Keto on the Go!

(Jimmy Lock) #1

Occasionally, I’m our running errands or even out of town on a road trip and you know hunger hits while one is out and about away from home where all the keto supplies are at.

So, not to use as a meal or anything… are there any health bars or other snacks that don’t need refrigeration that can be taken mobile that are keto friendly?

I know as a general rule it’s best to eat stuff that is freshly cooked, but it would be nice to have some sort of pre-packaged snack that is keto friendly.

Also, I heard gatoraide (and other sports drinks) have electrolytes… so do you guys have any recommendations for sports drinks that would be keto friendly?

I’m developing new habits with all this and I’m focusing on what to eat (keto friendly / low carb) and what NOT to eat and so far it’s working pretty good. Maybe I’m just tired of being 100 pounds over weight!

I tried soy milk a few times and never liked it, but now I’m liking it just fine as a replacement for milk (I was always a big milk drinker!)

So, thank you for all the insight suggestions and pointers to help us newbies get on the right track to eating healthy! :blush:

(Bob) #2

Back when I was low-carb/dirty keto, an Atkins or Quest bar would work in a pinch. I’m carnivore/clean-keto now so I don’t touch them any more.

For my lunch packings, I usually have cheese, beef sticks or little pork sausage links, or beef jerky. I try to get the kind with no sugar or if sugar is listed it’s behind the “contains less than 2% of…” portion of the ingredients. You can usually get things like these at gas stations too, as well as hard boiled eggs, etc.

Gatorade makes a 0 carb 0 calorie beverage called “Propel” which is pretty tasty.

(Jimmy Lock) #3

What is the difference between dirty keto and clean keto?

First that I’ve heard of keto described this way


Dirty keto includes processed foods to adhere to low carb, whereas clean focuses on more stripped down, whole food, nutrient dense eating.

(Allie) #5

Beef jerky and the like are always good to keep to hand.


Oh I remember that from my high-carb times, it was quite bad as it was strong and sudden, I don’t have that when fat adapted.
But I still get hungry, of course, it’s just a smaller problem if I know I will go home in some hours.
I can’t stand hunger well especially when there may be some tempting (at least when hungry) carby meals (relative visits are the “worst”) so I bring my own food! I don’t know how long your road trips are or what exactly your dietary rules are but there are some options :slight_smile: I would bring my food and go to a supermarket if that is possible and needed (always possible in my case). Roasted meat lasts for a while, no idea how long but I even brought boiled eggs to a summer motorbike trip, for the first day. Meat lasts longer (I would bring an ice box, that is the term I hope), I probably would pack smoked hard stuff too as that lasts even longer… But that is easy to buy too if you aren’t very choosy or you are lucky and the place you are in has some good stuff. I can avoid added sugar in sausages in many Hungarian supermarkets, some places have farmer’s markets…
Hard cheese comes to mind too… I have heard some countries have boiled eggs in supermarkets…

I never supplements electrolytes so I can’t answer that. I would eat a bit much sodium though with all the processed stuff but it couldn’t be helped unless my body would be cooperative regarding EF :wink:

Oh, you have that there? It’s “<0.5%” here, almost all processed meats have that for carbs and sugar, I go for no added sugar in the ingredients list if possible, it works for sausages and certain smoked pork slabs and not for other processed items, usually.
2% is A LOT, that surely renders a meat inedible to me, I hate sugar in meat stuff but can’t feel the <0.5% amount when this <0.5% has all the paprika and other spices too…
<2% sounds very inaccurate… I am used to our labels where it’s often not even rounded to a whole number (especially for salt and it’s good as 0.6g and 1.5g are quite different. we get things like “1.2g per 100g”. is it the real number? I don’t know but probably usually close).

(KM) #7

I don’t worry much about electrolytes on the road, most of the foods suggested here are pretty salty and the rest of it not usually an issue for short periods.

I will take a baggie of nuts or peanuts with me - watch for sugar and seed oils in those, too. They do have some carbs and can be very nibbly, so the baggie limits my serving size. I’ve found that Unsalted nuts aren’t anywhere near as addictive.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #8

Pre-cooked bacon is good, especially with cream cheese. Pork rinds (chicharrones) are also a good snack. Cheeses such as Jarlsberg or cheddar (or even Brie) can survive for days without refrigeration (or you can keep them in a cooler). Also, hard-boiled eggs (bring some butter along; buttered eggs are a great treat).

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #9

Watch the sugar content of the soy milk. Most of us switch to heavy cream, because it is all fat and no carbohydrate.

Soy, almond, and other “milks” are often little more than flavoured sugar water.


Cream has a significant amount of sugar, how could it be sweet otherwise? :smiley: But it’s only much from an extreme low-carb viewpoint and/or when some uses it galore (I heard about such cases… they can easily use up half of their carb allowance on cream).
Almond milk is the zero carb stuff (at least the one kind I ever looked at) but I consider it pretty useless :wink: While cream is lovely and a little goes a long way if one is me. But the same is true for milk… I had a lovely milky egg milk today, less than 1g sugar. (I had more milk later as I don’t care about milk sugar as my body apparently doesn’t - and it’s still very few carbs anyway.)
Milk may be not good for a great milk drinker though :wink: When I brought back milk after many years, I had a milky phase (still fine and keto unless I started to eat much fruit or worse as I get not much carbs from my normal food) but it wasn’t hard to drop it to some modest level. But I am fine without milk, actually… I just very much enjoy it so why would I deny it from myself? That would be a bad idea. In my case. Others may need to swap to something else though.
By the way, I can make some almost-milk from water, cream and egg white. It’s not so great alone (tastes like milk from powder just without most of the sweetness) but works quite well in coffee and other things. But using milk is so much easier and I won’t end up with extra yolks, it’s not always convenient. But it’s still a useful recipe.

(Robin) #11

I can do some serious damage on good beef jerky when traveling. Add in some nuts (if you partake). And of course pork rinds satisfy the crunch monster.

(KM) #12

Heavy cream has about 6.5 carbs (lactose) per cup. A cup is a lot of cream!

(Jimmy Lock) #13

That makes sense, thanks for the reply. I’ll try to stay on clean keto, but in a pinch I’m not too proud to get dirty :sunglasses:

Thanks for the heads up. I just went and looked at the carton and it does have added sugar so I’ll have to find another option.

Could one mix heavy cream with water to thin it out a little and use that as their milt substitute?

OK, so sounds like Cream has lots of carbs on it’s own


I heard about people doing it and making videos with such a recipe… So I suppose it is fine for some people… Not for me. Watered down cream is not like milk. And I personally don’t miss the sugar. I never tried watered down cream, per se but I used various amounts of cream and milk in my coffees and they are wildly different despite all the coffee and sometimes flavorings in the stuff. I used a tiny cream or a tiny milk and the result still was very different. (Sometimes I strongly prefer one, sometimes I strongly prefer the other, interestingly.)
Adding egg (white or yolk or both) makes water+cream better for me but the yolky ones are obviously yolk flavored, it’s nice but it doesn’t substitute milk for me. The only egg white thing does it better but if I want to drink milk all alone, it must be milk. Raw milk if possible but some pasteurized milks are pretty good too. I am quite choosy when it comes to dairy items, I have my favs and may really dislike some other brands. The raw milk from the milk truck is the best but two brands are close to it. I have some 3.6% fat milk now, I like the fat but my 3 favs taste better. I don’t notice the difference if I use the milk in something but milk is wonderful drinking all alone…

If you experiment a bit and google recipes, you may find something nice… I just use not excessive amounts of milk. Nothing tastes like milk, just milk.
(I tasted some plant stuff because it was free in a supermarket and I am a curious person and want to get info before talking against things… :wink: The girl said one tastes like milk. It didn’t taste like milk, at all, of course. It tasted oat and soy, ew. The other one tasted like water. At least there wasn’t added sugar in them, apparently :smiley: My own coconut and almond milks were loads better. They had the taste of the tasty ingredient and plenty of fat. Lots of leftover wet solids but I made plenty of cake recipes with them - some savory ones too - and my SO happily ate them.)

One point for cream mixed with water that you can do it travelling…

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #15

You could, or you could simply use less. That way, you’re not diluting your coffee so much. (Important life hack, lol! :rofl:)

(icky) #16

Yeah, I think you might find quarter of a cup of cream is plenty… It’s much “stronger” than milk, so I find I need less of it… So 1/4 of a cup = just under 2 carbs


It’s individual. I heard about people who easily poured 200ml cream into a coffee according to them :smiley: (That was more like coffee flavored cream.)
While I can’t use up that amount in 20 coffees… (Well I could but I don’t. It’s not necessary and often it bothers me if I use that much.)

It’s not much carbs at all if one uses it “normally”. Not like me but not like the first type of person either :wink:

(Bob) #18

Oh, me too. That’s what I said. But in a pinch, you can grab a bag of beef jerky that has 6 carbs/suger per serving and sugar is the 2nd ingredient listed. Or you can find one that says 1 carb/sugar per serving and sugar will be listed after the “contains less than 2% of…” portion of the ingredients.

Obviously, one is the lesser of two evils.

(Jane) #19

If you are just lightening your coffee the amount is negligible, but if drinking it like a glass of milk, then yeah. Heavy cream is so rich I don’t think I could get a cup down me.

Maybe thin it out with water to a more milk-like consistency? Half a cup of cream with half a cup of water would only be 3 g carbs, so might be worth it if you really miss your milk. A cup of whole milk is 11.7 g carbs.


I can’t interpret “serving”, it doesn’t even mean anything in general.
If it has 2g sugar per 100g, it’s way too sweet for a meat (probably 1g too) and I hardly want to eat it. I am glad I don’t need to depend on sugary meats! My SO was in China and many things had a lot of sugar. Thing that doesn’t need ANY. Jerky, bread…

I would rather snack on butter until I get to some proper place with some edible items. I really, really hate sweet meat, I can’t imagine why anyone would put sugar into meat. Well, more than the super tiny amount for flavor, something the food industry does to nearly everything. Hence I mostly eat one ingredient food.