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OR … reframe it.

“Today I am down eight pounds over two months ago. I am eating better, and I feel better. What’s not to like?”

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Seems entirely logical - you expend energy, your body demands that you give it more energy to replace it, or it will hang onto its own energy.


Are you saying she needs to eat more?

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Yep, it seems like one of the common things. The whole idea that we can separate our energy intake and expenditure levels and expect the body not to notice what’s happening is one of the major and obvious flaws in the CICO model. So when you expend a lot of energy, your body wants to replace it, not surprisingly. If you’re not fat adapted, then you have to eat more.

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Forgive some perspective, here: losing four pounds a month is terrific!

[quote=“Bwill, post:115, topic:62939”]
If the scale is not moving but you are losing inches (tightening your belt) where do the inches come from? [/quote]

When that happens, we are losing fat but gaining muscle and bone density. Since muscle is denser than fat, it takes up less space, so although the added muscle weight is compensating for the lost fat weight, your clothes are looser.

Remember that, although we talk about getting thinner as “losing weight,” what we really want to lose is fat, not weight per se. If the weight loss came from losing muscle tissue or from our bones’ getting more brittle and porous, that would not be a good thing. When we say we want to lose “weight,” what we really want is for that weight to be in the form of fatty acids, not proteins.

See above.


Fair enough. So my question is how do drop lbs…because as you say the muscle may be offsetting the fat loss but I no longer want to be 280+ lbs even if it is solid muscle. My daughter does not want to be her weight.


Question-While my body is becoming more fat adapted does it help or make a difference if I choose fatty meats vs. leaner (burger vs chicken breast)? Does it matter?

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As long as you are getting enough calories and eating very little carbohydrate, it shouldn’t matter too much.

The experts disagree on the ideal ratio of fat to protein, anyway. On the one hand, Dr. Naiman and Prof. Bikman say the more protein, the better, and at the other end of the spectrum, Dr. Rosedale says we’ll live longer, the less protein we eat. The recommendations I’ve read and heard range from as little as 0.6 to as much as 2.0 g protein/kg LBM/day, so it appears at present that there is a fair amount of leeway. For the record, the Dudes recommend 1.0 to 1.5, and Richard has some well-thought out reasons for that.

As for the other matter, you are not likely to end up with 280 lbs. of solid muscle and bone (and assorted organs, of course). Much of your current weight is still fat that your body can afford to lose. The trick is persuading it to do so. As for your daughter, she is likely to lose weight, too, but women’s weight loss is complicated by their hormones. The monthly menses are a good thing from an evolutionary perspective, but they do make the situation a lot more involved for the sex that has to cope with them. We men are lucky, in that regard.


Any idea how to figure the calories we need? That seems to be the missing part of the puzzle. I prefer the lazy keto way but since you mentioned it, I figure I should ask.

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Well, you can try to estimate your basal metabolic rate, your activity level, and from those figure out your total energy expenditure, and then you can try to figure out how closely that avocado matches the macros listed in Cronometer and whether that steak is 24%, 25%, or 26% protein by weight, and just how much of it is water, and whether all of the rest of it is fat (and does the gristle count?) and whether the oil in the olive oil bottle is really olive oil, or whether it’s been adulterated with safflower or soybean oil, and then add up all your food calories, bearing in mind that a gram of carbohydrate or protein is not exactly 4 (kilo)calories, but a little over or under (I forget which) and that a gram of fat is not exactly 9 calories, either, and bearing also in mind that, theoretically, ybkess your total energy intake matches your total energy expenditure to within less than one percent . . . .

Of you can do what I do, which is to eat to satiety and let my body figure it out. For me, it’s not really so much “lazy” keto as it is “sanity” keto. :bacon::bacon:


Yea I will just do that…LOL


Welp….I kind of screwed the pooch this weekend. Finally caved to delivery pizza. Sometimes it just nice to stay in and not have to cook. Went with thin crust but still bad. Have to face the scale tomorrow. :frowning:

This week is going to be a fail. Thanksgiving Thursday. My plan is to load up on turkey and broccoli with cheese. I plan on trying everything but in smaller than normal quantities. Also have my mom and daughters birthday. Birthday cake anyone?? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Next time scrape off the toppings? We did that this week. Our favorite place does a thin crust with a ton of toppings. It felt weird having a pile of “pizza bones” left over but I felt like I’d had pizza.

Keep Calm and Keto On!

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Just a note - if you are wanting exceptional results like you mentioned in your earlier posts, you should probably try not to eat pizza and cake.


Odd. I would have thought the toppings were the least of my concerns.

Thanks John. I would have not known that.

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Um, I mean EAT the toppings only. Why would you eat the crust on keto?

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My somewhat tongue-in-cheek poke at you there (well-meant, I assure you) was a reminder that this weight-losing thing is not easy.

There are social pressures: birthdays, other holidays that have shared food consumption as a big part of the tradition. There are time pressures: don’t have time to shop or cook but still need to eat something today. There are financial pressures: wild-caught salmon costs WHAT??

If we set unrealistic expectations and goals that can’t be achieved, it makes it easier to just throw in the towel because we aren’t hitting the high end of what we think is possible.

I am as guilty of that type of self-deception as anyone else. I tell myself that 2 pounds a week is a great average, but am a little disappointed when it is not faster.

I have had a bit of a stall/slower loss myself in the past couple of weeks, and I think it is from getting a little sloppy and a few indulgences of my own. I plan to be extra strict this week, though Thursday will be a full eating day (keto-foods only - but good full meals).

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Now, if you had pet rats, they would have happily dealt with the “pizza bones” for you, and everyone would be happy! When I’m tempted to eat the crust, I just think, “But the rats will love this!” and it helps.


Good stuff John. You are right about a lot. At the end of the day we are human. I have 3 other people in my house I have to consider too. I am often puzzled when you see people posting about this being a life style change or long term and then they condemn someone for wanting a drink or a night off from Keto. As you mentioned, these unrealistic expectations can be very detrimental to long term success. I really do not think it needs to be all or nothing.

That said, I will take whatever the scale delivers tomorrow. I know what I did and now have to face the consequences.

Please tell me you do not have pet rats. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I used to have pet rats. Alas, now only a chinchilla who will not take advantage of the pizza bones. The two dogs helped us out though and shared one crust. My husband lamented throwing the rest in the bin.