Keto Newb


Thanks Gents. I will be monitoring very closely.

Day 1 is underway. Some hunger but not too bad yet. I am going to keep activity lighter for a couple days while my body adjusts. Hoping to start some exercise by the end of the week.


I use a drop of Stevia and a tablespoon of heavy cream, delicious.


Amen!! I just tried this today. I used equal (trying to use up what I have). The HWC is pretty good though.


Day 2-Mixed feedback from day one. I was not too hungry yesterday. Couple hunger pangs but nothing to drastic. My kids had mixed results. The swimmer was pretty good. No complaints. My youngest said it was a struggle. She was starving most of the day. I need to beef up options for both kids. Cheese and meat only get so far.

Day 2-Yikes! Woke up to a grumbling stomach. Made shakes this morning from a recipe I found online. Quite good. An hour later…grumbling. Going to be a rough one.

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I have been doing keto for 2 weeks, my weight dropped by 10 kg. From 135 to 125.

The problem is today I defecate and get liquid blood out. Has anyone ever experienced the same thing? Is this ambeyen? What medicine should I take?


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Honestly the flu for me was a headache and just feeling tired. I didn’t feel sick or anything , I know the word flu sounds very scary but it honestly wasn’t like that for me. At first when I started Keto I did track, I bought a monitor-this is all personal preference however. You do not need to track just make sure you eat less than 20 g carbs. Also don’t worry about calories. I think In the beginning we are so overwhelmed trying to make sure we are doing it “right” or making it work that we just end up stressed and frustrated. To start just make sure you are low carb, that’s all. No need to buy anything fancy to track it or count calories. Keep it simple. Once you start feeling comfortable and want to tweak things and play around you can change things up but for now we wanna get you in Ketosis!!! For me Keto has been great . I have lost 40 pounds since April with no execersise. To me it’s easy , easiest diet I’ve done .


Thank you for this. It gets scary sometimes with so much info to process. I like keeping it simple.

Anyone have any suggestions on entering food in tracker when you eat out? Like today I went to Burger King and had a cheeseburger with no bun. Everything in the tracker seems to have the bun. I want to make sure I am tracking my macros for the first week or two while I dial in my diet.


Call a doctor! This could be any number of things, some of which are quite serious. Let the professionals diagnose you on this.

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I never tracked mine. I tried but got frustrated because I could never hit the fat macro so I stopped trying. I never reach my macros and never have. I just make sure I’m eating fatty food and low carb. Easiest practice :slight_smile: on the weekends I go to Carl’s Jr. (not sure where you are located but it’s like a McDonald’s) and I get a hamburger with two patties and cheese without any sauce and lettuce wrapped.


Yikes! please see someone about this!! I doubt this has anything to do with keto, but you need to see a doctor.


I wish more places offered lettuce wraps. I know some chains do but the normal ones around me like Burger King, McDonald’s, etc. do not.

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I’m lucky in the sense that I live in California so lots of places make accommodations because lots of people out here have dietary restrictions.

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Yes. Well, there’s a GOOD REASON for that…

Good, because it’s not a target to aim at, so you were perfectly correct. In general I think we crap on WAY too much about fat eating.

My basic rules to start:

  1. Clear the house of carbs (if possible)
  2. track your food intake (teaches you what is and isn’t sensible to eat in terms of carbs)
  3. eat plenty of real food (keto is not a calorie-restricted eating system)
  4. keep carbs under 20g (make sure you do this)

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What got me thru the first several days was almonds, macadamian nuts and pork rinds. Whenever I felt like I couldn’t make it to next meal, I would eat 10 nuts or a handful of pork rinds. Those things are really high in fat and can take the edge off. I don’t snack on them any more but I do include the nuts in my salads since they are packed with nutrients.


I might grab some almonds. It is the only nuts that are keto approved that I will eat.


Day 2 Re-cap-Woof. I was hungry most of the day. definitely one of the roughest. I avoided the Halloween candy which is a miracle on my part. I went over by 3 grams on carbs. Those damn things are sneaky. 1 here, 2 there and al of a sudden you are over your limit.

Day 3-I went to the gym today. I did not feel real hungry when I woke up. I was nervous that exercise might not be a good idea since my body is still adapting. I did 30 minutes on an elliptical to just to get some activity in. I have noticed some muscle fatigue. It is not unbearable but certainly out of the normal.

I need to find breakfast food that I can have following my workout. It is not like I can whip up some eggs on my way to work. This morning I opted for Burger King Sausage egg and cheese minus the biscuit of course. Need to find something I can pack and take with me.

I am still a work in progress. I am hoping today is better than yesterday.


Boiled eggs work great for this. Cheese is also great between gym and work in the morning. Mostl recently I have bone broth in the morning


I am so not a boiled egg eater. I am not the pickiest eater in the world but there are some things I just cannot do. Cheese will work but I am already starting wonder if I will ever go #2 again. Do you do anything with your bone broth? I tried some at a local restaurant and found it to taste like hot water. I am not sure if was just the restaurant or if that is what it is supposed be like. It is pretty bland. I wonder if I could throw a tea bag in it. Looking at the nutritional info there is not much to it. I like the 10g of protein. Seems like adding some things to it might make it provide more nourishment. Just not sure what to add…hmmmm….


I make homemade bone broth in my instant pot or you could make it in a pressure cooker. It tastes nothing like the grocery store variety. My husband loves it with nothing but salt. I find it tastes better with nothing but I have in the past added spring onions and mushrooms.

Another option is to bake some chicken thighs and have one for breakfast but I just don’t like chicken that early.

Some people here make egg muffins. I haven’t yet but they sound good


I had to google instant pot. Me likey. Versatile little device there.

Chicken in the morning would not work for me either.

Egg Muffins!! Had to look these up to but you nailed it on this one. I will definitely do some of these for next week. Thanks!!