Keto/IF Weight Loss

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I’m doing IF 18/6 and strict Keto under 20 grams of carbs and was wondering what others weight loss per week is doing the same plan. I’m curious about the numbers for those who have only been doing it for 6 months or less, and after the initial water weight loss. My loss has been all over the place each week. I’ve only been on for 6 weeks. I loss 5 lbs of water the very first week and after that I’ve lost anywhere from 2-5 lbs in a week. I am definitely seeing fat loss results and I’m losing inches after measuring. I did Keto in the past, but I seem to be burning my fat much faster for some reason. This past week, I lost 4 lbs and I do feel a change in areas from a week ago (minor, but I see and feel it). Thanks everyone!

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As I understand it, IF simply restricts your eating window to help keep insulin low during the rest of the day. It’s not intended to be a keto version of CICO. So your overall food intake should still remain sufficient to maintain satiety. Otherwise, like CICO you are at risk of slowing your metabolism.

Also, although you may experience more loss at first in the long term 1-2 pounds per week is sustainable. More than that not so much. The last few pounds come off much slower than the first 50 or 100.

I’m repeating what I’ve read here - not from my own experience.

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How swiftly we might lose excess stored fat depends on a number of factors. First, there is the matter of how much fat we have to lose, since the body more readily sheds the first hundred or two hundred pounds than it does the last ten or twenty.

Another matter is how insulin resistant we are. The greater our insulin resistance, the greater our insulin response to the same amount of glucose (i.e., carbohydrate). And shedding fat depends on lowering insulin.

Then, there is the matter of eating enough food for the body to feel comfortable parting with its stored reserves; given an inadequate number of calories, it slows down the metabolism and conserves energy where possible, rather than give up its fat store. Given an abundance of food, the body revs up the metabolism, spends energy readily (even wasting energy), and is willing to shed some of that excess stored fat.

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Thank you for all the feeeback!

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Thank you! I haven’t been on this site for maybe a year, but I do remember you giving me some advice way back then for other topics.

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My go-to answer is do not use the scale as your measurement of success. Use your clothes, a tape measure (if you must), and how you look and FEEL. The scale is often the last indicator of success on keto. I have learned that I can go up and down and stall according to the scales. In the meantime, my clothes are looser, my body is changing, and I feel awesome. One year in and down 55 pounds. I probably lost 35 in the first 6 months and then it slowed down. If you’re doing keto and staying under 20 carbs, you can just go on autopilot and know it will work. Patience. You got this.

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Thank you! Congrats on your weight loss journey! I lost 70 pounds right before covid hit and then I fell off and gained it all back. Im trying this Keto journey again. I agree with everything you said about other ways of noticing the weight loss and not just with the scale. You are so right about the autopilot!