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I have two lovely chin girls, myself, as well as the ratties. :heart:


Well…Lost another just under 2 lbs. Brings the total to 10 lbs. I use a fitbit scale. I am sure the fat % is not real accurate but it is saying I went from 40.4% to 39.4% in the same time frame. Not sure if that jives but it is going in the right direction.


Update-The holiday weekend was not good as expected. Between Thanksgiving and my daughters birthday there was definitely some cheating. That is the bad.

Now for the good. Thanksgiving this year vs past years was totally different. As planned I went heavy on turkey and broccoli and went light on everything else. Zero seconds on the bad stuff and small portions. My daughters birthday cake was a slightly larger cupcake. So no leftovers for days. Had a small piece and that was the end of it. Had the Michigan-Ohio State Game Saturday which might as well be another holiday. I used this as an opportunity to test our menu for Christmas Eve when we do typically do appetizers. So we did a meat and cheese tray, stuffed mushrooms, low carb wraps and meatballs. A week ago we did bacon wrapped jalepeno’s with cream cheese and it was fantastic. Pretty good line up going into holiday season. It gives me hope for Christmas and New Years to be a lot better than years past.

Tomorrow is weigh in day. I am not expecting good news but I know it is better than it would have been with my old lifestyle.


This diet, often over complicated, is actually very simple. Eat less than 20 grams of carbs a day, eat when your hungry until you’re full. If you’re still feeling hungry add more fat to your meal. If you want to try to lose weight subtract fat from your meals. Monitoring is great for fine tuning and learning about your body, but not absolutely necessary. If you monitor everything you eat and keep carbs under 20 grams, you will be in ketosis. Grab-and-go food becomes a thing of the past because you just dont get hungry every 3-5 hours. Most people do well eating 1-2 times a day with 0 snacking.


Not at this point yet but am looking forward to this very thing. I have noticed eating is becoming more of a way to sustain myself vs. a necessary ritual and/or method of entertainment.


I dropped just under a pound last week (.8 to be exact). I will take it since I did some cheating. Back on track for this week. Trying to do some extra cardio in the gym and get back into fat burn.

My daughter, however, gained 5 lbs. :pensive: I felt horrible. I know girls weight is different but it was still a shock since she has a young persons metabolism and swimming 6 days a week working for her. Admittedly, she did indulge a bit more than I did but that was a pretty big number.

I figure if I can get out of holiday season without gaining weight it would be like losing 10lbs. I think the next couple of weeks will be fine but that darn time around Christmas through New Years that has me scared.

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I didn’t throw myself into keto, I first started with avoiding carbs like flours and stuff but eating fruit and not really tracking anything. That was my “transition” phase while i learnt about the diet (and stuffed my face with fruit as I knew I will miss them). Then I just started putting stuff in MyFitnessPal and experimenting. I started eating more cheese to up my fat and started controlling my portions. Then I really brought the carbs down and the other stuff just slotted in. I didn’t monitor at all for the first week and just based whether I was on keto or not by symptoms, like smelly sweat and breath and etc (not reliable, I know). I cannot in any way prick my finger everyday so I bought a pack of strips from amazon but even those I don’t use daily. I am now in ketosis, macros and all those complicated words really put me off keto for a while but it all just clicked once I read more and tracked my food. I’m new as well and just 2 weeks in although it seems like ages ago before keto. I personally enjoy it, it’s not like other ‘diets’ and I find that I can eat most of my favourite foods, I even made a mini Keto Pizza. My advice is to start simple then mix things up. I started very simply with eggs and cheese for breakfast and cauliflower stir fry with meat in the evening. As for grab and go breakfasts, I made a keto Cinammon Crunch Cereal that I would have for breakfast (tasted heavenly) and now I made a Keto Granola which also tastes amazing. Those are quick breakfasts but for even quicker ones, look for Keto Granola bar recipes online, I made a peanut butter cookie recipe as well and I have that as a snack for after school. Wish you the beat of luck :wink:


OMG…Cinnamon Crunch Cereal!!! Can you provide the recipe? My kids would love that. We took a week off from egg muffins. It does get to be a bit much. Thanks for the ideas.

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Gladly, I went absolutely insane for them. Scoffed them for breakfast for the week and best of all, stayed in keto :smile:




Update-Another rough weekend. Spent 6 hours in the car on Friday. I split a sandwich with my wife. Not the end of the world but then my daughter wanted Japanese steakhouse for her birthday. Then there was the birthday cake. The only thing I have going for me is I am far more conscious about what I eat. During the week I am fine. My workouts have been better than they have in the past 30+ days.

Weekends are tough. I feel half of my family would (kind of already have) bail on this diet if they could. I feel I am failing them by not preparing enough options for during the week. My daughters lunch today was so light this morning. I asked if she wanted anything else and she said there really is nothing else to eat. All we can have is meat and cheese. I feel terrible. I work a lot plus all the holiday shopping, decorating, etc. It is hard to plan new things and cook everything. I spent 3 hours in the kitchen yesterday. I made omellete’s for breakfast, egg muffins and brats for dinner tonight and cut up cheese cubes. That is all I have to show for it.

At this point with three work Christmas parties in the next 2 weeks. I will be happy if I do not gain 10 lbs in December.


Ok so weigh in was a 0. Nothing lost. Nothing gained. It is what it is.

One thing to report is I have noticed my appetite has decreased. I thought it was a fluke but 3 days in it seems to be sticking around. On Sunday, I had an omellete in the morning and then spent time cooking, raking leaves, etc. and skipped lunch entirely. I did eat dinner but that was the longest I have gone. Yesterday, I ate normal meals but at no time did I feel hungry. Last night I had a brat and green beans and have not eaten even now. I did have a coffee this morning. I also worked out. Normally at this point I would have a headache and strong hunger pains. Nothing. I am not about to go on a 3 day fast or anything just yet. I am enjoying that I am not going nuts for food if I do not eat every three hours.