Keto in the Wild: Wafflette


A chain called Le Peep has a fall special menu item. Wafflette is what they call it, a chaffle by another name I reckon. No flour, eggs, cheese, spices, small ham cubes cooked on a waffle iron, served with sour cream and a side of hollandaise sauce. The two together is really good.


(Carnivore for the win) #2

Looks delicious. I’ll have to try that in the chaffle maker

(Jane) #3

Great to see keto items on menus these days!


Yes, I was so excited, they have done gluten free stuff in the past but used other grains in the recipes.

Not only does this place have this, another spot near us has an item that is 3 eggs, any style, with your choice of a large selection of meats, I stop reading at bacon, so don’t remember them all, and a side of cottage cheese. Doesn’t get much more keto than that. So I have to great options nearby for when I do decide to eat breakfast.