Keto. Great for...asthma?

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Welcome to the forums. It sounds as though you are doing well.

Just one tip: don’t skimp on calories. Even under low-insulin conditions, our body will hold on to stored fat if it thinks there is a famine going on. The solution is to give it an abundance of food, and to let it tell us when it has enough. It does this by regulating our appetite. Fat is a good source of calories, because it has almost no effect on insulin. Because it is very calorie-dense, it takes much less fat to satisfy us

My experience was that it took a couple of weeks of eating a large quantity of food at every meal, before my appetite suddenly dropped. (Insulin has to drop low enough for the appetite hormones to work properly.) But drop it did, and sixty pounds of fat vanished from my frame with no effort on my part. Nowadays I eat less, and also eat less often, because I am rarely hungry.

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Hi, Clint,

I see you say it’s your first post, so welcome to the forums.

As another data point, I was taken off my corticosteroid asthma inhaler (Pulmicort) back in March. I’d noticed that I’d forget to use it and have no problems, and I was going from 2 inhalations twice a day to pretty much 1 every day or none. I told my allergist, he had me do a tidal volume test and said my lungs looked I don’t have asthma anymore. Told me to keep one around and use it if I need it. Haven’t needed it or my Ventolin rescue inhaler (but I hadn’t used that in a year).

I had been keto for several years (since April of '15) so there’s a longer story in there, but I might have been able to really go off the inhaler a couple of years ago.

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Thank you for the tip!

I know I said I wasn’t worrying much about macros, but I do have them recorded. Here are my macros for the last few days. Does this seem acceptable?
Day one:
6.6% carbs
19.3% protein
74.2% fat

Day two:
5.9% c
16.5% p
77.6% f

Day three:
5.4% c
14.5% p
82% f

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Very interesting. I am currently on Advair 500/50 and Spiriva, plus my albuterol inhaler (ventolin). I would love it if I could get off one or more of my inhalers! Then keto would definitely be a lifestyle change for me!

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Hi @csmith

You might find these testimonials interesting

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What are the real numbers? Percentages are not useful without the corresponding numbers. What exactly are you eating? Keto does not have to be boring. You will eventually figure out how to expand your menu options. Check out this category for ideas.

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No Way, eating keto is the most exciting food you can eat! You will catch on as you become fat adapted in a month or two, keep it up.
As for asthma, I was on puffers since grade school wheezing my whole life. Last February I went off all daily puffers and blood pressure medication. My lungs don’t gurgle anymore and my sinuses have magically cleared up, all non scale victories. Oh and I lost my 15 year chronic nagging cough along with snoring.

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Hi Clint,

I had severe allergies, severe asthma, and severe acid reflux. Officially diagnosed and medicated.

I went low carb and in about 10-14 days IT WAS GONE. All of it.

I credited low-carb for this.

Actually it’s that I have some gut integrity issues and react to grain proteins, particularly anything wheat-Rye-etc. or rice.

Going low-carb simply got me off eating it constantly so I finally noticed. :slight_smile:

Glad you’re feeling better!


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So these are for this last Sunday, Monday, Tuesday The real numbers are:

Day One:
24g Net Carbs
31g Total Carbs
7g Fiber
122g of 146g Fat
71g of 117g Protein
1469 of 1871 Net Calories

Day Two:
25g Net Carbs
36g Total Carbs
11g Fiber
148g of 146g Fat
71g of 117g Protein
1555 of 1871 Net Calories

Day Three:
19g Net Carbs
32g Total Carbs
13g Fiber
132g of 146g Fat
54g of 117g Protein
973 of 1871 Net Calories

I’ve been eating mostly keto recipes I find on here and yummly. So I have Bulletproof black tea (with butter and MCT oil) and a hard boiled egg for breakfast each morning. Been having salads daily, mixed greens with tomatoes, broccoli and radishes, with MCT oil vinaigrette and leftover from previous night’s dinner. Dinner, let’s see Keto Cheese & Bacon Cauliflower Soup, EASY PORK STIR FRY RECIPE WITH VEGETABLES, Million Dollar Spaghetti Squash Casserole, bunless hamburgers, Bacon, Mushroom, And Feta Keto Crustless Quiche. Tonight making Fathead pizza dough pepperoni pizza. Things of that sort.

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I have had asthma for over 20 years. I was able to stop my Advair inhaler after 2 months on keto. I recently had to start using it again but it may just be a seasonal thing. Keep up the good work!

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I have also had a reduction in asthma symptoms. If I go off diet though, Im GUARANTEED to start wheezing within about 48 hours of being out of ketosis.

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My therapist says that he feels a lot better when he supplements with turmeric and something else I’m blanking out on. Keto/carnivorish already helped him with his asthma so that’s a thing. He keeps seeming to forget his inhaler because he rarely seems to need it. I have no idea what sorts of mechanisms would be behind that.

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No Way, eating keto is the most exciting food you can eat! You will catch on as you become fat adapted in a month or two, keep it up.

Any meals in particular that you would recommend? I seem to be doing ok with dinners, but am struggling with lunches. Particularly quick and easy lunches for while I’m at work. Leftovers get old. And I love my salads, but can’t see eating them everyday for years on end if I stick with the keto diet long term, lol.

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Indeed I did, thank you! I had no idea about the benefits to my asthma when I started the keto diet. A pleasant surprise indeed.

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For lunches at work, let’s see?
How about exploring the world of unlimited chaffles, sous vide makes for great leftovers. Cheese taco shells hold up well but keep your fixings separate. Tuna, egg salad, chicken salad, ham salad on your salads. Deviled eggs many ways, ham wrapped pickles and cheese, beef jerky, salami sticks, pepperoni sticks, celery and flavored cream cheese, jalapeno poppers. Loaded chia pudding with a strawberry, coconut oil, chocolate sauce and toasted coconut. Broccoli salad with cheddar and bacon, marinated coleslaw . Avocado chocolate pudding. Zucchini tots with bacon and cheese, pork rinds and avocado dip, lemon quick pickles. Alfredo Costco chicken breast, quiche, beef stroganoff. Microwave pepperoni chips are great for dipping and fat bombs a hundred ways?

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Haha! Ok, there are unlimited options thanks! Still trying to get the hang of eating keto.

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My allergist said that losing weight helps rid the body of inflammation which in turn will reduce asthma symptoms, so a Ketogenic diet is wonderful since it’s inherently (instrinsically?) anti-inflammatory.

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Your allergist is half right. Normal weight loss diets don’t exactly have the same anti-inflammatory effect as a low omega-6 diet, or at least not immediately so.

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The asthma that was with me for 30 years disappeared when I started Keto. I still clear my throat occasionally but I threw my inhaler away.

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I was never officially diagnosed with asthma, but I went to a pulmonologist last year for a chronic 4-year cough that never went away. His best guess was adult-onset asthma caused by silent reflux, but I opted to pass on all the invasive testing and start tinkering with my diet. That’s how I came to keto in the first place. Well, after two months on keto, the cough is GONE. It’s amazing!