Keto experiment

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She probably looks at you that way at least 39 times a day.


An hour ffs.

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I wonder if other dogs look at her the way she looks at you. :thinking:


If I catch any ‘other’ dogs ‘looking’ at her, they’d better watch out!


Carly can handle herself lol.

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Oh no… I vicariously live for all your photos with red peppers, mushrooms etc.


Sorry, but that’s how basic I’ve become. Maybe always was.

Back to Basics. x


Those photos are quite spectacular indeed :smiley: Not my style eating wise since I lost interest in vegs but I can appreciate beauty and if I really liked a food group, I keep thinking fondly about them even if I don’t want to eat them because they are not right for me.

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Hey there, I do bodybuilding as well. Now been on keto for over three years and I would say stick with keto because after your body adjusts you will lose weight in large rapid chunks. I say that because nothing happens for a while, and then suddenly things kick into gear. I’ve lost around 30kgs and it really did it in blocks of weight loss and then stopped for a while. When it does it, it can be scary, yes I know its impossible, but it did it anyway, I would lose 1kg+ a day for say 6 days, then It would stop. It was scary as it was like thinking, geez, I’m dying of something …
But things were all good. It wasn’t like that I wasn’t eating anything, I ate if / when I was hungry. I impressed some of my mates so much, going from 142 kgs to 111kgs, that they started keto too. In fact one of them moved from 140kgs to 95kgs, he’s better than me !!! But the same thing, weight lost in steps.
I tend to train in the morning, for around an hour, heavyish weights, flat bench press is my favorite, using 2 x dumbbells, and typically do 15repsx15kgs, then 15x17.5kgs, 15x22.5kgs, 12x27.5kgs, 12x32.5kgs, 4+x37.5 maybe same again, and if im in the right mood maybe 2x40kgs, and finish with 3 or 4 blocks of 15x15kgs. I dont run out of energy during the sets, and then I move on to the next exercise…
So what Im saying is, your absolutely dont need carbs to power yourself through a workout.
I’ve spoken to some " personal trainer / nutritionists" at the gym and elsewhere about carbs, and of course they all say they are essential, so I tell them about myself, show them the pics of me, before and after, and then challenge them to tell me well how come I dont need any … No answer. I started the gym before keto, and then bumped into keto on you tube videos. I went to the gym to loose weight not to get muscular, but anyway thats what happened. I also get full blood work done every three months, and get written reports. Somebody telling you that keto is good and you’ll loose weight etc isn’t enough. You need to prove it to yourself My blood work is perfect. Low triglycerides and higher HDL. All everything is in range . So stick with it, give it time, and enjoy your new life. Im coming up to age 72, so any age can do it, and yes, my profile pic is me, in fairly recent times.

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You know, it does happen. The big whooshes are real. Of course they don’t freakin happen for me, but they do happen! And mostly to dudes!

Very inspirational. I’m glad you’ve had some great success. Great job, homie.


So how is this all going a week later?