Keto is amazing I got unexpected results

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So I’ve been on keto for about 6 weeks now. Keto has been so easy for me, hardly no cravings, no over eating and just a few wiffs of hunger. One 72 hrs fast and one 48 hrs fast. I am very strict about carbs. 20 gr or less. Mostly less.

Two times since I started I have bought new jeans because my waist is shrinking. Today when I noticed my new jeans shorts was already too wide, I decided to man up and step onto the scale. I’ve been putting it off in fear of seeing nothing, but now that I have proof from my waist line I felt I could find the strength to do a weigh in.

Down 17 kilos, just north of 38 lbs. I couldn’t believe it. My first thought was that the batteries in the scale must be bad. I swapped those and same result the second time. Amazing.

I know a lot of that is water weight. And that is all fine by me. No matter what, that weight is now off my back, weight my body does not need to lug around anymore, and that should make it easier to move around with less pain. No matter if it fat or water.

I will stick to what i do at least til the first week of august. That means I will do prolonged fasts each weekend. And eat strictly keto during the week. I do lots of bacon, pork belly, entrecote, salmon, mackerel, avocado, cauliflower, some asparges(bacon wrapped!), broccoli, sour creme the fatty type, creme fraiche also fatty, heavy cream coconut oil, and mct oil 8/mct oil 10. I also have daily a spoon of cod liver oil when not in fast. And I do fatty coffe. Mct oil, coconut oil, and heavy cream for taste. Between 1 and 3 a day. I start the day with fatty coffee.

I do prescription vitimin D, virmain B and blood pressure pills. And take one multivitamin pill daily.

How can this result be? I mean I’ve been strict and I had great result with low carb years ago, but I never would have thought I could see such a big number weight loss so quickly.

I am a core realist. I don’t expect to ever see such high numbers ever again. And that is just fine. For me I’ve done what I’ve could to loose the most before the first week of august because I will have 6 weeks of hefty activity each and every day. So I figured each kilo off before hand would lessen the chance of getting injuries, more inflammation and joint paint.

But I never expected such hi numbers. And I still have 3 more weeks left. :smiley:
Edited: Three more weeks to to camp, but I will still stay on Keto after those 3 weeks, keto is my new way of life! But what the scale shows in three weeks, is what I need to struggle with every day at camp.

I just lost weight equivalent a jerry can filled to the brim

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You’re doing amazing. Remember, as your hunger gets under better control on keto you can cut back some of the extra fat. It’s a misunderstanding people have on keto that things like fatty coffee will help with weight loss. It’s a great crutch at first when your body is screaming to be fed carbs but after you are fat adapted and your body has figured out how to tap your own body fat you want to start giving it less external fats. Every gram of fat you eat is one you aren’t burning off your body.

Fat is your fuel now that carbs are gone, bur you also have fuel on your body. Eat enough fat so that you are satisfied but don’t eat more and that will maximize you fat loss rate.

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But why quit? I understand you have some hefty stuff coming up, but that doesnt mean you need to eat carbs to get through it. Your muscles will utilize ketones for fuel just fine. Once fat adapted you will find its even easier to do things than before, often without needing to exercise up for it.

But if you need to do it, remember you can always go back to keto. If you are worried about doing hard work on keto, do a search on low carb rowboat from San Francisco to Hawaii. A married couple did it, on keto. And if I remember the story right, not only did they break the speed record by over a week, but we also not all that tired when it was over. :cowboy_hat_face:

Keto Vitae!

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Oh sorry for that, really bad wording on my part. :smiley:
I have three more weeks left until I go to fat camp, I will keep on Keto. But I sat a goal to do my best to loose as much as possible before the camp starts because we will do exercise 3 times a day for 6 weeks. Every pound I loose before that will make me less prone to injury, joint and back pain etc.

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Hm thank you for the kind words and for reminding me, I am so attached to the fatty coffee that I hadn’t even thought about that part. But I don’t think I need to worry about that before mid september? What I’ve done so far seems to work wonder right now, so I am reluctant to make any changes now.

And when I head of to camp, I imagine my calorie needs will skyrocket. Just moving such a heavy frame around several times a day must take a lot of fuel? Compared to sedentary life I had for decades that must surely come as a shock for the body? If anything I might need to up the daily calories while at camp just to have the stamina to pull trough?

What do you think? Makes sense or am I far out and in need of guidance?

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I agree with you. If you are losing weight steadily there is no need to change anything. It’s just something to keep in mind for down the road. We all hit slowdowns and stalls eventually and one of the first things to consider are things like fatty coffee and fat bombs which are really unnecessary calories.

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Yeah fat bombs I haven’t made, not because they don’t have an appeal but because I am just to dang lazy. Hopefully when I return mid september exercise will feel a little more natural to me, and my “secret plan” is to do some kind of exercise 2-3 times a week, exercise in one form or another that require me to meet up somewhere, and do some work. Then there are those little things, like taking the stairs, walk to the store, park further away. Or even maybe get into bicycling. Haven’t ridden a bicycle since so many kilos ago, because I actually think if I sit on the seat the bike will break, wheels will collapse or something else will fail due to my weight. Once I loose more I might look into that, used to love riding bicycle before I got too big.

Depending on how much movement I do, I will adjust the intake accordingly. And I can surely drop the fatty coffee if need be, after all, I drink coffee any way I can get it, except sweet/sugary coffee. I feel sugar in coffee takes away the rich bitterness from the coffee. I have to admit though, I’ve had my share of coffee baileys and that kind of sweetness was never wrong. I guess the next time I do alcohol I might go with vodka coffee. Not bad coffee at all that vodka coffee :smiley:

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Something happen to your post, it just vanished as I was reading it. Might wanna re post it?

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In 3 weeks you may be teaching the camp some classes ;). Great work

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Thanks for the confidence but I am not much of a public speaker. I thrive in the solitude of an office but I don’t like to speak in front of a crowd. Anyway, this is just the start. You know how pregnant ladies are reluctant to share the great news before they are sure it all takes? I’ve had surprising results in such a short time, I am more or less speechless, I still can’t really own up to it, and I got such a long way to go before I hit target that I can not preach keto yet. I an still a newbie, and I can still hit plateau, and it can happen tomorrow, in a week or whenever. And that will be the real test of strength, persistence and mind control. And I am in no way certain I can muscle through it all.

I can only give it my best. But if I can inspire others here on the forum that is great. Because I found so much inspiration here. So that’s partly why I keep littering the forum with posts and treads. I didn’t have really high hopes when I started keto, but the waistline and scale tells me it works so I will try to take it all in and take in this little win.


Yes, do be careful about ramping up intense activities. I’ve taken a slower approach to reintroducing exercise this time around because if my knees and hips and shoulders get painful, it’s a net loss for me. (I’m old :wink:)

That will be interesting. Sometimes added physical activity will drop insulin levels lower and you might get better access to fat to get more energy. Or maybe you’re already getting all you can get out of your own fat stores, and you’ll need more food. Working muscles will soak up glucose and ketones too.

Have fun and keep us updated!

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Yes I will take it slow and easy. Injury is a big concern, but that is also a concern for those that run the camp. So the activities are plentiful to choose from. And many are low impact activities like swimming, spinning, rowing etc. And those are the activities I think one could “give it all” to really improve stamina. Then the other activities like tennis, basket, badminton, walking will be lower intensity exercises where the fun is just as important as the exercise itself. And any movement of heavy carcasses will burn fuel and help. Having some fun along the way is just a bonus.

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Btw, is there such a thing as too low insulin levels? I mean I am not diabetic. I’ve read somewhere that in the event that the body needs carbs and can not get carbs from the food, the body will actually use some proteins (or maybe it was already broken down proteins, amino acids?) and convert that into glucose.


Proteins and fats work together to provide glucose. Fats also provide ketones in the absence of carbs. (simplified version).
It would be hard to get insulin too low unless you have T1D or pancreatic beta cell burnout after a long history of T2D. If you’re not injecting insulin, you’re not in that category. Some people have naturally low insulin and it makes it difficult for them to gain weight. The “eat anything and stay thin” types.

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Our bodies are marvelous machines, we all should have learned to listen more to our bodies then listening to all the food experts that preaches whole grain, 5 fruits a day and less fat.

And in all honesty, the society is putting taxes on alcohol and tobacco in an effort to reduce the usage as well as a source of revenue, maybe we ought to treat sugar and sugary products the same way? And why stop with sugar? Taxes on bread, grains and high GI foods as well.

Those money could go into health care, re training the experts and maybe even some sort of public care for people struggling with their weight, before they get so obese it becomes at huge task just to take a shower or tie the shoes.

Obesity has become a major problem in the western world, and the cost to society is sky rocketing. People develops long term illnesses because of their weight issues and some even fall out of the work life because all their problems related directly to their weight issues.

For us that is weak for sugar and sweets we are the easy targets for the food industry. We fall for most of the ads campaigns, and we get hungry and get cravings just by watching an add on the telly. Billboards with junk-food automatically triggers cravings a buyers state of mind. I am like that, but I am also cheap and don’t like wasting money. If that burger and fries was twice the cost, I might have skipped at least a few of those meals every month. /political rant


Yeah, politics. And that’s different depending on which country you’re in. I’ll not get into that quagmire except to say that subsidies are an influence as well as taxes.

But, interesting enough, if you go buy a typical burger-fries-drink at a fast food joint here, the total will astound you. I could go buy a pound of steak for the same price (or less!) and be better off for it.

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You are so right, but me I feel like I am hardwired for instant gratification. I see an add and instantly the craving is so strong I need to feed i, the sooner the better. To put it bluntly, I don’t know my own best. Or at least I can’t control myself and a little guiding along the way might have changed my patterns a lot earlier.

But no time like the present. At least I am educating myself now, and I am slowly gearing up for a new and improved way of life where I am in the captains chair and where I don’t give in to any impulse that comes my way.

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One of my favorite quotes is “If you want more of something subsidize it, if you want less tax it”.

That said I am not a big fan of using the tax code to modify behaviour. If often makes the government dependant on the revenue and can be a real hardship on the poor. I often wonder what would happen if everybody stopped smoking or switched to electric cars. The government would be forced to implement some type of use tax on other behavior.

The government position on saturated fat is that it is bad so maybe they should tax foods that contain it. That would not be popular around here now would it?

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Once fat adapted, that meaning the body no longer is expecting glucose for fuel, but is instead happy with utilizing fat, you shouldnt need to fuel up for heavy activities. I think the jury is still out on “burst energy” like the marathon bike rider breaking free of the pack with a sudden rush of glucose fueling his muscles. I think low impact, heck, even heavy exercise, wont require more energy than your own body can happily provide. With one caveat…


YOU WILL NEED TO MAINTAIN APPROPRIATE SODIUM LEVELS. Mark my words, the trainers at the camp will freak out. I take about 9 teaspoons of table salt a day to attempt to keep up with sodium loss. I dont drink normal water much anymore. I drink half liter bottles of water with two teaspoons of salt. My body is craving the salt so bad I can barely taste it. By the thrid or fourth bottle it tastes very salty, at which point I switch back and forth from regular water to salt water.

Do a google search for a fella named Angus. He did a fast for over a year. 384 days i think it was. He was never hungry, and the only thing he ate or drank was water and vitamins and electrolytes. Lost an amazing amount of weight.

Oh, meant to mention this earlier… exercise is overrated. Sure, get some, like walking around doing laundry, dishes, etc… but as far as losing weight, it isnt needed. Keeping insulin low, for the majority of the day (on a ketogenic diet thats nearly 24/7) and your body will shed a lot of excess weight. Going into a calorie reduction will simply cause your body to slow down, run cooler, conserve energy. Which will make exercising difficult, and weight loss even more so.

Keeping calories high enough to keep BMR high will burn excess calories and ramp up BMR because it can.

Anyway, good luck at camp. Have fun. And Keep calm a d Keto on.

Keto Vitae!

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I tried to add salt to my water just now, even fasting salty water tasted awful and I couldn’t get it down.Was like drinking sea water, and the natural reflex when swallowing sea water is to close down everything to ensure not drinking sea water. A tiny bit of salt at the tongue at a time did work and chase with water. Its of for the fast I guess, but that was so slow. Well didn’t really have anything better to do now, so I just kept at it.

I’ve been doing keto coffee with coconut oil, mct and either unsalted butter or heavy cream. What if I just swapped to regular salted butter, that would add extra salt, if need be I might even add a pinch of salt to coffee at will if I feel I am running low. Anyone tried that?

Can’t try it now because of the fast, and on monday when I do break fast I reckon egg, bacon and sour cream will win over keto coffee :smiley: