Keto kayaking


(BuckRimfire) #1

Sea kayaking at 4 MPH is about the same effort as a fast walk, so perfect for fat-burning metabolism. On Tuesday last week I paddled 41 miles, with some help from the currents, so maybe 34 or 35 honest miles.

Not sure if this qualifies as an “ultramarathon” activity. Compared to people who run the Leadville Trail 100, I did almost nothing at all! Funny thing is that my Garmin 245 GPS watch agrees. The Garmin Connect algorithm says this was very slightly less training effect than a 4 mile walk around my neighborhood that has one small (300 foot high) hill! I disagree…

Fueled by fried eggs, sauted cabbage and chili verde at breakfast, more chili verde with pepper jack cheese, walnuts, olives and a couple of Bulletproof bars for lunch, snacks and second lunch (aka dinner, at about the 6 hour mark) and tea with cream and coconut oil throughout the day.

The only problem is that after 8.5 hours of paddling I wasn’t tired enough at the end of the trip. I thought I would be completely wiped out. Planning a next-level event next month, if my spousal critter will let me:
I figure put in at 8 AM and take out at 1 AM, taking advantage of the full moon. I know a guy who said he one paddled around Whidbey Island in one day, which is almost 90 miles, so I think maybe I can do it. Stay tuned…