Keto Complaint Department

(Jane) #1558


My husband makes the most awesome omelettes but I wasn’t hungry this morning when he wanted to cook.

He said “bacon??? You always want bacon”

Of course I wouldn’t turn down bacon.


I might have mentioned this elsewhere, but of the 6 bottoms that I bought a couple weeks ago, 3 are too big now.

Damn you keto!

This is actually a real complaint, lol. I have to drive 50 minutes to get to the thrift store to buy more. At this rate, I’m just gonna buy a mumu and wear it til I’m at goal weight!


Sharon_E, my high-waisted, gut-sucking, pretend-to-be skinny pants are falling off today. How am I supposed to pretend to be thinner when I am actually getting thinner!? Damn you keto indeed!

(But, in all seriousness, I didn’t realize they were going to be this baggy before I left for work! Crazy. These were quite tight in January! It is going to be a constant issue every time I stand up to tug them up.)


IKR? I never thought I would find myself in that situation where my pants might fall down, but it was pretty close yesterday. I used to wear all stretchy stuff, or drawstring pants, but I bought several fitted things recently and dammit, I’m gonna have to buy a belt now!


I’m on a roll today. My elbows used to be so dry and scaly. I couldn’t be bothered to moisturize them. The few times I tried it never seemed to help. I just realized they are smooth and soft now. I can’t stop touching them!

Damn you keto!

(IDM Educator) #1563

I have a complaint. After 5 and 1/2 years ketogenic I’ve developed a very strange sense of humor. This was on my Facebook yesterday along with a video of me shooting it

(Dan) #1564

I’m surprised that didn’t get you banned by the FB snowflakes! A gun toting LCHF faster… They are probably still recovering in their safe place! :wink:

(Eric - Less is more!) #1565

I bought two sun protection (SPF 50) shirts today at Large to replace my 2XL ones. Too much $$$ but important for my skin health.

(Jane) #1566

You can also use it to conch up the mumu your’re going to have to buy!!!


(Jacqueline Porter) #1567

I went to an all you can eat breakfast buffet this am and I didn’t get my money’s worth!:no_mouth:

(IDM Educator) #1568

Please unplug it and detach it from the motor unit first.

… that’s what I do. Lol


It hadn’t occurred to me. I guess I like living on the edge lol

(Awesome Cheerleader For All) #1570

Getting dressed in the morning used to be so much simpler when I only had three pairs of pants that would fit me.

Now, I can wear any one of these pairs, and it takes me forever to decide. Thanks keto. :frowning_man:

(Ellen) #1571

How many pairs???

(John) #1572

I have the opposite problem. I have shrunk out of everything I own. I am reluctant to buy new clothes because I shrink out of them before I get much wear out of them, so I only have two pair of jeans, one pair of slacks, and two pair of shorts that fit.

(Hyperbole- it’s the best thing in the universe! ) #1573

Beige or black… Black or beige… The choices are simply overwhelming!!!

(Awesome Cheerleader For All) #1574

Well, I think I count 18 pairs there. Keep in mind, I buy all my clothes at the Thrift Store, so it’s not like I’m paying full price for them. Also, when Lisa’s out shopping, and she sees something in my size, she grabs it, because you never know if you’ll find some more. It’s hit or miss at Thrift Stores. :slight_smile:

Oh, I got rid of those a long time ago. They went to the Thrift Store. :wink:

Hey, there’s some navy blue in there, too!

It’s not just the color, it’s also the texture. Some pants are heavier than others, and I have to determine what will be appropriate for the weather that day. Also, I have to match them with a shirt. I can’t wear miss-matched clothes! :man_shrugging:

Honestly, I just wish I had a uniform and I could wear the same thing everyday. :slight_smile:

(Scott) #1575

This is me, it makes things so easy. I was busting out of my old khakis before keto and last month got some smaller ones that fit great.

(John) #1576

I’ve already gone through one closet purge. Everything in 52 through 46 gone. My problem is, I am down to a waist size I haven’t seen in over 20 years, and I don’t have anything left from that era except belts.

For some reason I have belts all the way down to when I wore a 32" waist in the mid-80s.

The really skinny clothes all went to the thrift store somewhere along the way years ago when I had given up on ever getting back into them someday. And now, it is someday, and I don’t have enough clothes.

I am still losing, which is good, but it means I don’t want to invest too heavily into clothing at any particular level because in 2 months they are too big. I have an irrational fear of jinxing my progress by ordering a size down in advance, though.

(Awesome Cheerleader For All) #1577

I don’t blame you! It can be tricky.

Not to mention, all brands are different! You can have two pairs of pants that are the same “size”, by two different brands, and they fit differently. I told Lisa the other day I was ready to settle on one brand, and just buy a few pair of that brand and get rid of all the weird fitting ones. But I’m like you, I don’t want to jinx anything. :wink: