Keto is not a quick "weight loss diet"

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A ketogenic way of eating heals the metabolism by getting insulin under control. It does this by converting the body from glucose burning to fat burning. The ketones produced by burning fat as fuel has benefits. Weight loss is one of them. If you want to gain weight, keto will help you do that, too. The main thing is that by focusing on metabolic healing rather than weight loss, you’ll be able to see all the non-scale benefits like lowered fasting blood glucose, decrease in A1C, and improvement in blood pressure, mental alertness and sleep quality.

The weight loss will happen. There will be plateaus where your body adjusts and the transformation is happening on the inside: reduction of inflammation. Burning of visceral fat. Your inches can decrease dramatically during months of plateauing. DO NOT GIVE UP just because the scale numbers don’t meet your calendar schedule or because others lose more weight in less time. Your body has to do what it needs to do for health- give it that time.

Hopping on and off keto because you are impatient for the scale to catch up to your hope and dreams is unhealthy, plus it halts the repair process until you’re back in ketosis. Don’t focus on the scale! When you feel impatient or doubtful, visit the forum. Listen to the podcasts. Read the recommended books. Remind yourself of why you’re doing this. We’ll be here for you!


I wish I could see those benefits. The only real thing I can test is weight and BG. The former is going down, but the later seems to be going up. I guess I gotta hit the doc and get some metformin. I wonder if my high fasting BG is causing me to keep a higher insulin level which is slowing my weight loss.

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How long have you been in ketosis?

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If you’re diabetic (and this may also be true for insulin reststent people), blood sugar tends to be higher in the morning. You may have heard of this “dawn phenomenon.” Its associated with the liver’s overnight release of glycogen stores. Are you testing in the mornings?



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That in combination with insulin resistance (where we make more insulin for the same glucose as normal folk) will definitely cause a stall.

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He said his weight is coming down but bg is going up. I wonder if eating his first meal later in the day and testing his bg before eating- like after 9 am- might show him a lower number.