Keto Ginger Ale


(Kat Kanning) #1

I made this up kinda by accident. I was rather sick to my stomach the other day and made some ginger tea (boil pieces of fresh ginger for a while). The leftover was sitting there getting stronger all day, so I put it in with some seltzer water and drops of stevia which was vanilla flavored. Add some ice and yum!

(bambiying2) #2

Is it better than Zevia? I hate Zevia so much and I really miss ginger ale.

(LongHaulKeto) #3

@bambiying2 same here!

(Kat Kanning) #4

Uh sorry, I don’t know. Haven’t tried zevia. I"m not super fond of stevia, but I don’t really taste it much in this.

(Jan) #5

That is an awesome idea. I’m gonna steal! Thank you!

(Corrine Wheeler) #6

like sooo much!