Keto. Great for...asthma?

(Denise Vitola Rodriguez) #22

I was never officially diagnosed with asthma, but I went to a pulmonologist last year for a chronic 4-year cough that never went away. His best guess was adult-onset asthma caused by silent reflux, but I opted to pass on all the invasive testing and start tinkering with my diet. That’s how I came to keto in the first place. Well, after two months on keto, the cough is GONE. It’s amazing!

(Dave) #23

You are rockin bro. Keep it up.

(Kirk Wolak) #24

I am in this boat with you.
I was on 3 allergy pills a day, and still congested.

I had to go full Carnivore, but once I did, about 14 days and I was breathing and sleeping and no longer snore! Now my wife’s snoring is bothering me, LOL… I holler at her, and she rolls over, it’s quick… And I just fall back to sleep.

(Susan) #25

I have had asthma since I was very young, and on meds all my life. I am still taking my Advaire pills but I am not on my puffers anymore, (I have them in my purse) but I haven’t used them at all for months.

(It's all about the bacon, baby!) #26

It sure seems as though you are on the right track, but do you mind telling us your age and height? And I’m guessing from the name that you’re a man?

I’m wondering if your protein intake is high enough. How do you feel? Are you able to go quite some time between meals?

I see you’re going for net carbs under 20 g, which is good, and is something like 90% of keto. Getting an adequate amount of protein is the next priority, then you fill in calories with fat, till you are no longer hungry.

Compared with the standard diet advice, a ketogenic diet is upside down and backward. All the rules are different. Embrace saturated and monounsaturated fat, avoid oils rich in polyunsaturates (which is all of them except avocado, coconut, and olive oil). In today’s food environment, your problem is avoiding too many PUFA’s, not getting more.

(Ellenor Malik (spare me thy resistant starch spiel)) #27

some people have issues with protein intake being too high (Ms “HRT is Opana” who I mentioned in PM - for the bystanders that’s The Wooo - is one example)

(Jill F.) #28

I was diagnosed with asthma in my late teens but suspect I had it all my life. I have been on asthma meds 20 years and since starting keto almost 1 year ago I rarely need them! I believe it is the reduction in inflammation that has helped it so much for me. Nice side effect besides the weight loss!

(It's all about the bacon, baby!) #29

I have found the same thing. These days I hardly need my Claritin or Sudafed, let alone my inhalers!