Keto Fat bombs recipes with no sugar substitutes

(Abil Bradshaw) #1

Hi Keto nerds,
I search and search for recipes for fat bombs that DO NOT contain any sugar substitutes like erythritol, monkfruit, stevia, Swerve, etc, etc, etc,. Of course, I could just eat the corner off a block of cream cheese, or struggle spoonfuls of peanut butter down the hatch, but I’m interested in something a bit more elegant. Does anyone have any ideas, sites, recipes that don’t contain any sort of added sweetener?
Thank you. In fat we trust.

(PJ) #2

I like sweet. There is only one fat-bomb I have liked that had nothing sweet in them. It was made with cocoa butter, and a little bit of cocoa, melted together, and put in a silicone mold where the wells make little ‘kisses’ (like the hershey candy). I put those in hot coffee and it melts it down and adds a very nice touch to it.

(Robin) #3

Heavy whipping cream is sweet enough for some. I use stevia tho. And it doesn’t bother me at all. AND heavy whipping cream.

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And welcome to the forum.
How long have you been keto?

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These look interesting…

(Allie) #6

There’s plenty of savoury fat bombs but tbh, if you feel the need for them, you should be eating more with your meals.


I only liked one fat bomb and that was savory. Salted, very well roasted peanut ground into oblivion (peanut butter if my grounder and my patience can manage it), mixed with half as much coconut oil
I always ate the whole bunch up in no time so I quickly banned them. I needed no fat bomb to overeat fat like crazy anyway. Now, many years later I am better, I just got rid of my peanut addiction…

I am sure there are bacon fat bombs too…

If I wanted to make a sweet fat bomb without sweetener, I would use cream (it won’t be very sweet but I don’t want that. a tad sweetness with lots of flavor is just fine). I used to use raspberries too despite I didn’t feel raspberries sweet until carnivore :slight_smile: But still, a more dessert feeling…

Well that’s what the fat bombs do… Or they did in my case (despite I didn’t need them but that’s not the point). They add calories when you can’t eat your normal food anymore. I am aware some people always can eat more proper food when hungry but it’s often not the case for me. I use other items in need though, not fat bombs… Though I imagine my bites of fatty protein sources (a slice of dry sausage, a bite of pork jowl, scratchings) may be considered fat bombs but only in a wider sense :slight_smile:


That’s almost chocolate :slight_smile: Maybe more than my cocoa+coconut oil+cashew+coffee but that’s still chocolate to me (I tried it with cocoa butter, it didn’t make it better, just more expensive).

Yep, homemade chocolate can be considered a fat-bomb too :slight_smile:
It took me several years to enjoy it unsweetened though. But many people are quicker.

I have a half deathstar mold :slight_smile: Without details. So a half sphere with a spherical indent in it. I love that mold best :smiley: But I can make hearts and stars too, they are pretty… My skull mold is a bit too big for unfilled chocolate…

Sometimes I mix chocolate with whipped cream, that’s an airy lovely thing. And a bit sweeter. Still not sweet, it’s hard to balance out the slight bitterness of chocolate.

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Welcome to the Ketogenic Forums!

Allie’s advice is good. If you need to snack between meals, eat more at your meals. You don’t need to go hungry on a ketogenic diet.

But that said, you may find yourself wanting to eat for emotional reasons, not because you are hungry, and if you need to assuage that craving, it doesn’t have to be with a fat bomb. You can simply eat some cheese (I like Jarlsberg and sharp cheddar), bacon (cook a batch to keep around for this purpose), pork rinds (scratchings, chicharrones), or a hard sausage, such as pepperoni.

(PJ) #10

I recently came up with a recipe I tested in my dash mini waffler. It has a little bit of cassava flour but each waffle has about 2.53 net carbs which is still not bad. It has some specialty ingredients (such a baking emulsion and some allulose). But it was so delicious with good butter – sweet at its base – I couldn’t believe it. And it has psyllium husk, so it’s good soluble fiber, which I want in my diet to go with my L Reuteri unYogurt and homemade kefir.

So, sweet things don’t have to be ‘candy’ like most fat bombs. You can get a solid sweet effect in some foods, like this, with less sweetener than you’d probably need to offset the bitterness of cocoa, for example.

(Jane) #12

I know this is an old thread, but for others reading I made savory fat bombs early on because I preferred them to sweet ones. Lots of recipes out there with cream cheese, meat and veggies. I haven’t made any in over 5 years as I don’t need them, but they were a big help to me early on before I became fat adapted.

Also, I wasn’t very creative with my keto foods and made the same things over and over so the fat bombs helped with variety. Eventually I found this board and all the wonderful recipes about the same time I quit needing fat bombs.

(Kelly ) #13

I am losing weight BUT I’m also counting my macros AND calories. Is this wrong? I ask because I am very hungry lately and I don’t think my meals are large enough. I’m staying at 30 g of carbs a day and about 1600 calories. My question is do I just count my protein, fat, and carbs and forget about calories?

Well, just refreshed my memory on a prior post of yours (that I love)

“…anything that comes up with more than four or so grams of carbs in a serving. And so, you’ll be hungry. It is not enough to simply cut out those carbohydrate-rich foods. You need to replace the calories, otherwise you won’t last long eating ketogenically. So look for foods rich in fat. Again, before eating a food, google its nutrition. Does it have lots of grams of fat? That’s good . Yes, I know that’s hard to conceive of.”

This helps.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #14

The usual advice is to strictly limit carbohydrate, get a good amount of protein, and fill in with enough fat to satisfy your hunger. Sixteen hundred calories can be a starvation diet, which signals the body there’s a famine going on. If you are actually losing weight, something is working right, but be sure to eat enough to not have to go hungry. Eaten to satiety, a ketogenic diet usually allows us to go for hours between meals without hunger. If you need to snack, make sure you eat something low-carb (pepperoni, cheese, bacon, pork rinds, etc.) and then eat more at your next meal.

And yes, fat becomes our source of energy, once we cut out carbohydrate. The advantage of fat is two-fold: first, fat does not raise our insulin the way carbohydrate does, and second, fat is calorie-dense, so it takes a lot less of it to satisfy (for example, you can get 1200 calories from either 133.33 g of fat or from 300 g of carbohydrate). Also, despite the standard warnings about arterycloggingsaturatedfat, saturated fat is actually good for us, and so is mono-unsaturated fat. Polyunsaturated fats should be eating sparingly, because in too large a quantity they can cause systemic inflammation.

(Kelly ) #15

I am losing weight but very very slowly. I began Keto and stalled after losing 6 pounds. I wasn’t hungry, but I decided I was eating more carbs than I realized because I wasn’t losing after another week. I began counting and measuring my foods. I bought a food scale and started keeping track of my servings more accurately but I also started counting calories. Thats the irony here, I went from eating too much to too little. Going forward, Instead of counting everything, I’ll start measuring and counting only carb items and I wont worry about calories too much. That seems like the way to go. I also need to drink more water, so I have things to improve. Thank you for your advice!

(Doug) #16

That sounds good, Kelly. Personally, I find that carbs make a BIG difference. Zero or a very small amount of them - like in above-ground vegetables for the most part, all is well. But if I give in to temptation and slide down into the old processed food-type stuff, or potatoes, rice, etc., then I feel extra hunger and want to eat more of the ‘bad’ stuff.