Keto for regular plasma donator

(Tim Cee) #1

My friend is interested in keto but is concerned it would affect his recovery time on the days he donates blood plasma. Are there any possible extra challenges to donating blood plasma on a low carb diet. Are there any specific variations or supplements he would need? Can he start cutting carbs and make a donation concurrently?


Nothing changes as far as donations, but if he donates after just starting out only then he’d REALLY have to make sure he’s hydrated before hand or he’ll feel it HUGE. Just make sure he drinks plenty of water and salts up in advance, don’t gotta go crazy but definitely a glass of water ahead of time won’t cut it. Shouldn’t make any difference in what the donation centers call “recovery”, you literally hang out for like 15mins and go home.

(Bob M) #3

I don’t do plasma donations, but I donated regular blood the max # of times last year (6), and I can’t tell any difference. But I’ve also been LC/keto for a long time.


My SO donated plasma for a while (on a HCHF woe but I know a tiny bit about this thing due to his experience) and I planned to do it but my veins aren’t good enough for it, sadly.

I always saw only one challenge: eating low-fat in the previous day (it’s doable, it needn’t to be too low, my SO had times when he ate fatty food, not extremely so but not on the level of a few eggs only and it was okay) - oh and drinking a ton of water on the day of the donation.
I don’t think recovery is needed except waiting a bit (theoretically one can donate often but my SO couldn’t do that) eating protein rich food to replenish the lost protein but a normal ketoers do it anyway I guess, I surely do! My SO eats enough protein for him but not much more so his protein numbers went down quickly when he donated plasma only one week apart.

(Joey) #5

Having donated both plasma and platelets over the years, I’ve always felt better afterwards (never worse) both physically and spiritually. :syringe:

Tell him to go for it … and to continue eating what keeps him healthy. :vulcan_salute: