Keto Complaint Department

(IDM Educator) #1437

Most of the people in this community are very good-hearted people.
not sure what I’m going to do with myself.
I have a legitimate complaint LOL

(Sheri Knauer) #1438

Im cooking up a bunch of delicious keto foods for dinner guests and I am totally not hungry! The guest will be wondering why Im not eating my own food so I have to put some on my plate and appear to be eating dang it!


Schucks. I feel 20 years younger and now I am forced to buy new trousers and shorts. Tee shirts look like someone else’s.

(Jane) #1440

I have to go to Chicago next week and the temps are crazy low like -17 for the low and -8 for the high. I have a very expensive down parka I bought a few years ago from LL Bean so I dug it out of the closet and I am swimming in it. I look like a walrus, but I don’t care. At least I will be a WARM walrus.

Damn you keto! I can’t afford a new parka so going to wear my old one and look like a little girl wearing her Daddy’s coat! (I am 5’ 2”)

(Cynthia Anderson) #1441

Undies? No thank you.


Woah. I just looked it up and it’s FRICKING FREEZING. They should just shut everything down for the winter and make an enormous bonfire.

(Laurie) #1443

That’s how I feel about Canada.

(Trace) #1444

Here in England theres a possible flurry of snow been forcast… everyone is out panic buying bread and milk! Temps around freezing point…

(Ellen) #1445

I’m sure someone’s sneaked into my room and replaced the laces in my trainers with extra long ones, they seem to be longer & floppier bows now when I do them up.


KETO MADE ME SO COLD :snowflake: :cold_face:

(Carl Keller) #1447

It’s because all that fat you lost no longer insulates you in the winter. Bundle up my friend. :snowflake:

(Carl Keller) #1448

All this forum talk about dark chocolate got me to wondering how I would react to trying it again. I once tried it when I was a carb user and I thought it tasted terrible and even spat it out.

I was expecting the same result after, on impluse, I bought some Moser Roth 85% yesterday. Anyway, one bite and I was like “Wow, this stuff is pretty good”. When eaten along with almonds, it truly felt I was enjoying a candy bar.

The good news is I was able to stop after a single ounce and I’m confident I can leave it alone until the next time I deserve a treat.

(Ilana Rose) #1449

I cheated, while at my grandmother’s, and had some 72% a few weeks ago expecting to find it marvelous compared to my regular 85%. Instead I was shocked to find it bland and tasteless. All it was was more sugary, in every other respect it was inferior in taste.

(Carl Keller) #1450

I find it interesting (but expected) that sweeter chocolate does not taste as good to you as the darker stuff when you still have an occasional Mars bar? Doesn’t that taste inferior than darker chocolate? Or do you suffer through the ‘nastier’ taste because it doesn’t create stomach problems? I’m curious. :slight_smile:

(Ilana Rose) #1451

The Mars bar has tastes other than just chocolate for one thing. There’s nougat and caramel. But I think also when there is THAT much sugar added it gets it’s own intensity.

But, you’re also correct about my trying to have something treaty while also limiting pain. I LOVED 85% chocolate with almond butter, for example, even more than I like Mars bars, but it did not like me back.

Last night I had so much pain I couldn’t sleep until 3am and kept my husband up as well. And I was following keto perfectly. I don’t actually feel restricted by keto, but once I take out everything that seems to hurt me, I get rebellious. But I need to grow up.

(Carl Keller) #1452

At least you understand yourself. Just try to pay attention to the signs. :wink:

(KCKO, KCFO) #1453

Janie, I know what you mean, my down coat was a tight fit when totally zipped and buttoned up. Then I went keto, and last winter it had some extra room, this year, I can put on a couple of heavy sweaters under it and still have plenty of room left over. But I love the coat and need it here in Colorado and it looks as good as the day I bought it. It is also several inches longer now, boobs and gut reduction added a few inches to the length. What is a gal to do???

(Amanda) #1454

I had to add an elastic waist to my jacket and take in the sleeves and bottom of the jacket to try and make it through one more Alberta winter!

(Running from stupidity) #1455

Serves him right for marrying you! MAKE HIM PAY!

(Ignore this if you did it accidentally.)

(Jane) #1456

My husband is a light sleeper and has trouble going back to sleep and I HATE waking him up.

Me - was on call 24/7 at the plant for years if the control system broke down so I could answer the phone, walk an operator through the work-around, hang up, roll over and be snoring in 10 min. My husband was amazed I could wake my brain up enough to give out technical details and then shut it off like a switch.

When we first got together my eldest was also living with us and was grown so came and went on his own schedule at very late hours. Noisily. I brought home the foam earplugs from the plant and he got used to sleeping with them. Now our house is quiet as a church but he got so used to sleeping with the sound of his breathing he still uses them. :slightly_smiling_face: