Keto Fat Bombs


Cheesecake YUM!
WOW, I can’t believe how sweet, yummy & creamy these are!
I like this small batch recipe cuz they can really go down easy! Too easy! Makes 6 to 8.
4 TLB. Room temp Cream Cheese ( works cold too).
2 TLB. Almond Butter (I like crunchy w/ sea salt).
2TLB. Swerve ( granulated)
…now, use a mixer. Mix till creamy and totally blended.
…get a LITTLE SIDE PLATE…put about a TLB. of coconut powder, (not flour, not flakes).on the plate.

…u will hate me or thank me!
P.S. u can put Lilly’s Choc chips on the coconut powder plate too, and roll a coconut powder choc chip coating.
It’s odd, but these do not taste like almond butter.
I suppose u could use PB, or any nut butter, but PB will probably have a distinct flavor.
Great w coffee or tea!

(Denise) #22

LOL, and easy too :smiley::sweat_smile:

(Denise) #23

I’m trying a new one to me today, headed out soon to get a couple things I didn’t have in the cupboard. I’ll post the video, easiest way to give anyone interested the recipe. I haven’t made a Fat Bomb recipe yet, but need more fat to reach my goal of 70% of my diet in fats. I sort of knew this, common sense maybe, but fat bombs should be eaten after, directly after a regular meal, like a dessert, not a snack.

I sure don’t plan on snacking because my only fasting so far has been after dinner until breakfast (about 16 hours). Another reason I want to add more fat to my diet is I am getting hungry between meals and water isn’t helping much :wink:
Fat Bomb Recipe

(Bob M) #24

If adding more fat doesn’t work, try adding more protein. Switch to leaner meats, for instance. Or don’t add extra fat and instead eat more meat.

At one point, I ate a lot of fat bombs and a lot of fat. I stopped eating all of that, and rarely eat fat bombs anymore. Lost weight until I went on The Croissant Diet. Then gained a lot. Then went back on low fat and am losing again, almost back to pre-The Croissant Diet.

(Denise) #25

I want to hit my macros which for keto they are around 75% fats, 20% proteins and 5%. I listened to Dr. Berg today, or was it Dr. Berry, lol! Or maybe Thomas DeLaur! One of those guys :wink: and they said that if you are getting hungry then you need to change something up. Adding more fats seemed the general consensus, so I want to add some fat bombs to eat as dessert, and see if I start feeling good for several hours of fasting in between meals.

I’ve lost the weight I needed to, now it’s more about maintaining and build a bit of muscle. More importantly, I don’t feel that energetic some days, I’m 69 next month so yes, maybe just age, but I hate not trying anyway to feel as good as I can :wink: If I’m not getting the right nutrients, I need to address that too. I joined cronometer but that’s a monster to keep a food diary there I think. So I may go back to myfitnesspal :wink:

Thank you for your suggestions because if what I’m trying doesn’t work, I can try what worked for you :wink: Denise

(Mark ) #26

Yes, I wondered what artificial sweeteners did others peoples appetites and insulin levels. If I start eating sweet treats regardless of the calorie content, I start craving the real thing soon, and it often predates a fall. I put butter on steak because I prefer it that way.