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No reason to lower your protein, eat what you’d normally eat. On the fat, ketosis happens because of the lack of carbs, not because of high fat, try to make most of your fat intake from food and not empty fat cals like oils.

Also a lifter, the normal lower protein higher fat “standard” version of keto many times isn’t ideal for us, really depends on how you’re lifting, how hard you’re hitting it and of course what your current stats are and what you’re ultimately going for. Losing 10lbs isn’t a big deal at all, don’t risk muscle for such a small amount.

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Thanks! Currently I’m averaging about 160g of protein per day, probably a bit more but not less. I’ll probably up that to about 170. My protein sources primarily come from meat with an evening “snack” of protein pudding (made with low carb protein powder, 4 carbs per serving). Any other carbs I may eat come from veggies, usually spinach or broccoli but I’ve ben averaging about 20-25g carbs per day with the highest day being 27g carbs


Hi JD.
Good luck on your experiment.
It looks like you are far better researched than when I started.
From what I have read from weightlifters, and athletes going on to keto. You may experience some loss of power to start with.
But stick with it. If you are not lifting competitively then its not a real issue.
What you should experience is a an increase in your 12+ rep max.
Your body will be run more efficiently as it can draw on its own energy sources whenever it needs them, rather than having to rely on the fuel you give it at particular times around your workout.
So you’re gym/food routine will become easier to manage, and you won’t need to put so much time and effort into exactly when you eat.
For me, that has been a gift. Not feeling bloated after eatting.
Now, I can train with the same effort if I have just eatten, or not eaten for hours.

So your top end power may drop, but you’ll gain a lot more benefits.


And that’ll show you how insanely different we all are, because I had the complete opposite experience. My low rep heavy lifts were never effected, I could train fasted on top of that with zero issues, minus the strength gains being a lot slower. But the higher rep stuff suffered terribly. Bringing the carbs back in pre workout was a night and day change for muscle endurance and burnout. I can lift harder and longer now that I ever could when doing standard keto. I’ve also found that my meal timing is much more important now than it was prior, because I have to time everything around it hitting me when I need it, and not having a carb spillover issue hours after the gym, that’s kinda specific to TKD and CKD ways of doing keto but still. I think the biggest problem (for lifting) is although fats a good fuel source, it’s a very slow one, where carbs hit you right then. When you’re working with a 2hr window or so of lifting, I need constant fuel being delivered or it’s just not happening.

If you’re doing something like a Stronglifts 5x5, ya, you’re fine with standard keto, you’re only doing a couple different things, and at 5reps each with long rest periods, but I do phased and periodized programs, so it’s all out from beginning to end.


That’s very interesting.
How many carbs are you having preworkout? And is that the only time you have carbs?

I still find that I hit a wall after 40mins of any exercise. Like my energy just switches off.
I am putting this down to my metabolism not being able to break down fat fast enough to keep my going.
Is that what you would experience if you didn’t have carbs?


Kinda, I do a hybrid of both TKD and CKD, so I have Preworkout carbs, but I also do a refeed a couple times a week.

For instance today was a heavy lifting day, so I had 100g oatmeal, a scoop of whey, a tbsp of peanut butter and 100g banana chopped up in there, which gave me a little under 80g carbs. I give that like an hour and hit the gym, which lets me go nuts throughout the whole thing, with basically all of it being gone after.

For the rest of the day my carbs will be pretty minimal to non existent minus days when I add them in anyway just to top off muscle glycogen.

YUP! That’s when you can’t burn the fat fast enough, the reason for the PB being in mine is to slow it down a little. Fat is a great fuel source, but it’s slow, and if you’re lifting hard you can easily start demanding fuel faster than you can mobilize it. That’s exactly what my workouts were like on standard keto, it’s hit the gym floor running and feeling great and like you around the 45min-1hr range I’d just have nothing in me anymore. Skipped my cardio half the time, would sometimes sit on a locker room bench for 10min because getting dressed almost killed me.

On my lighter days where it’s mostly less reps, less bodyparts to hit and cardio, the carbs are only around 30 or so, sometimes none at all depending on the day and I’m usually fine with that. You start to intuitively figure out how fast you burn them, if I were to eat a breakfast like that, skip the gym and go to work for instance, I’d be hungry within 2hrs, and thoughout the day want to constantly eat, vs a higher fat meal I’d be good most of the day without food. But when it’s pre workout, none of that happens because I used them all, so the downside isn’t there. But the gym energy and pumps are very noticable, you know you’re good when 30min into your workout when your t-shirt is tight and it wasn’t when you walked in :+1:

When I started down this path I just did the “normal” TKD, which is around 30g Dextrose preworkout, it’s as fast as it gets, so you KNOW you’ll burn it all off in the end, food takes some playing around, but I like the medium to high GI carbs since it’s fast enough to give the results, but not quite fire and it’s gone, my workouts are around 2hrs so having the time with them is good.

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Same here, when I was adding in some medium/high GI carbs to get better gym output. It really, really helped. Coincidentally, it also helped by heart palpatations as well. :heartbeat:


I think keto brainwashes us to a point where we vilanize the carbs to the point we forget they’re not all evil, and in the right context are very beneficial to our goals. Like everything, gotta do it it right of course!

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Super true. My workouts are very vital to my mental health, and I had decided to say F it and go with it. Right now I’m carnivore experimenting until Aug 20, so my main concern is my workout energy taking a hit, but I’m hoping for the best.

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So far my workouts haven’t been drastically affected. Yes , I’ve lost a little strength but that is normal for me when I’m dieting, regardless of the type of diet. But other than that no real issues. Also since this is an experiment I want to remain as true as I can to see what the benefits might 9or might not be. My termination date of this little experiment is 10 Aug. I picked that date because I just happen to have my annual doc appointment then so I will see what the affect is on not only weight but blood work, cholesterol, BP, etc. I will make a determination then on what I will do


Really good to know thank you. I might try that next week.


Yeah, I’m also planning a zc carni trial, just for the heck of it.

Have to try it to find out, right?

But I can tell you, I’m already semi stressing on not being able to:

  • Graze on nuts (shut up Dena! twisted mind)
  • Doing mushrooms (again Dena!)
  • Veg stir fry
  • Berries with soured cream or not
  • Mustard, and other ‘stuff’
  • Sauerkraut and Kimchi
  • Lemon and lime in my G&T

But, at the same time- gonna be a lot simpler, and the meat/fish is always what i build a meal around anyway :man_shrugging:

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Ahhhhh I think it’s brilliant that you’ve known me for a short time, yet you are fully aware that i’d have busted your balls on both of these bullet points. Love it.

I hope they’re salty nuts.



Laughing so hard carly is concerned. :slight_smile: