Keto Drink Ideas courtesy of Hot Rod's, New London CT


There was a Ketogenic Group MeetUp at Hot Rod’s in Downtown New London last week. If you were at Ketofest you may remember Hot Rod’s and how awesome they were to all of the Ketofest attendees! Their wings, steaks, shrimp, prime rib, are all amazing. And, where else can you go and get a Pint Glass of Bacon appetizer??
Rod Cornish had some Keto Cocktails that were amazing. I did not take pics of the drinks themselves, but here is a pic of the menu in case you want to try some of these on your own or take inspiration to make your own!!

(Becky) #2

I am still dreaming of the steak I had at Hot Rods!

(betsy.rome) #3

Hmmm, agave nectar = sugar, yes?


That is the reason I skipped that one. The sangria, on the other hand, was amazing.