Keto for people who have cancer

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My friend is a young lady in 20’s she has cancer and she need to know with scientific information and searches that keto is good and can be used for her case and during her fight with the cancer

Hi new here. just started keto for cancer

There’s a whole section on this forum for cancer-related questions and stories, with a ton of references to helpful books and studies.


Hi there. There is a great section here under the Health category. I think it is locked until you have been a member for short while purely because there is some sensitive info in there. Here is the link…

You might also want to check out a couple of episodes of the 2KetoDudes podcasts…

You can find Nasha Winters on Facebook (DrNasha Winters) and she also has a book out that looks great. I haven’t read it yet but it is sitting in my Amazon basket!

I hope these help.

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Hi Daisy, I just signed up to the forum. My wife has just been diagnosed with cancer which has spread to some lymph nodes. We have been on the keto diet for around 2-3 weeks now.

Would it be possible to get access to the locked area please? We’re desperate to get any kind of ideas of what we can do?

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@F_S So sorry to hear what your wife and you are going through. Not being an admin I can’t change your access scope or I certainly would. No doubt one of the admins on the forum (e.g., @PaulL, @robintemplin) will address your request promptly if @Daisy doesn’t reply soon.

Meanwhile, best wishes for a positive outcome ahead.

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From my limited knowledge. Your wife will have to do whatever the “approved” practice is for the type of cancer she has. She will have to augment that with keto or whatever she believes is important.

She wants to do a PKD (paleo keto diet), basically concentrating on high animal fat, lower protein. For her, ketones could be important. That is, her levels should be higher. (We usually tell people not to worry about this, but most people don’t need high ketones.) Don’t freak out about actual values though, because they rarely follow a prescribed pattern. As someone new to keto, she should higher levels anyway.

She might consider some longer term fasting, say multiple days (higher ketones, lower blood sugar). She might even consider exogenous ketones.

If you go to ketoscience on reddit (r/ketoscience), there are some videos by Thomas Seyfried. He’s a keto advocate for cancer, though I think he believes cancer can also ferment l-glutamine, so you need to address that pathway. Unfortunately, that’s through drugs that you can’t get. Or at least that’s my understanding.

You should be able to find his videos elsewhere, and he even has a book.

There are other books about keto and cancer, and I even bought one for my mother (pancreatic cancer). For my mother, there was no way I was going to get her to do keto, and toward the end, she wasn’t eating anything anyway.

I cannot vouch for any of these. I just know they are there.

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Are the locked threads because of a time limit? … in 24 hrs as a member they unlock? … just a guess

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I think it’s a number of posts?

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Welcome to the forums. Daisy is involved with other projects and isn’t moderating here anymore. But I made sure to set your membership level so that you have access to the Health forum.

As far as cancer goes, you should find quite a bit of information here. The forums’ search function is your friend.

Also check out some people on YouTube: Dr. Thomas Seyfried, the research oncologist, and Dr. Dawn LeManne, a clinician in the Northwest U.S. Go into YouTube, and search on their names; you’ll find some of their lectures. Dr. LeManne does not treat patients over the Internet, of course, but she does (or at least she used to, last time I checked) consult with physicians who are directly treating the patient. I know of her from a couple of lectures on the Low-Carb Down Under channel.

Dr. Seyfried, being a researcher, has lectures not only on the LCDU channel, but also at other events. I just watched a video of him talking with Dr. Anthony Chaffee, a neurosurgeon in Perth, who is an carnivore figure on YouTube.

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Some of the forums or sub-forums are locked to prevent people’s sensitive data from being available to bots trawling the Web. The system software has an algorithm that verifies that newcomers have reached a certain level of activity before it grants them access.

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Posts read, posts made, likes given and received, . . . .

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You may want to get this book. Dr Annette Bosworth is an MD who helped her mother put her cancer into remission.

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The kind of cancer matters. Many cancers grow so fast because of altered sugar metabolism in the cell. By depriving the cells of sugar, their excessive growth can be stopped. This is how keto helps, because the cancer cells can’t grow excessively on ketones. See above references by others.