming more than 20 g/day of carbohydrate. Check the sugar content of 1% milk, and figure out how much carbohydrate is in the number of cups you plan to drink. That will help you decide if it’s worth it to you.

Most of us go in the other direction and consume heavy cream (also known as whipping cream). That has very little or no carbohydrate in it.

If you are doing a ketogenic diet to lose weight, you want to be lowering your carb intake and not worrying about fat. It’s carbohydrate that elevates insulin, which is the primary fat-storage hormone. Fat has almost no effect on insulin, so somewhat paradoxically, we eat fat in order to be able to burn fat.


I consume milk AND cream, I use them for different things (though sometimes either works) :wink: Both are sugary so both are sweet and it’s a nice thing especially on carnivore where the normal staples aren’t sweet :wink: Not surprisingly, apart from coffee where either works but the taste will be quite different, I use cream for desserts, they are sweetened by it. I use milk for desserts too but mostly for drinking. Yum. The 2.8-3.6% one, 1.5 is way too low for me and it must be hard to get something even lower fat… Never looked specifically… I go for the fattiest dairy items possible. And use them in moderation as I won’t lose fat if I overeat fat and dairy makes it too easy.

I haven’t regularly consumed milk before carnivore though. Just cream. But times change, one may enter another phase… Milk is quite great even in the small amounts I drink it. (Nowadays it’s 1 liter milk per week for us two.)

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That’s actually a picture of Woolworths in Australia. I recognise it well. :joy::joy::joy::crazy_face: The stuff at the end in the fridge is yoghurt. We sell yoghurt: some of that stuff in the fridge would be ours. It is probably sh1t.

I describe these aisles as nutrition free zones.

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I guess at this point this pic could be taken in any first world country! How funny it’s your store. A close look confirms some of the brands aren’t available by me, but basically same old, same old poisonous junk. :frowning:

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When I go on the road I take some homemade pork rinds, crispy pork belly crunchy bites, cooked chicken portions, ham. I have tried taking cooked steak, but it didn’t taste right. So I now stick with pork and chicken on the road.

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It’s interesting that they have skincare in the same aisle as breakfast cereals and tea/coffee… go figure…