Keto makes it easy

(Jim) #1

I’ve been eating keto for a little over two months. I started very restrictive (under 20g gross carbs), but now just aim for under 50g net carbs. I’ve never been a breakfast guy, so I’ve been doing IF (lunch at noon, dinner at 6:00) from the beginning. I’ve found it very easy while in ketosis, sometimes even just forgoing dinner altogether.

This past weekend we had houseguests and I fell out of ketosis, probably because of a few too many beers on Saturday. Sunday and Monday were tough and I was hungry a lot. Today I’m back in ketosis and again there’s no hunger at all.

Everyone is, of course, different. But for me, ketosis is crucial for making IF easy. Just thought I’d share.

(hottie turned hag) #2

Yep is sure is.

I eat once/24h and it’s way easy to do.
Eating a ton of fatty food is both psychologically and physically satisfying :heart_eyes:

Just chiming in for solidarity :fist_right::fist_left:

(Jay Patten) #3

I agree 100% with this. Eating too many carbs will make most people hungry before they have reached their feeding window. And lets face it, being hungry sucks no matter what “diet” you follow!

(Bacon is the new bacon) #4

Not only that, but in my case, being hungry EATS!!! No amount of willpower is gonna fix that! :bacon:

(Jay Patten) #5

That is so true. Hunger > Willpower

(Jim) #6

Willpower can get me through a couple of days, but it’s not sustainable long term. I think this is why so many people think this way of eating is a fad and not sustainable. They don’t get to the point where it’s not hard to sustain. Falling off the wagon doesn’t just leave me hungry, it leaves me feeling crappy. That makes me want to get back to the ketosis as quickly as possible.

(Jay Patten) #7


(Bacon is the new bacon) #8

I think that may be because of how much food it takes to satisfy, during the first week or two. I didn’t know any better, and Dr. Phinney said “eat to satiety,” so I just loaded up my plate as usual, until one day, in the middle of week 3, I suddenly lost interest in eating with half a plate of food left.

I have come to the conclusion that the initial period of eating—which I suspect many would consider over-eating—was necessary to provide the body enough abundance for my satiety signaling to kick in properly.