Keto Complaint Department

(Myra Dwyer) #1538

I started keto two weeks ago and bought some new clothes to fit! Feels great to go down a size.

(PSackmann) #1539

Especially if it’s been fed the SAD :rofl::rofl::rofl:

(Will knit for bacon. ) #1540

I’m a knitter. I just tried on my favorite cardigan, the lovely big warm one made out of thick rustic wool that makes me feel like a big friendly sheep is hugging me, and it’s way too big now. Guess I’ll just have to reclaim all that delicious yarn that’s a joy to work with and re-knit it smaller. Woe.


lol - I literally, just this morning, tried on nearly new hand-knit socks that I stashed away two years ago because my feet got to big for them. I figured my feet were spreading due to age and poor shoe choices. NOPE. 1 month on keto and my feet have shrunk due to loss of water weight and swelling and who knows what. My pretty hand-knit socks fit again. I magically have three new pairs of socks!

(Jane) #1542

awwww… at least you can frog it and get the yarn back. I am a knitter also and I was working on a sweater forever. Frogged the body twice because it was too big and I was still shrinking while I was knitting it. Third time was the charm and I got to wear it once before it got too warm to wear.

My weight is stable so it should fit next year when it gets cold again!

(Will knit for bacon. ) #1543

Ooh, I’ve got a pair of socks in my closet from last year that I never bothered weaving the ends in on because they were too tight. I should try them on again!

(Murphy Kismet) #1544

I prefer my “long pig” pasture-raised. :innocent::partying_face:

(Bacon is the new bacon) #1545

LOLZ! :bacon::bacon::bacon:

(Diane Dupree-Dempsey) #1546

I have forced myself to watch Firefly many, many times … hmmm … maybe I will force myself to watch it again this weekend!

(Diane Dupree-Dempsey) #1547

Thrift store shopping for me! When my body and I decide I have reached my optimal weight, then I’ll go higher end - or not, I got some great clothes at Salvation Army!

(Diane) #1548

Thrifts stores rock! Although it does take some patience as you never know what you’re gonna find. Also, I’ve found some very good deals on eBay.

(Jane) #1549

You do have to pick through a lot of has-beens to find the jewels but I’ve found designer labels in great shape or even with the tags still on!

(Diane) #1550

I found a wonderful, heavy peacoat in beautiful condition for $15 last winter. I’d always wanted one. If I break through this weight loss stall, it may not fit next winter. But when I finally get down to my goal, I’ll be happy to buy a new one!

(traci simpson) #1551

Most of my wardrobe is from Thrift stores!!! I love the idea of getting something fantastic for a crazy inexpensive price! It allows me to buy grass fed/finished meat!


I just spent $52 at Goodwill. I got SIX outfits. And it was really only $48 cuz I spent $3 on a cool blue lava lamp. Thrift stores rock!

Does this count as a complaint? :grin: Maybe I should have said thrift stores suck!

(Awesome Cheerleader For All) #1553

Well, as long as you’ve got your priorities in order. :wink:


I have a few things from thrift stores, but rarely find things I like. And usually they’re too short!

(Diane) #1555

Sometimes I’ve had to try on maybe 40 tops to find 3 or 4 that fit and maybe 1 that is really flattering. But it’s so fun to pay $2 to $6 for that top or jacket. I’ve discovered that at thrift stores I tend to try on a wider variety of colors and styles which adds more fun to my wardrobe.

(Jane) #1556

I love my pea coat! So flattering on me since I am short.

I couldn’t button it when I started keto. Now it is way too loose but it comes in handy when I have to go to Chicago in January and I have a gazillion layers under it to keep me warm.

I’ve thought about moving the buttons over about an inch. I might try this before next winter.

(IDM Educator) #1557

I ate 9 pieces of bacon today. That’s it. Is it a problem if IDGAF? LOL