Keto Meal Prep for the Week - Recipe Ideas


(Oppressor of Arctic Rodents) #2

Wow. That’s like an hours worth of cooking, $20 and barely a days worth of calories for me. Even if I owned Thrive market I wouldn’t be doing that. I guess everybody does keto differently.

I judge my food prep in calories/min. I shoot for 1000. I try to keep it under $25/week. My version of food prep for a week (with 2 days of fasting):

  1. Saute 5lbs of ground beef. Add 1 can kidney beans… Split into 5 tupperwares. (1700kcal/container)
  2. Cut 1lb cheddar cheese into 5 pieces. Stick them in a ziploc bag. (300kcals)

10 minutes, 10,000 calories = 1,000kcal/min
Cost: $16/week

(Empress of the Unexpected) #3

Cabbage cutting. 30 seconds per day. Cost of head of cabbage, negligible.