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Because people OS can’t buy the ingredients I use.


Are there any sweetners that are safe? I am thinking I will forgo my morning coffee. I usually load it up with sweetner and creamer. I am thinking of replacing with green tea but will want to sweeten it a bit.

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They are very much an N=1 thing, ya just gotta try them and see what they do - if anything - to you. I’m on a two week break from them to see if I notice anything changing.

Lots of people just use HWC in their coffee.

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I’m weird, because I like my coffee black, and my green tea, well, green. (I crack myself up, sometimes) :rofl::rofl:

As Mic says, artificial sweeteners are something you’ll have to experiment with. There isn’t a one that somebody doesn’t react to, but not everybody reacts, and people who do generally react to one or two and find the others okay.

I don’t recommend HWC in green tea, lol! :grin:

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Do you need to live on the edge a bit, or have you lived there already?


Not sure what N=1 is or HWC

When you say see what they do what am I looking for? I guess I was more concerned about any of them adding carbs and a lot of people seem skeptical of artificial stuff.

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I avoid artificial sweeteners because they (likely) still cause an insulin response and they trigger cravings in me. I drink coffee with cream or black, green tea “black” (or green?).

I started out, 4+ years ago, trying to maintain eating something sweet, eating a bunch of artificial stuff. Now, I rarely eat anything sweet, and to get that, I have 85% chocolate (tastes bad initially, but grows on you), and maybe some dried coconut in yogurt.

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Let’s just say I’m edgy a lot of the time, lol! :grin:

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When they write up an experiment for a journal, the number of participants is often expressed as n = whatever. “N = 1” simply refers to experimenting on yourself.

HWC = Heavy Whipping Cream (similar to what other parts of the world call double cream, though I think double cream is a bit richer in fat).


A recent article:


Yea I did not think many of them were super healthy. That said, I am more concerned on the effect it would have on ketosis. After all, if you listen to the medical experts cell phones are bad, the sun is bad, alcohol is bad and eggs are bad…errrr…good…wait I think they are bad this week. You get the idea.

Plus I have heard good things about Stevia. I believe that is a natural sweetner.


I guess I will have to play around with this stuff. Never had a need for it.

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Arsenic is natural, too. “The dose makes the poison,” as they say.

“Natural” is a VERY slippery word (that I should start incorporating into my meal descriptions for that very reason).


I did use protein shakes for convenience when I started. I like Isopure Zero Carb. I also don’t seem to have much trouble using stevia, erythritol, allulose or monk fruit/erythritol liquid drops as sweeteners (none of these are artificial and all are very low glycemic).

If you are interested in some good keto resources with easy recipes and tips that will help make keto easier, check out this thread: Recommended YouTube keto cooking channels.

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My impression from these forums is that there isn’t a single artificial sweetener that doesn’t cause someone’s insulin to spike (insulin, mind you, not glucose; it’s insulin we really care about). The good news, however, is that most people, as far as I can tell, don’t react the same way to all artificial sweeteners. It seems to be completely individual, and you won’t know if stevia, say, is safe for you until you try it.

As @juice says, “natural” is a very iffy word. Yes, stevia is a plant extract, but then again, so is aspartame (discovered in asparagus, but found in many other plants, as well). And monosodium glutamate is found naturally in tomatoes and other plants in the nightshade family, but a lot of people don’t like how they react to it when it’s added to food. Gluten and lactose are other perfectly natural substances that people have problems with; not to mention the fact that apple seeds, peach pits, and potato eyes contain Prussic acid (also known as hydrogen cyanide). So being “natural” is no guarantee of anything.


I have tried Isopure in the past. Seems like the taste is not good but it has been a while. At this point I will probably take it. THanks for the sweetner tips. I will check them out.


Fair enough. My fear is being to restrictive will be a recipe for failure. Trying to find suitable replacement while still playing by the rules.


So I told my family I want to start Keto and much to my surprise my family wants to do it too. Especially my daughters-ages 13 and 16. I am surprised, proud and absolutely terrified. It is one thing for me to suffer throught the perils and struggles of trying to change my eating but to put my family through it is another. I am afraid to steer them wrong. I can tell my wife is concerned as well. I know she is worried about it being safe for them.

I am concerned for my oldest daughter. She is a swimmer and about to start her high school swim season. Normally they are loading them up with carbs. Not sure how this is going to work. I know others have been on Keto and still do marathons and triathlon’s. So I know it can be done.

I need breakfast suggestions. Eggs and bacon everyday is going to be tough for everyone. My daughters practices start at 5:30am. Quick and easy will be necessary. Any suggestions that kids will like?

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It can, but it’s not instant - just the eating/energy burning adaptation take a while, training adaption takes longer, so yeah, that could be very hard for her, so that’s something to be aware of.

Eggs can be done a variety of ways, so that helps, but there’s also leftovers from the previous day, and so on. Plenty of ideas in this link and in the recipes sub-forum.

Also, steak. It’s often the answer to everything, even moreso if it’s been in the sous vide.

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One thing to bear in mind is that for growing kids, the protein requirement is very different from the moderate protein we recommend here for adults. Give the girls plenty, and let them listen to their bodies about how much to eat.

P.S.–And plenty of fat for brain development, as well as energy.